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Thread: I have no idea what to add to my team D:

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    Default I have no idea what to add to my team D:

    Im playing Pokemon HG and have no idea what to add to my team.
    I decided playing with pkmn I don't usually use:

    What should I add? Feel free to replace some of my pokemon with different ones, I have 7 badges but I don't want overused pkmn like gyarados, I might wanna replace growlithe and ampharos I used them before. I was thinking maybe nidoking would ?balance my team

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    the rules clearly stated that you must have at least movesets posted, otherwise there's nothing to rate

    If you need help building a team, then I suggest asking in the Pokemon Questions thread or HG/SS Help thread instead.

    I'll close this one, if it's a rate that you need, you can go make a new thread that includes their moveset.

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