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Thread: Help/rate my newest pokemon white 2 team please

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    Red face Help/rate my newest pokemon white 2 team please

    My first post on the forums so sorry if its posted in the wrong spot

    Haxorus @ jolly
    dragon dance
    brick break

    Milotic @ calm
    ice beam
    dragon tail

    Magnezone @ docile
    flash cannon
    volt switch
    magnet rise

    Sceptile @ lax
    leaf storm
    focus blast

    Drapion @ adamant
    cross poison
    swords dance

    Mienshao @ naive
    hi jump kick
    stone edge

    Also i have a haxorus @lvl100 with 370 that good? and sorry if this posted in the wrong spot again.

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    I'm not a fan of Magnet Rise on Magnezone as he's quite slow. If the opposing Ground type is faster, you're screwed. Use Thunder Wave instead to mitigate the low speed. Use a Modest nature.
    Alternatively, if it has Hidden Power [Ice/Fire] then use that as it provides valuable coverage.

    -Giga Drain
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Rock Slide

    Substitute clashes with Leaf Storm. The latter suggests a hit n' run pokemon but the former defies that by giving Sceptile extra staying power by hiding behind a Sub.
    With a somewhat thin special movepool, Sceptile is best when mixed imo. Rock Slide covers 4 of your 5 weaknesses. Earthquake for Steel types. Dragon Pulse gets excellent neutral coverage.
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    Even though this is mainly preference, i dont like Outrage on Haxorus. I would use the standard, instead:
    Nature: Jolly (good Nature)
    ~Dragon Claw
    ~Dragon Dance
    ~Rock Slide
    I prefer this one. Dragon Claw>>>Outrage, because i dont like the Recoil of Outrage (read: confusion)
    A STABed Dragon Claw from Haxorus already have enough power to KO most threats. The difference in power (Outrage/Dragon Claw) wont be THAT much, mostly because you gonna set up with Dragon Dance. Outrage just with Lum Berry for me (specially on Haxorus).
    Earthquake and Dragon Claw gives you enough coverage, so keep it (duh!)
    Rock Slide+Earthquake also gives you some nice coverage too. Example: Gyarados x Haxorus. Gyarados is immune to, only, Earthquake in your Set, but you should take him out fast, because he is always dangerous. And Rock Slide provides you this! ^^
    Its not like a Gyarados with Earthquake will appear In-game, hehe...but yeah! You get it!
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    Adding onto Aurath8's rate, go with Signal Beam > Volt Switch on Magnezone to hit Grass-types. Volt Switch isn't really necessary anyway imo.

    I'm not too sure why you're running Dragon Tail on Milotic since you won't be racking up residual damage or anything with your team. I'd go with Toxic, personally, which pairs nicely with Recover, allowing you to deal more damage and stall out your opponent.

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