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Thread: The new Youtube Channel design...

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    Default The new Youtube Channel design...

    Looks like complete crap. The site used to have such a user friendly and easy to navigate interface but now it's just a massive clusterf*** of videos all over the screen and a bunch of wasted space in links to other channels on both sides.

    Now you just get a box in the middle of the screen instead of an entire backround for your channel. Plus having everything like subscribers and channel views in separate tabs and at the bottom instead of the top makes no sense and serves just to clutter and over complicate everything.

    Do people actually like having a million video boxes, tabs and other links all over the screen as opposed to the simple and effective, clutter free, user friendly interface of old?

    Seeing as the site design seems to get worse and worse with each passing year, I don't exactly feel motivated to get invested in it anymore...

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    Then don't.

    oh it's a love/hate romance. 'cause i could watch her dance, if i've got my boots.
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