Like the title has stated. I probably made a thread on this before.. But.... Lol. Anyways I came up with a list for pros and cons of each.

What Platinum has over HG/SS;
-Better Gym Leaders
-Better E4
-Cooler Champion (In my opinion)
-Cooler Place for Rematches (Resort I mean come on that beats a wooden dojo)
-Newer Pokemon, New/Innovative Gameplay (Distortion World)
-Epic Battles
-Team Galactic is much cooler IMO
-Legendaries are stronger
-Awesome Champion Battle Theme
-Cooler Graveyards

What HG/SS has over Platinum;
-Cooler Storyline, for example the ancient birds
-Pokemon Follow You! (Not just amity square, now we can be like ash without being as bad as him lol)
-More Gyms (More gameplay = more fun)
-Rematch 16 Gym Leaders (Replayability)
-Two Regions to Explore
-Nostalgia Anyone lol?
-Cooler Music
-Better Rival much more character development here
-Taking on Red! Allying with Lance!
-Cooler Minigames

D/P has already lost I put Platinum in its place. What do you guys think?