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Thread: Pokemon Emerald: Specific RNG Question

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    Default Pokemon Emerald: Specific RNG Question

    I've been RNGing in Emerald, mostly through breeding, and I've been very successful getting the spreads I want on either my first try or in a few hours. But now, I am trying to breed a Snorlax on Frame 2361 which will look like this when I am successful:

    Desired Offspring:
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 18 / 31 / 13 (Frame 2361)

    The parents that I am using for this are:

    Parent A: Male
    IVs: x / 31 / 31 / x / 31 / x

    Parent B: Female
    IVs: (random, irrelevant towards frame 2361)

    Frame 2361 provides the offspring with 31 IVs in HP, while passing down the Atk, Def, and SDef from the father Rhyhorn. I have been trying to hit this frame for TWO WHOLE DAYS now. It has never taken me this long. I have been hitting a mixture of regular frames, split frames, and then frames I couldn't even decipher. I am constantly off by just a couple of frames and I am about ready to give up.

    How can I improve my accuracy for hitting the frame that I want? Is there something wrong with any of my pokemon that is preventing me from hitting this frame?
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    It could be you Pokemon, or it could be human error. Bulbapedia has a really good section on passing IV's in Emerald. If I were to guess wildly the random passing of IVs in Emerald is throwing you out. That and you just aren't hitting the frame.

    That probably wasn't very helpful, but hopefully the article explains it better than I did.

    EDIT: apologies for the bump, didn't realise but this seemed like an interesting question to answer.

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