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Thread: Yasei`Art Gallery ( Now Taking Comissions)

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    Default Yasei`Art Gallery ( Now Taking Comissions)


    This is where i will post my art, everytime i have a new drawing i will post it as a new message and then upload it here so you know everytime is something new! (Of course, this will happend if im not the last comment, i dont want to do Spam) i LOVE comments , your opinion is important cause i am trying to get better and for that i must know what im doing right or wrong, dont be shy please ^^

    Im taking Comissions!

    Im trying to save some money so im taking comissions in "pay what you want" style. What does this mean? I will drawn what you want (single pokemon, your team, you with your favorite pkmn or team, what you wish) and how you want it(sketch, flat color, full color or reference) while you choose the price you are willing to pay for it.
    However if you are going too low (lets say 2 dollars for a full colored picture of your whole -6 - team) then i have to decline the offer because the time-money thing OR i will suggest it to become a sketch with shadow (like seviper or Braviary in the sketch section)

    Things to take in mind:
    *The difficulty is: sketch-quick drawings-References-Full Color (From less to more)
    * It will depend on your request how much time i take to do it. A full colored one is gonna take longer (for example), please be patient with me i draw as fan as i can
    * i will show you the steps of the drawing: the sketch and then the lineart (if u didnt ask for a sketch, obviously)so you know im working on it. Also in this way you can ask me to change the things you dont like.
    *please be as especific as you can if your pokemon has a particularity (like the scar on Ertzean) please tell me so, also if you want me to draw them with the object they are carrying. With trainers: please provide a picture if you have it (sprites works perfectly!) or describe the clothes as complete as you can (images from google for giving examples works too!) so i can understand and draw it better for you.
    *I only work with paypal please send me a pm before you do any donations/payments

    żQuestions? Let it in a comment or send a PM ^^


    the pictures are big so i will put links

    With or without a simple shading
    (*: Personal Favorite)

    Quick Drawings
    Drawings without details and with a bit of shadows

    Salamance Vs Hydreigon
    Absol using Night Slash on Butterfree (Ok maybe not so "quick" but old and simple for my actual drawings)
    Jolteon and Vaporeon (Sweet chibi kiss between Joybell and Tobiro)
    Liepard Vs Persian (Again, not so quick but poor in comparasion with actual drawings)

    Where i show my pokemons/characters.
    My trainer (This was my team for a old rpg -2011-. Horrible human, i know)
    Ertzean (Shiny Absol)
    Diana (Shiny Dragonair)
    Joybell (Jolteon)
    Skull (Mix between a Myghtena and a Manetric)

    -Next: Tobiro ref (Vaporeon)
    Note: All my shinies were gifted but the dragonair (White2) and a Sandile

    Full Drawings
    Shadows, Lights, details and sometimes background.

        Spoiler:- Drawings at display, no links:

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    Update: Full colored Drawing Added : Crossover Glee-Pokemon (Is the drawing on my signature but...finished, with bacgrounds and Brittany on it)

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    Update: Full colored Drawing without Background of a ...Battle..or something like that.

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