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    Talking Rock, Paper, Scizors!

    Welcome to Rock, Paper Scissors! Well, Not really...

    This game is simple. try to beat an object with another object! It can Be presented in any way. Mind over matter! Muscle over Brain! As long as it makes sense!


    1. The game will be started by me, and i will post an object!
    2. The 2nd Poster Will claim an object that beats the one I posted
    3. the 3rd poster will agree or disagree to the claim and state why, then he will claim another object that beats what the 2nd poster claimed to beat mine
    4. the 4th poster will do the same as the 3rd poster and so on!
    5. if no one can come up with anything to beat current object, then it starts all over! but try to go as long as possible so it will be more fun!
    6. The Top Objects that couldn't be beat will be Recorded in the Hall of Fame!


    1st poster: "Vase"

    2nd poster: " Hammer Beats Vase"

    3rd Poster: " I agree! a Hammer can easily Smash a Vase!"
    "Boulder Beats Hammer!"

    4th Poster: : "I agree! a big enough boulder can easily break a Hammer!"
    "Wow i cant Think of anything! Boulder Wins!" How about a Drill?

    Hall Of Fame!
    Cueva27 - The Almighty God
    Zombieoverkill12 - Earth
    SuperDaikenki - The Sun
    SuperDaikenki - Wonder Tomb Pokemon Strategy
    Cueva27 - Pokemon Making Love XD
    SuperDaikenki - Tsunami
    Colt45 - A Black Hole
    Doggiedoggie - Magikarp -__-

    Here is the object!

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