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Thread: The 5th Gen IGRMT Archive

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    ^I love you man.

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    As much as I love you too, I wish you would stop coming back to this place. It's a bit sad really. Like I mean you can be pretty funny when you troll, but think hard about what you're doing. You're trying to screw with the minds of kids who are at least 6 or 7 years younger than you. Is there anything to be accomplished in that? I'm sure even Joe and the other old regulars are getting a bit tired of it now, half the time it doesn't look like you're even trying. Why don't you put your talents to better use? Serebii is nothing but a waste of time. We can look back on our good times here but there's no point coming back, since all of the people who made those times good (except for Joe) have gone. There's nothing new for you to learn from here now.

    EDIT: Also, this new Corsola avatar is ****. I want my old one back.
    EDIT: Theeere. We go.
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    Well, in an attempt to rerail this thread, I'd like to nominate Making Due with what we're given by randomn00b. iirc, it was the first RMT on Truant + Entrainment Durant and either he or gyaradosuseddragonrage! found it first. I've tried it; its a great way of eliminating the omnipresent hax in the Battle Subway and *gasp* it isn't a troll team.
    Quote Originally Posted by Huspoel View Post
    You're saying some really smart stuff there.

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    I agree with Aurath8 here. I second to nominate that thread.
    Its a good team. Never thought of Truant Durant. I will try it later when i can, teehee..

    Hum...talking about Aurath8; i like this thread of him: let's make it a good one
    I like it most because of Stunkfisk. Id never seem such a Stunkfisk and, now, he have its own uses...he is not superb, but Aura8th found a way to use it, that many didnt. Work Up Lucario is also *new* to me and it seems to work just great.
    The Black Mages!

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    No. i don't nickname them. looks idiot
    Quote Originally Posted by Green Blockhead View Post
    You've GOT to nickname your Pokemon. They're your bros. In arms. In combat. In friendship.

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    Wow, what a happy disaster. And now for the impending doom...

    This thread is now done. We can revisit this later on when everyone's a bit more agreeable. The majority of the converstion here is completely irrelevant and hostile, even if some of it is true. /:

    Everyone bookmark those teams for later.

    ^Click it!^

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