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Thread: D/P/Pt. vs. HG/SS

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    HG/SS beats Diamond and Pearl in my opinion, although its probably just the nostalgia talking. I feel lik HG/SS were better than the originals seeing as how the Crystal story elements were added, you get two regions for the price of one, the Pokeathlon has been the best mini game up to date along with Pokestar studios, the accesabity of started from other regions, cameo appearances, and last but not least the epic battle with red atop Mt.Silver. D/P had their charms I preferred the Poketch, Cynthia is one of my favorite characters, it's myths are slightly better, but ultimately HG/SS will always have a special place in my heart just like the originals. This a rare example in which I can say a remake is better than the original.
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