Was enjoyable. Not many of them had pieces of the Blast/Keldeo deck that I could benefit from, but it was enjoyable to actually trade with physical beings.

My Darkrai's, Patches, Claws, holos, EXs, and other worthwhile cards were big hits.. making people instantly flock to me trying to get some deals worked in.

Unfortunately I didn't really gain anything from most of them.. as ironically they wanted me to trade my good cards.. but they never wanted to trade away important cards I wanted.

Kind of annoying.. but I definitely won't be so nice and willing to trade whatever next week.

A few things I traded were, my promo Darkrai EX for a Black Kyurem EX from plasma storm [i believe], I traded away my Mew FA for a Cobalion FA, and traded my Holo Ultra Ball for an Ultra Ball and Hypnotoxic Laser. Something like that.

I then traded Dark Patches, Sableye, and Dark Claw for trainers I needed like N, Prof Jun, and so on.

Still looking for another Blastoise, then 4 Pkm Catchers, 4 Rare Candies, and a few more Ultra Balls, and I'll be ready to go.

yes.. I am aware of the values of them.. already busy browsing the web and preparing to trade next week when other trainers come back from tournaments.

Overall it was a fun experience, I'm glad I'm getting into it, and the people were cool. Also neat how I can get my own trainer card and badge case, and fill it up with actual gym badges that are metal.

Hopefully I didn't lose out on too many of my deals.. I didn't use anything I traded away.. but I at least wanted to get back stuff I could use or trade what I received for stuff I need.

I recommend everyone to try and find a league. Basically.