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Thread: Flipnote Studio 3DS and Flipnote Hatena shutting down on 31st May

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    Default Flipnote Studio 3DS and Flipnote Hatena shutting down on 31st May

    On 13th March (my birthday btw) 2013, Nintendo announced the new Flipnote Studio on the 3DS:

    The new Flipnote Studio will be released on 31st May. It'll have 6 colours and 3 layers while the Flipnote Studio on the DSi has only 3 colours and 2 layers. It also will have 2 internet services: Flipnote Gallery: Friends and Flipnote Gallery: World. When Flipnote Studio 3D will be released, Flipnote Hatena will be shut down for the new internet service. And that's a really sad thing. Post what you think about the new Flipnote Studio!
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    Its kinda unfair really u also need to pay for just to get online!?

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    This doesn't warrant a topic on its own and seems more of a not so subtle advertisement for your birthday. This discussion could easily be taken to the Nintendo 3DS topic.

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