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    War's Note: Hey guys and gals, this will be my final original RP project in a long while, Cross x S[i]N (Cross by Sin). If you're a fan of heavy action, epic battles involving massive beasts and JRPG storytelling then this is for you!

    For the first time ever (I think) Jean Grey and GoldenHouou will be giving me a hand as coGMs. So feel free to bug them if you have any issues with other players!

    As you might've (or will) noticed, I'll use tracks for certain scenes or chapters as I see fit. Just thought that song really fits the Prologue.

    Cross x S[i]N


    - Prologue Theme -
    A priest, wearing holy garments made of the finest silk, stands centered inside an empty cathedral held by towering columns made of marble. His entire focus is on the symbols painted all around the dome ceiling. The paintings foretell what has yet to occur. But the paintings change, they shift at the will of fate.

    Without notice, fate paints one final image on the majestic canvas and the shifting comes to halt. Ozymandias, keeper of the cathedral, has spent the last decades living in seclusion only to bear witness to this very moment that has now finally arrived. The priest shuffles his way to a lever, his long robe dragging the spotless floor as he does so. Firmly, he grips the lever with both hands and pushes his entire weight on it. Immediately the dome-ceiling begins to open, revealing the night sky, an impressive sight. The priest tucks his hands behind his back as a sign of his deep ponder and he gazes at the stars' radiant splendor. It's an impressive view, should his age cooperate then surely his jaw would drop at the sight of the dancing stars and the evident formation of the Constellations.

    From behind a column, a heavily shadowed figure emerges. He's covered entirely by black robes and he moves with extreme caution. He struggles as he walks towards the cathedral keeper. He raises an arm, exposing the eerie paleness of his almost skeletal arm and with a screechy, dusty voice, he asks, "Ozymandias, the Constellations, do they speak to you?"

    Ozymandias is startled from his thoughts but pauses before answering. He takes a deep breath and says, "The Aurora, the Eclipse and the Constellations, they're all ready, Master."

    It's the answer he's long waited for.

    The black-robed figure reaches into the concealed depths of his sleeves and pulls out a small glass sphere, a transparent orb of sorts that houses the statue of a serpent. He holds the orb out in front of him, Ozymandias can see how his master's hand trembles with such insignificant weight but it doesn't worry him.

    "Come out here, Blessing." The shadow commands, referring to a little boy with green hair, standing at just above four feet tall who this whole time hides behind him with his little hands tightly clenched around the figure's robes.

    His name is Blessing. He wears white garments with golden stitching. The boy's innocence flows through the roundness of his kind eyes, perhaps only they shine brighter than the gold of his silks. He's shy around Ozymandias and perhaps even slightly intimidated by him. The constant lectures have alienated the child from the cathedral keeper but still Blessing does as he's told.

    "Go on Blessing." The black-robed figure encourages the boy.

    The child squints his eyes a few times before realizing his friend is here. He takes one cautious step but as soon as Ozymandias nods, Blessing runs to the center of the cathedral. He raises both hands to the sky and with great anticipation summons his Leviathan.

    "Leviathan! Rise!" He calls to the heavens and then the orb begins to glow. The serpent statue inside the sphere breaks and begins to take life, magically rising to titanic statures, extending almost infinitely. The monstrous beast lifts its massive snout to the stars and lets out a thundering roar. Once again, it has awakened.

    The creature peeks into the cathedral and rests itself just inches from Blessing. The boy extends his soft hand and with no hesitation gently pets the Leviathan. He feels the ruggedness of the stone scales that cover the monster in its entirety. The serpent's red eyes glow and then it speaks, powerfully echoing into the entire structure, "Young Master Blessing, how can I fulfill your will?"

    The boy's eyes gleam and his smile widens. "The Sinners, go find them my Leviathan."


    Deep within the heavily guarded Pandora IX Imperial Realm, in the Royal City itself, a group of monks gathers inside the Pandora IX Castle, home to King Jupiter and the royal family. One by one they take seat on a round table in the throne room. They are the Divine Council, protectors of good, currently and since the King's mysterious disappearance the highest authority in the entire planet.

    They too monitor the Constellations and are aware of the terrible threat they represent.

    One of the monks abruptly stands. He faces his councilmen and with a serious expression, he speaks. "Events have been set in motion my brothers."

    "It is our sworn duty to rid the world of evil. At all costs!"

    Everyone nods in agreement as he pounds his fists on the table. He means business. He understand the seriousness of the situation and knows just how much is really at stake. He cannot afford to let the Sinners live.

    The monk signals a young, pink-haired woman who respectfully and duly waits next to the doorway for her orders. The maiden softly bows as she approaches the monks. "Yes, sir?" She asks, her hands tightly held and rested on her lap.

    Her name is Penelope and she's one of the most powerful Holy mages in all of Pandora IX. She also serves King Jupiter but he's been missing as of late and so for the past few years she's served the king's council directly.

    The monk does not hesitate. "Summon Alexei," he says.

    Penelope bows out of the room and heads down to the castle labyrinths.

    She lights a torch at the entrance and heads down the dark spiral stairway. She rests a hand on the dark-blue, stone wall as she descends several levels until reaching an old wooden door. She lifts the wooden slab that keeps the door locked and walks into a pitch black area. All she sees are the flares of Holy gunshots. They go off in various directions almost simultaneously. She can hear him leap but still sees nothing. Then, a corpse is sent flying which slams into the ground just inches from her feet. She cannot make out the body until the silver smoke clears - it's a 400 lbs. Orc. The entire room is filled with them, she can hear them snarl but the noises become less and less and then no more ... From the pitch black, a person wearing silver armor and taller than her emerges. He's got two pistols strapped to his sides, a black one and a silver one, both made of stainless, reflective metal.

    "Penelope ... I told you not to open the door till dawn." He snaps at her.

    "I hate to interrupt your training my dear brother but the council has summoned you."


    Almost seconds later, the young man of the silver armor walks into the throne room. He's changed. He wears royal garments and golden shoulder plates.

    His name is Alexei and he's the most gifted knight in the entire kingdom. Legend says he's gained immortality but none of his foes have disproved this in battle. Appropriately due to the color of his hair, he's been given title of the Silver Knight, the deadliest protector of good.

    "Divine Council, you've summoned me?" He asks in a monotone fashion. He has complete respect for them but nothing else. He does his job, exemplary and without question.

    The council look to their most valuable asset.

    "Silver Knight, be it your mission and your only mission from now on to find those marked by the Constellations and eliminate them."

    "How many targets?"

    "Fourteen targets and all deadly as they are possessed of raw power."

    "I understand." He replies before leaving.


    Pandora IX, a planet full of wondrous creatures and a place where fantastic events occur, events that become legends, and legends that become myths for the old to tell. Among the many incredible tales is the story of fourteen who were gifted by the Constellations with extraordinary power. But with that power came a price to be paid. The Fourteen Sinners, as they were known, became hosts to powerful deities that were neither good nor evil. The deities were born of the Constellations themselves and each were dominant of different elements. It was unclear why the Constellations chose the Fourteen as their hosts but story says it was a secret that each had, a secret so powerful it opened the gates to their souls.

    You see, the Fourteen Sinners, each and every one, were guilty of great sin, a cross they had to deal with since the moment it happened. From that day forward they've lived tormented by the horrible memories of what they did or failed to do. With no apparent way out they've struggled through life, each in their own way. It seemed their fate was doomed.

    Fate had other plans. Absolution of their sin. A way back to innocence.

    But the path would be nearly impossible to traverse and the challenge titanic. They would venture into the Dark Realms, the deadliest place in Pandora IX, a place out of the King's protection, the land of the forsaken. They would need to defeat monsters conceivable only in nightmares, legendary creatures and mystic foes. They would need to conquer mythical obstacles in order to solve the puzzle of the Constellations. armed by a powerful Blessing, they would go forth in search of the Golden Temple, to drink from it's eternal water for the ultimate redemption.

    Only then, would they be rid of the deity that haunts them, only then could they live as they once did.

    Fourteen souls whose destiny was intertwined by the will of a much greater and sinister plot than they could've imagined, they stepped into the Leviathan's mouth ...



    Orion: Wood+Lightning (Offense) GoldenHouou (Lust)
    Gemini: Wind+Fire (Balanced) InnerFlame (Greed)
    Cancer: Water+Poison (Defense) Monster Guy (Pride)
    Leo: Fire+Lightning (Offense) Monster Guy (Greed)
    Virgo: Light+Earth (Support) SpyroxPikachu (Sloth)
    Libra: Light+Darkness (Balanced) Agent Tectonic (Pride)
    Lupus: Darkness+Ice (Offense) *Jean Grey* (Wrath)
    Scorpius: Poison+Darkness (Offense) GoldenHouou (Wrath)
    Sagittarius: Fire+Wood (Offense) Lost Requiem (Envy)
    Capricornus: Earth+Water (Defense) Chaos War Reborn (Gluttony)
    Aquila: Wind+Lightning (Offense) SenorLaughsALot (Gluttony)
    Pegasus: Light+Wind (Support) Raiden193 (Lust)
    Pisces: Water+Ice (Support) Ysavvryl (Sloth)
    Aries: Fire+Darkness (Offense) Chaos War Reborn (Envy)


    Lust - GoldenHouou/Raiden193
    Gluttony - SenorLaughsAlot/Chaos War Reborn
    Greed - InnerFlame/Monster Guy
    Sloth - Ysavvryl/SpyroxPikachu
    Wrath - Jean Grey/GoldenHouou
    Envy - War/Lost Requiem
    Pride - Monster Guy/ Agent Tectonic

    SU Form:

    Home Realm:
    (Make one up. You should note somewhere, though that your character plans to travel or has already moved to Eternus, Pandora IX's cultural equivalent of the US. Meeting place for our characters.)
    Appearance: (2 Paragraphs Minimum)
    Personality: (2 Paragraphs Minimum)
    History: (2 Paragraphs Minimum)
    (You might have noticed Jean and I have a third element, this is the Fusion element made of the combination of your two. Feel free to make one up that fits!)
    Constellation Deity/Summon: (This will serve both as the cosmic force that plagues you and later, a summon to aid you in battle. Feel free to pick within reasonable parameters.)
    Weapon: (Again, feel free to choose just make sure to refer to your character's role. We want a diverse cast, be creative!)
    Constellation Form: (A physical transformation, feel free to describe as you please! Again, be reasonable. You may choose and probably should use your Constellation and/or Summon as guidelines.)
    Sin Committed:

    When building your character consider shooting for a gray character. Don't make someone whose entirely evil, that's not the point. The circumstances of the sins each committed will vary even in terms of interpretation applied.


    War's SU

    Name: Dante Fierro
    Age: 22 (Birthday April 10)
    Gender: Male
    Home Realm: Glacies Urbs (Very roughly the equivalent of an earlier Italy)
    Appearance: Dante doesn't bother combing his hair due to it naturally looking unkempt stylized. He won't admit that he likes the hairstyle but rather it isn't something that is of great importance to him. His bright blue eyes tell the story of a young man full of energy and vividness when it's actually the opposite that is true. Dante is actually quite cold and reserved. His natural hair color is black but under direct sunlight a hint of teal can be easily noticed which compliment the porcelain tone of his skin. He enjoys a very active lifestyle which helps shield him from his own thoughts. His routine of hard labor has been very generous to his 185 lbs. body. He's lean with muscle and quite tall as well, measuring 6'2''. Dante has no facial hair. His face actually looks quite boyish if all you consider is his pointed, turned-up nose but don't be fooled, this guy is very masculine as evidenced by his defined jaw which contributes to his subjectively handsome appearance.

    Dante prefers shades of black and gray in his choice of attire. He wears a black muscle shirt that fits him tight to the point that his ab definition becomes apparent. There's no real reason for this but one can argue that it's a male pride thing. Around his neck hangs a pair of stainless steel dog tags with an inscription that's been purposely dented beyond legibility. Dante prefers not to talk about what the dog tags used to read, it's part of an unwanted memory but still he refuses to completely rid himself of them because he can't.

    Most of the days and especially the nights in Glacies Urbs are quite cold and so Dante wears a gray coat, albeit unzipped and unbuttoned. The color of the collar and the cuffs are of a lighter shade of gray and the buttons are black. The coat keeps him as warm as he decides he needs to be.

    Dante wears black, washed-out jeans that tend to need ironing, activity he has decided has no practical use (go figure). Dante always uses black socks, he finds white socks hideous for no apparent reason other than he argues they get dirty easier. He wears black Converse shoes because they fit comfortably and come off without too much hassle.

    Dante is ... not easily read. His persona is like a treasure chest with a thousand keys but only one that fits. The fact that he doesn't talk much to strangers makes him hard to read yet his body language speaks volumes about him. When idle, he tends to cross his arms, tendency he's kept since childhood. When surrounded by people, he's on his guard and is evident by the way he raises his eyebrows in skepticism. Dante doesn't mind people, it's the crowds that suffocate him. He doesn't like being the center of attention and would rather someone else take credit for what he does if it meant the whole world turning to him for hope. Why do what someone else can do better? He doesn't care for glory, he cares for doing what he believes is right.

    Dante matured very early in his teenage years into the person he is today, a passionate-less enigmatic. Dante doesn't look forward to anything particular in life and that's his biggest problem. He goes through life as a remnant of who he could've become if only he applied himself duly. To those around him, it really seems like Dante has given up on striving to become something better.

    Despite his shortcomings, Dante is well grounded in his thoughts and it's certainly difficult to sway his opinion. A young man with a good grasp of his emotions, Dante is not easily angered nor saddened. In fact and to a certain extent because of events in his life, Dante is quite numb. This isn't to say he won't help a passerby who is in need of help, he's the type of person to perform a good deed without the necessity of being acknowledged for it. He tends not to share things with others to keep them from worrying; he thinks he can take care of things by himself and it's a problem because he refuses any help. He cares for those who take the time to get to know him beyond the occasional greeting although he doesn't necessarily welcome it. He doesn't dislike friendship but he has tremendous issues with it. Scratch that. He does dislike personal friendships. Ultimately, he can be won over as a friend, it's just a matter of patience.

    Dante can show affection but it's normally in a way that would upset the average person. He tends to be upfront which makes him sound rude at times but he really means well.

    Certain events in Dante's life created a sense of passionate jealousy towards two people of his past. It is an envy which Dante has been unable to shake. Perhaps it's his inability to move on that keeps him from going forward.

    History: Dante was born in Glacies Urbs, where along with his father, Aulus (until the time of his death) and mother, Isabelle, he's lived his entire life. The young family and their newborn at the time lived a fairly prosperous life. There wasn't too much to complain about. His father, Aulus was the bread winner. He worked in the nearby ice caverns, mining precious minerals while his mother stayed at home raising the young Dante. Growing up, Dante was not the typical child, he rarely laughed nor smiled, this was due to his mother's hard discipline which Dante was ultimately grateful for.

    On the opposite parental end, Dante rarely saw his father but when he did, Aulus made sure to teach his boy the ways of the world beyond the city gates which led to countless nights of the two sparring with wooden swords.

    Almost as soon as Dante learned to run (very early on) he became a little beacon of mischief. He'd climb the city gates late in the evenings to wait for his father. He'd look off in the distance to the ice caverns where his father worked and patiently he'd wait until sundown.

    The habit was so usual that he'd even places a little sack of hay where he'd sit. It was his favorite spot but then one day, much to his surprise, someone had already taken over. He climbed to the sight of a young girl his age named Beatrice. At first Dante was not okay with some girl sitting in his spot much less actually befriending said girl. The heck did she think she was? Initially the two argued but eventually they learned to get along and actually became good friends. Her father also worked the mines but not the way Dante imagined. Her father was the owner of a powerful mineral corporation in charge of mining the nearby ice caverns.

    For what seemed like endless days, the pair would meet and watch the sundown. Soon, Dante would be more interested in going to see Beatrice than he would be in waiting for his father, although he did not admit it until a very long time.

    And then, one evening, his father did not return.

    The next day a small funeral was held. Aulus had lost his life to a golem deep below the mines. It was at the funeral that Dante met another boy his age by the name of Salvatore. Salvatore's father worked alongside Aulus and expressed his dearest apologies to the widow and her son who at the time refused to realize he'd never see his father again.
    For weeks, Dante never returned to the spot ... his spot, place where he met young Beatrice. It hurt him too much.

    Beatrice never gave up. She personally arranged to meet Salvatore and together they visited Dante almost everyday until little by little he started leaving the house.

    Years later, the three became inseparable. Then, finally during their high school years, Dante and Beatrice became romantically involved. At the time, Dante completed odd jobs around the city in order to help support his mother.

    Soon, the money both Dante and his mother brought in became insufficient to live and so Dante decided to start taking up jobs outside the city walls. During a simple retrieval job, things went horribly bad for Dante with the military involved. Unknown to him, he was dealing with some bad people and the military found out further asking him to serve as an inside person. Dante did one job for them and did it quite good so the offer was extended to him to join the Knighthood (military), offer which he accepted because it meant more money.

    At the age of 18, right after completing high-school, Dante officially joined the Glacies Urbs Knighthood and much to Isabelle's disapproval, he was deployed across the realm for the next three years. Everyday, he'd mark off the calendar, eagerly waiting till he'd see his beloved Beatrice again.

    Then 21, Dante finally returned to the capital, his hometown but to this day he wishes he'd never had returned. Beatrice was now married - to Salvatore. He was devastated. He felt betrayed by those he once regarded as his closest friends. Dante sealed himself from the rest of the world. Everyday, he'd pass by their manor, and he'd look up the window as if demanding an explanation. He envied Salvatore for taking who he once loved. He was jealous of the life they formed together, he was jealous that they both seemed so happy and it killed him inside.

    The envy became too much too handle to the point that he broke mentally. It became an obsession, everyday he'd wake to the memory of her smile. From that day forward, Dante's mind became shrouded. He just wasn't the same. He felt different spiritually, invaded almost.

    Currently, Dante lives on his own in the lower parts of the capital. He rents a single bedroom place and completes odd jobs across the entire Glacies Urbs realm for good money. It seems that every-time there's trouble in the lower parts, Dante is somehow involved and with good reason, he's become more mischievous but to his defense he doesn't try looking for trouble. Trouble just finds him.

    He decided to try his luck in another realm and is preparing to depart for Eternus.

    Constellation: Aries

    Element: Fire + Shadow / Black Flame

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Azazel

    Weapon: Inferno, a great sword made of black stainless steel covered in flames. Due to the size of the sword, Dante's movements are slower but the blows are extremely heavy and poise smashing. Dante can hold the weapon with one hand which allows him to increase his speed but the intensity of his attacks diminish. It's when he dual wields that Dante can do the most damage.

    Constellation Form:
    Dante's Constellation Form greatly enhances his strength and allows for massive levels of power but at the sacrifice of defense and to a degree, speed. The armor itself is light at the top which helps conserve speed but at the same time dramatically lowers his ability to defend. The Aries Form consists of black stainless steel knight boots which turn up at the tips into sharp peaks. The boots taper into knee braces made of the same material with insignia inscribed in the form of crosses on both sides. Strapped to his waist is a black leather belt which connects to straps on his back used to carry his weapon sheathed. He also wears a dark red-orange chest plate that burns of the same color as that of Inferno. Black leather gloves with gray metallic knuckle pieces cover both hands and are used for better grip of Inferno.

    A black scarf with two golden stripes at both ends cover his neck and two black-steel horns emerge from his forehead, curling upwards and out with flames on both peaks.

    Only in Aries Form can Dante wield Inferno.

    Sin Committed: Envy

    Other: Dante enjoys cakes. He will never admit it to anyone but chocolate is his favorite. His fridge is usually fully stocked with various sorts of pastries. Dante has a tribal tattoo on his right arm that flows into his chest.

    He's annoyed by people who talk too much.

    From past experience, he thinks women are all heart-breakers and has been avoiding relationships for the time being but won't give up on someday finding that one whose faithful, it's just not a priority. Wherever life takes him he'll follow, basically.


    Jean Grey's SU

    Name: Evgeniya Sergeyevna Chernova (You can call her either "Zhenya" if you prefer traditional Russian/"Almazine" or "Evie" if you prefer a simpler, American/"Eternian" name)

    Age: 22 (Birthday is December 3)

    Gender: Female

    Home Realm: Almaz (Roughly the equivalent of Russia in terms of Earth-like countries. Almaz is the Russian for "Diamond".)

    Appearance: Evgeniya's looks are reminiscent of a "snow maiden", being a pale beauty standing at six feet tall, with long, wavy pale blonde hair that goes past her waist when let down, as well as pale ivory skin. Her hair however, is rarely let down and is more often than not tied in a high ponytail with a red-and-black hair ribbon decorating it, which she claims reminds everyone that she's still a girl despite her apparent personality. She also has long bangs that cover her left eye. Her eyes are a light seafoam green color, framed with long lashes and are often surrounded by dark eyeshadow, which emphasizes their color. She has a slim and lean body type, with large, prominent breasts that she has no qualms about displaying or emphasizing, as well as long legs. In terms of her face, her eyebrows are slightly on the thin side and her nose is aquiline and rather prominent. She has three piercings on her right ear, two on her left and one on her navel.

    When it comes to clothing, Evgeniya prefers the color black in just about anything she wears, disliking pastels and pink and knows that she is attractive and thus, wears revealing clothes. Her regular outfit consists of a low-cut black tank top fastened in the middle by three black leather belts with silver buckles. This top ends slightly above the bottom of her ribcage and under it is a low-cut black fishnet tank top with a torn bottom that ends a little below her first top, both of which emphasizes on her ample, prominent cleavage and displays her stomach. Sometimes, and especially when riding, she wears a black leather motorcycle jacket with a crimson metal skull decorating each side of the collar, as well as a black zipper and black buckles around the cuffs. For bottoms, she wears black minishorts with two dark chains dangling from the right belt-loop. On her feet, she wears black lace-up combat boots that reach to just below her knees. On her hands, she wears black leather fingerless gloves, and she wears two pairs of black, cross-shaped earrings. On the third piercing of her right ear, she wears a single black skull stud. On her neck is a simple black choker with a black skull pendant.

    Personality: Evgeniya is one person who runs both hot and cold, and is not exactly the most feminine young woman. On one hand, she's very extraverted, often liking the company of people and is friendly and open, perhaps a little too open about certain things even. She's quite a tomboy and doesn't speak in a refined manner, often using crude language and even innuendo when talking and has the tendency to swear a lot. She enjoys having drinking games with other guys (Vodka is naturally her favorite), as well as challenging guys in a bunch of stuff (such as pool, card games and motorcycle racing), often putting them to shame in certain aspects. Evgeniya is also quite a flirt...and is probably one who takes some getting used to. She has a pretty wide taste in men, and is even known to flirt with girls sometimes. Of course there are types she doesn't like, but her spectrum is pretty broad. Sometimes, she's even brave enough to place her hands inside a guy's shirt if he's especially her type, though if asked whether she likes said guy, she will suddenly become defensive and claim that it isn't so. The more she has feelings for someone, the more she denies, an easy sign to see whether she actually does.

    On the other hand, Evgeniya retained her short fuse from her younger years, and is also pretty easy to anger. There are certain types of people who annoy her, such as those who remind her of Lyudmila, close-minded people, annoying know-it-alls who think that they are always right, as well as self-proclaimed "heros" who end up looking stupid in her eyes. She is more likely to lash out at these types of people when insulted or ticked off, and is not a person who yields in a fight or backs down easily. She is also very proud and hates losing bets with other people. It doesn't help that she has no qualms about hitting anyone who makes her lose her temper, and she isn't a weak puncher either. Far from it, actually. She is also an "angry drunk", and while she rarely gets drunk because of her high tolerance out whenever she does. She also gets annoyed by a nickname Artem teases her with, "Evgeni" (due to the fact that Artem is most probably more feminine than she is), and doesn't like it when people do call her that.

    Just like she cares for Artem despite him teasing her, she does care for her friends despite her roughness. She is also caring and compassionate, often putting her friends before herself, protecting and looking out for them whenever possible. Anyone who's willing to see past her exterior would see that someone like her could easily be a surrogate big sister, though she is not exactly a "good example" when it comes to certain qualities.

    Evgeniya has one great fear, and that is towards pendulums, as well as seeing pendulum-like movements for more than a short period of time, due to the nightmares she experiences even up to now. She doesn't know why and how it came about, and she is trying to work on it but so far, she has made only a little progress. The sight of them often causes her anxiety and bothers her a lot, causing her to keep herself away from them as much as possible. Yes, she couldn't stand looking at grandfather clocks and clocks with pendulums at all.

    History: Evgeniya, the older of two siblings, was originally from the realm of Almaz and lived there for most of her life with her father, Sergey, her mother, Yekaterina, and her younger brother by five years, Artem. The Chernovs were wealthy, yet both Sergey and Yekaterina were often out of the house due to their jobs, which while high-paying were also demanding. Because of this, they placed Evgeniya and Artem under the care of a governess named Lyudmila. Now, Lyudmila seemed alright in front of their parents, but in reality was increasingly strict, demanding and even hostile towards Evgeniya and Artem for no apparent reason, usually taking her anger out on them and snapping at them for even the smallest mistakes, demanding excellent grades and proper behavior. She even hit them at times. After living with Lyudmila's issues for a few years, Evgeniya took it upon herself to take care of Artem and help him avoid incurring the strange governess's wrath, going as far as to take the blame for him. Both of them were ordered by Lyudmila to keep their mouths shut or risk the "consequence". While Artem managed to stay out of trouble most of the time, the more outspoken and quick-tempered Evgeniya found herself in a lot of trouble for her mouth and defiance.

    Lyudmila's criticism and standards were ultimately counterproductive, Evgeniya started loathing academics and her grades slipped, and she became even more improper and rebellious, knowing that Lyudmila couldn't possibly murder her in the first place. At the end of her junior year in high school, when she was seventeen, Evgeniya was informed that she had to repeat said year level again because of her failing grades. Though she never disclosed this fact, Lyudmila found out anyway, slapping her and threatening her. Unable to take it any longer, Evgeniya called up her parents, who were to her luck, just in town, no longer caring about the "consequence", whatever it was. She explained to them what had really happened behind their backs all that time and how they were threatened. Shortly after, Sergey and Yekaterina arrived home and, after confirming everything with Artem, laid off Lyudmila without giving their reason, remembering the threat. However, unknown to all of them, Lyudmila, having eavesdropped, knew exactly what transpired in Evgeniya's phone conversation. Determined to have the last laugh before she left, she then decided to put her plan into action.

    The next morning, Evgeniya and Artem found their mother crying in her room and their father beside her, shot dead in the head. This led Evgeniya to understand that the "consequence" must have been a real threat involving their father. Their mother explained to them what she thought happened, how she was awakened by the echo of a gunshot, yet got up and opened her eyes too slowly that she only saw the face of Lyudmila while leaving through a broken window and the dead Sergey. She also explained how Lyudmila used to have been in love with Sergey during their high school years but was only seen as a close friend, contrary to what she felt. Knowing what possibly could have been the reason why her husband was killed, a long and hidden grudge, their mother told them that they should all leave before anything else happens. they left Almaz with their mother and settled in the country of Eternus, where one of the biggest branches of their family's company was, allowing Yekaterina to continue her husband's job as CEO and adjust fairly easily. It was around this time that Evgeniya started to develop sleeping problems and having nightmares about swinging pendulums fairly frequently to the point that it started to bother her, to the point that she developed a fear of pendulums as well as pendulum-like movements. She however, refused to say anything about it to her mother or Artem, even though she did not know why exactly she developed them in the first place.

    Eternus was good to the family, Evgeniya was a lot more free, allowing her to enjoy life a lot more, picking up a few bad habits along the way, but also restoring her love for life, and thus, allowed her to get better grades and be herself without getting into much trouble. While Yekaterina was still rarely home, and they were often left with the housekeeper and the maids, Evgeniya and Artem were now old enough not to have a governess, much to their relief. Evgeniya graduated high school at the age of nineteen after repeating her junior year and going through senior year, her grades better than before. She also developed a passion for the culinary arts during her senior year in high school, and spent a year training and practicing after graduation, eyeing a prestigious arts university that offered culinary arts as a course. Now, she is currently a sophomore in said arts university, having passed on her first try and aspires to be a chef, while Artem who came out as gay shortly before he turned sixteen, is currently in his junior year of high school and has taken an interest in fashion designing. However, her nightmares, fears and sleeping problems continue to plague her, for reasons even she couldn't remember. She still tries to find an answer, but couldn't get one, having almost no idea on why they surfaced in the first place.

        Spoiler:- The truth:

    Constellation: Lupus

    Element: Shadow + Ice / Winter

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Fenrir

    Weapon: Morozko ("Jack Frost"), a large, black throwing-star of medium weight with six sharp points instead of the traditional four-point form, reminiscent of a snowflake's shape. Its edges are a pale, translucent ice-blue in color. Its large size allows Evgeniya to both throw it like any other throwing-star, as well as strike foes physically with it. She cannot, however, use it as a shield to protect herself, due to its shape.

    Constellation Form: Evgeniya's Constellation Form emphasizes power and speed while sacrificing defense, allowing her attacks to be both strong and fast. The most distinctive part about Evgeniya in this form is that she grows a pair of wolf ears on her head and a wolf tail, both pale blonde in color just like her hair. Her Constellation Form outfit consists of a black leather corset with crimson lacing closing its front partially, exposing her ample cleavage, and a black leather thong to allow her tail movement. Around her hips is a thick, black belt heavily studded with silver spikes and decorated with a skull buckle and some hanging chains. For shoes, she wears black leather thigh-high boots with buckles and around her neck is a studded black choker. On her hands, she wears black leather fingerless gloves with silver and black wolf fur cuffs and she keeps her trademark hair ribbon. On her back is a mantle made of gunmetal-colored chains with skull-shaped links and on the edges of these chains are similarly colored gunmetal pieces shaped like wolf heads. In this form, she is able to wield her throwing-star, Morozko.

    Evgeniya's powers while in Constellation Form focuses on the elements of Ice and Shadow. One of her most notable skills is to disappear into the shadows, rendering her invisible, as long as there are shadows or it is dark, allowing her to strike unseen and unexpectedly. This makes her pretty fond of using dirty tactics to win and isn't afraid to go ahead with them when needed. Light and the disappearance of shadows can however, reveal her. She is also a swift attacker, though not on the levels of Aquila, Sagittarius, Pegasus or Leo. She compensates however, with a higher level of strength and a slightly higher (but still low) defense.

    Sin Commited: Wrath

    Others: Evgeniya is an experienced hustler at the pool hall she plays in, her technique combining trick moves she learned, using her cleavage to distract her usually male opponents and taunting them with various insults. She is however, also easy to shark back as she loses her temper and can become violent pretty easily and that can be taken advantage of. She goes by the name "Evelyn Black" in said hall.

    Gaias for her normal look and Constellation form:

    (Her casual gloves are supposed to be wrist-length and not elbow-length, and her top is supposed to bare her stomach and have a bit of torn black fishnet peeking from the bottom. Her leather jacket is supposed to be all black save for a pair of skull studs on the collar, and her shorts are supposed to have dangling chains on the right. On her Lupus form, her ears and tail are supposed to be the same color as her hair and her top should be partially open and held together by the lacing, not fully closed.)



    - Obviously all Serebii rules apply.
    - No bunnying. Ever. Unless you have permission.
    - No OPing or God playing. Be mindful of the context and how you use NPCs.
    - Any doubts about a post, let me know before you post to avoid edits, which tend to mess things up for other RPers.
    - Extreme inactivity will result in removal. Real life does take priority over this so if you’re going to be away for a while, notify me in advance. I’ll normally let you know in advance if your reaching a limit.
    - This RP is rated PG-14 for suggestive themes, language and violence.
    - Have fun!
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    I'll take Virgo.
    And Lust.
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    You may reserve Virgo. I did forget to update the list, unfortunately Lust is already reserved. Feel free to pick from the remaining slots!

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    Jean Grey stole my head and I've come here for it.

    Oh yeah, and Pisces/Sloth. mwahaha...
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    (Cancer is done! Mine's probably more Vanity than Pride, you be judge. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.. I'll post the second character later, once I decide on a concept, and finish it.)

    Name: Selena Diana Artemis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Home Realm: Niiyon (Loosely based on some ambiguous country. :P)

    Appearance: Standing at exactly 6'0", Selena towers over many other girls. She doesn't go into the sun all to often, claiming it's bad for your skin, so her skin is pale as ivory a result. She has a slim and lean figure, with decently sized breasts (Big enough to have cleavage, but not so big that they get in the way.) She has black hair that reaches to her mid back, and bangs that are swept to the side that frame her face. She does not feel the need to put her hair up very often, prefering to keep it down, and kept together with something on her head. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a light shade of blue. She doesn't wear too much make up outside of pageants, apart from red lipstick and blue eyeshadow on occasion, as well as concealer, should it be necessary. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight.

    Selena likes fashion, and likes to dress well. She often wears fancy clothes made by famous designers. However, as she has to wear fancy dresses regularly due to her pageant background, she usually prefers to be a bit more casual in her downtime. Her regular outfit consists of a short sleeved pink dress made of silk that has dark pink stripes going diagonally across it, with lace around the shoulder area. The dress is a bit short on it's own, so she wears black leggings underneath that reach to just below her knees. She wears high heels on stage rather often, so outside of pageants, she wears a comfortable pair of black slippers to keep her feet from getting sore. She wears a white necklace around her neck that has three pink stones attached to it. On her head, she wears a simple pink headband, as well as a silver hairpin shaped like a crescent moon. She carries her things in a pink and black shoulder bag.

    Personality: Selena's personality can be summed up in two parts, Selena the Beauty Queen, and the real Selena. Selena the beauty queen is exactly how you would expect a girl who does pageants is supposed to act like. She is as sweet as can be, and often has a smile on her face. She is kind to everyone, and is practically the epitome of goodness, always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. Beauty Queen Selena doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and wouldn't hurt a fly. She's has very feminine tastes, and always acts always prim and proper like a real lady at all times.

    Most of that is an act she puts on because that's what people want to see. The real Selena is vain and arrogant. She often overestimates herself and underestimates others. She will not admit to making a mistake if she makes one, and will blame something or someone else when things don't go her way. Selena is not shy in the least, and she often finds fault with others, and is quite willing to point them out in a blunt manner. (Though, she can't stand when someone does the same to her, and will get upset and ignore their criticism.) Selena values beauty, appearances mean everything to her. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She is also quick to judge others, and she looks down on those she believes to be beneath her. (And that's a lot of people.)

    Selena is quite a Diva. She loves the fame that winning such a title has brought her, and loves being in the spotlight. She can't stand when someone else is getting more attention than her, and when that happens, she'll attempt to do something to upstage the other person. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs (Including Spiders.) Butterflies and Moths are fine, it's the ants, worms, cockroaches, etc. she can't stand.

    Beauty Queen Selena isn't completely fake though. She is extroverted, and likes people. When her gaurd is down, she is generous, and can be a pleasant person to be around. It's just hard to tell when it's an act and when she's being sincere most of the time.

    History: Selena was born in the realm of Niiyon, and has lived there most of her life. She was born the only child of one of the richest and most famous families in the realm. From the time she was a young girl, her socialite mother (who was also named Selena Artemis) entered her daughter in beauty pageants like she had been, wanting her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Right away, Selena loved dressing up, being the center of attention, and all that pageants entail. Although she didn't win her first pageant, she did very well, and placed very high.

    She continued entering in pageants throughout her childhood into her teen years, and even well into her college years. With coaching from her mother, she managed to do very well, and even won a few titles. Selena loved all the attention and praise she got from her mother, other contestants parents, and the pageant judges, which started to go to her head. Most of the other kids she went to school didn't care for her condescending attitude, and treated Selena with indifference, and she had few friends as a result. Selena didn't care what they thought, believing that they were just jealous of her good fortune, and that she was better than them anyway. Her goal in life was to be a star, and no one was going to get in the way.

    Finally, after years of practice, at the age of 22, she won the Miss Niiyon competition. In doing so, she earned the right to compete in the Miss Pandora IX Pageant in Eternus, where she won that title too. Now, as the reigning Miss Pandora IX, she became a celebirty overnight, and finally achieved the fame she sought.

    Everything was going well, at should've been. Every night, Selena has had a horrible sense of regret that keeps her up for long hours, as well as intense feelings of loneliness when she's by herself. She's tried all kinds of things to relieve these feelings, but they keep coming back. She doesn't know why, she didn't do anything wrong.

    Constellation: Cancer

    Element: Water + Poison = Acid Rain

    Weapon: Luna, a simple white scepter with a sapphire orb and a crescent moon shape at the top. It is made from a lightweight metal that it is easy to carry. On it's own, it doesn't really do much damage. The purpose of this weapon is to strengthen her elemental powers far above what they normally are.

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Selene (The name similarity was intentional.)

    Constellation Form: Don't be fooled by it's delicate appearance, Selena's constellation form increses her defenses, greatly improving her survivability. It does come at the cost of physical strength, but Selena doesn't really care for crude violence anyway. By all appearances, it looks to be a flowing sleeveless white dress. Included in the dress is a silver chestpiece made of a durable material. There is also a belt around her waist and hips, made from the same substance as the chestpiece, which looks like a shell similar to that of a crab. The skirt part is wide, and ends slightly below her knee. She has a pair of white fingerless gloves on her hands, and matching high heeled shoes on her feet. A white tiara sits atop her head, with a amethyst stone in the center. She also retains her crescent moon hairpin. In this form, she is able to wield Luna.

    Sin Committed: Pride

    (Go with the Gaias, because I suck at describing things... :/)
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    @ Ysavvryl - Reserved!

    @ Samantha Sparks - Reserved!

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    reserving the last Gluttony and Capricornus ones?

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    Too much... naming involved >_<... I hope this is okay, just point out any errors I need to fix and I'll get done in a timely manner.

    Name: Raven Whitaker
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Home Realm: Unus Americi (Modern Day United States of American like place that has split off from Eternus and became its own Realm. Yes I know that name is very creative…)

    Appearance: Raven is an adult male that is a just a little short of five feet, nine inches tall. He is really quite thin, skin and bones almost; at first glance one would assume he has no muscle built at all. His skin tone is a bronze shade, it has darkened from long hours in the sun but it only goes back to a very light brown color. His skin is noticeably rough and rather scarred though none are permanent with the exception of scar above his right eye that crosses his eyebrow. This marking however is normally not visible as it’s hidden under a sea of crimson hair. The back has unevenly been cut short to be above his shoulders while is bangs pretty much take over his face especially the right side of it: one lock of hair on that side reaches far down his torso. Black streaks run throughout his hair and many are located at the tip of his bangs. Despite the badly chopped off back of his head and the overgrown front, the hair is straight and neat. It is difficult to get a good look at his face due to his bangs but what can be seen is rather youthful looking making him appear to be closer to a teen age. Stormy gray eyes tend to peer out with an obvious sense uninterested.

    He typically wears dark colored clothes though darker green ones are most common for him. The scheme if Raven’s outfit is typically the same: something sleeveless, a tank top or vest, fitting jeans, a bandana or scarf of some kind around his neck and a jacket. His current outfit is actually quite aged and damaged. His top is actually a light green despite his typical preference and has old stains and tears in it. His pants look clean but they are faded to a duller looking color; they are black with dark green lines along the inside and outside side of the legs. He has a dark green jacket that he either wears normally unzipped or he wears it a little like a cape with it buttoned toward the top of it. The Jacket has a hood that reaches down just before his eyes. Currently he has a dark green bandana tied around his neck that he occasionally pulls up over the bottom of his face making it even harder to get a good look at him. His shoes are a jade green and look in the best condition compared to the rest of his clothes though the shoes are obviously the newest part of his wardrobe. Attached to a dark red belt around his waist is a similar color pouch in which he keeps a good amount his valuables. Raven has a pair of leather blacks gloves he always wears; it's rare from him to remove them.

    Now for some accessories, the only noticeable one is pendant that is displayed around his neck. A silver pendant with a brilliant pink stone dangles off a silver chain just under his whatever neck warmer he’s wearing, its a little beaten up but is still well taken care off and maintained. His ear is actually pierced with a diamond earring though it hard to see it due to his hair; it’s rather girly for a boy. Something else not commonly seen unless his shirt is removed is a tattoo, on the left side of Raven’s chest over his heart there is a simple white lily tattoo there. These are three special symbols of his life that he has emotional connection with, so much as reaching for the pendant he’s wearing might end with a broken hand. There is also two swords on his person, one mounted on his back and the other at his hip, they are both put into black sheathes.

    Personality: If someone were to bump into him they would think Raven is a very quiet, unexpressive person. He is the type to keep to himself though generally he just doesn’t know how to deal with his peers on the norm. Because of that, he often closely observed everyone he meets trying to catch any and every subtle actions of theirs. In all honesty, he can be quite chatty having no problem being the center of attention; just he typically rather not without reason. Despite the fact he laughs, get anger and show many different kind of emotions, there is a detach feel to him. But not just to people, also to the world around him. He can be much like a flame warm and inviting but getting too close will result in being burnt. Raven is uninterested in forming any strong bonds with anyone; pretty much everyone can pick that up from him.

    Even a small chat with his guy, will quickly teach a person of his pessimistic view of pretty much everything. He never thinks anything will work out and tends to think the worst possible outcomes will happen. Raven knows his negativity can really bring down a mood and tries tone it down so he doesn’t have deal with the ‘brighten up your mood’ type of person. He can be quite charming though normally it’s because he want something. He rarely does anything full-heartedly unless there is something he can gain from it, money or something of value. The guy can be a bit manipulative to get things to go his way, he often understand the right button to press to butter up someone up or infuriated them. Once he gets what he wants from someone he typically just lose interest and doesn’t want be bother by them even if he still make contact with the person. Those that try to pursue a deeper relationship with him is very forcefully pushed and kept away. These people tend to see a cynical and rude part of him.

    Even though he is a bit of a jerk especially when bothered, he actually is a good person. It's just he is a coward in many ways. Afraid to let someone else get close and risk them be taken away from him, scared to believe that something good that happen wouldn’t later turn sour on him. Terrified that he would need some kind medicine or treatment to being unable afford it. He needs something that makes him feel secured and the only thing he has is money; with money he feels he can have a little control around him. Money makes the world go around, so more the he has the better even this crappy life can be. This is where the seed of his greed is embedded and tangle making it difficult to get free of it. He finds it rather upsetting to know that he would pick a fortune over most things in this world. Raven is so filled with fear and regret about mistakes he made that he just rather not let anyone in and keep on thinking that there is truly nothing great about this world. Though the one thing he is most horrified of is the mere thought of his punishment for all of his sins.

    History: In his younger days in Unus Status of Americi, Raven was a child from a poor family. It really didn’t bother him much as a young kid and he lived a pretty blissful early childhood until he was around eight years old. That’s when his parents both got really sick. They might have had a chance if they only had money for the right medicine and treatment but atlas they didn’t and when they finally got the help they needed it was too late. They died leaving him an orphan with no family to watch over him; the only thing he had left to remember them by was a diamond earring that was a gift to his mom from his dad. Alone in this world a kind neighbor, named Lilly who had also just lost her family took in the young boy. Thus the bond of two without family began.

    Thanks to his big sis, he often called her; Raven grew out of his depression and loneliness that sprouted from his parent’s death. They grew really close since even before they met he never was able to connect well with his peers. He never knew why but he also never cared enough to figure out the reason. This just made the bond between the two of them that much stronger. They lived, laugh and had many fun days and it seem like it would last forever. Unfortunately the cruel fates decided to throw more misery his way. Lilly grew ill suddenly and was diagnosis with a rare genetic disease that was causing all kind of mayhem to her internal organs. There was a procedure that they could do to cure her but because of the rarity of the disease it would cost a fortune, which they did not have. Not wanting lose someone else important in his life Raven, sixteen nearly seventeen at the time, dropped out of school and got multiple jobs to try to earn enough money. Even though he worked his jobs to death with as many hours that he could and pushed his body far pass its natural limitations, he could barely even pay to keep the house and getting his sister medications.

    This struggle when on for a year and Lilly only got more sickly, and Raven grew desperate as he realize that no matter how hard he works at his jobs he would never make enough money. And then inspiration fell at his feet, a high-class man dropped his very expensive gold watch. It glimmered beautifully in the light and instead of doing the right thing and returning it; he took the watch and pawn it off. The money he made off it was much more than what he would have earned working overtime at his jobs for a month. After seeing that sum of money, the desperate need for money kick in and he began a career as a thief. Raven knew he it was wrong but if it would save Lilly’s life, he didn’t care. This was the start of his sinful life. In which he broke into people homes stole their money and expensive things to sell them off. At first it was hard to get the stuff and easy to sell if off, but as time when on it got easier stealing and more difficult to pawn it off. Law enforcers began search for the one responsible for the thievery all around the city.

    The whole thing became a challenge but with quick-wit, good observational skills and probably luck he got through it without getting caught. He started getting a little obsessive about gaining money taking many steps to keep it in his pocket rather than spending it: getting others to buy stuff for him and using trickery to get out of paying something. Even as his desire for money increased he still remembered the reason for it all, to help his sister. It took a year in half after he started stealing to make enough money to pay for Lilly’s operation it seem that she would finally recover from her illness. The doctors were all prepared to do it but just the day before, she died. Her death hit him hard; if only he had gotten the money faster… if only he had money to start with then she would have lived. Losing Lilly, his foster mother and sister and maybe even a woman he romantically loved, greatly darkened his world. Life was just meaningless and putting a bunch of effort into something was also.

    He lost all urges and ambitions ending up living on the streets for while, but the thought of dying poor on the street became unbearable. Having no money was the worst thing ever and Raven didn’t want to go back being that way. The most effective way for him, a kid that dropped out school, to get cash was to return to his old deeds. The act of thievery was his means of survival yet this time he became much more obsessed and stingy with it. He would rarely spend it unless he absolutely had to; he felt comforted just having a bunch of cash and jewelry on hand just incase he really did need it. And he could never have enough of it. He was quite the famous thief around where he lived and quite elusive one to capture. For a years until he was around twenty-three he got away with it. After so long of getting used to routine and never even close to be caught; that comfort caused him to slip up. Raven’s identity was somewhat exposed and cops were look for men of his height, complexion and hair color.

    No longer could he safely walk around the town; and if he was capture all of his money would be taken away along with a punishment that he knew that he deserved. Even with that thought in his mind and no true direction for his life, he was afraid. Frighten of the punishment for all his years bad deeds and greed. That fear conducted his next course of action, he ran away from his home that lived his whole life taking a pair of swords with him as protection against the dangerous outside of the city. Raven would rather deal with them than his own retribution though he rather not live out in the deadly wilderness. He decided to go to Eternus for his first stop as it was closest from his homeland.

    Constellation: Gemini
    Element: Wind + Fire / Firestorm

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Hugin and Munin

    Weapon: Hito the Katana of Fire and Kazeto the Wakizashi of Wind at least that is what it they are called. The Katana looks normal though the hilt of it is red and has a flame-like appearance; the gives off a red glow when light hit it at an angle. The Wakizashi is similar with a wavy green hilt and a green shine in the light. Raven wield his swords in both hands at the same time and has no difficult using them together through he typically using the Katana for offensive fighting and the Wakizashi for blocking and close ranges attacks and finishing moves. Using the two at the same time he can easily attack and defense himself against whatever he fights only sacrificing getting the full strength of his attack.

    Constellation Form: His constellation form increases his strength and defensive by a small amount; nothing too devastating powerful. What it really increases is his agility which in turn adds a bit of power to his offensive and defensive techniques. Elemental powers seem to run through the blades of his weapons when he is in Constellation form. His evasion ability increased quite a bit along with his sneaking about; as his outfit is much like a ninja tight fitting dark blue clothes that is lightly armored underneath, which is great maneuvering and stealth outfit. There are some metal plates on the back side of his gloves and front of his boots as well as steel plated headband that is hidden under his long bangs. A hood covers most of his crimson color hair and black mask cover the bottom half of his face.

    A pair of black raven wings sprouts out from his back that he typically uses it for high jumps and quickly dashing around. Though he can fly, he is unable to maintain it long enough for it to be of any real use other than reaching something a very short but out of reach distance. Raven can silent glide quite well.

    Sin Committed: Greed

    Other: He really likes animal and they typically feel the way about him; he seem to get really happy when he pet a dog. He would never take one as a pet; however, because it is costly to have one and most animals don’t typically live as long as humans.

    He has a very good eye for picking out valuable items, he can tell fake jewelry from real and cheap material from expensive high quality stuff. This is the reason why he such a successful thief.

    Gaia image

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    Name: Demetrius Rockwell
    Age: 27
    Gender: male
    Home Realm: Eternus

    Appearance: Demetrius has dark brown hair that he keeps quite short, since he doesn't want to bother with caring for longer hair. He has brown eyes, a large nose, and a thick mustache, possibly beard stubble as he doesn't want to upkeep a beard but doesn't shave every single day. While technically in decent shape, he does have some pudge to him. He has mystical tattoos over the back of his hands and up to his elbows, in black on his Caucasian skin. They're in patterns symbolic for various states of water.

    Other than the tattoos, he normally doesn't have many outward signs of being a magic user. Demetrius doesn't care what he's wearing most days, so its usually a plaid jacket, a lightweight t-shirt underneath, jeans, and sneakers. Varying colors, and who cares if they match? He also wears a belt so he can keep a brown flask nearby, although he has various statements on what he keeps in it to drink. The flask has a depiction of a sexy mermaid on it.

    : Demetrius is intelligent, easy-going, and an alcoholic. He has training in water magic already and is quite capable. However, you'd have to work hard to convince him to do anything he's not motivated to do already. He doesn't plan for much beyond the current day, maybe for a few days if something keeps his interest. He's a pessimist who might grumble at boring work but will give up pretty quickly if something at hand will take a lot of effort. If someone can convince him to take small steps as part of a large plan, then he might be able to accomplish something great. But Demetrius definitely won't want to set out to do something like that himself.

    He seems to be constantly drunk these days, even when he's working at menial jobs (to get money for more beer). As such, he's extremely talkative but hard to hold a conversation with as he goes off on tangents based on a word or two, then ends up breaking off into another tangent and forgetting his original point. He doesn't seem to have much shame or restraint as he will talk about nearly anything. But there are some things that he won't talk about and he's quite good at avoiding those subjects (or lying to mislead his listeners). Sometimes he can be funny to listen to. He'll laugh with you, even if it's at himself. Since he'll easily take the role of a yammering fool, others may judge him to be harmless.

    If he's hungover or (dreadfully) sober, Demetrius is much more muted and irritable. Even aggressive, as he might lash out at something that wouldn't bother him a bit when drunk. He'll mostly be looking to get back to being drunk. But then, he also has a kind of deadness to him in this state, like he's had the spirit crushed out of him and sees no way for his life to change its course. He doesn't like feeling like that, so he seeks to escape it and the depression that goes along with it. If one were to offer him hope for change, it might be easier to motivate him when he's in this state, so he won't just laugh it off and decide not to bother. There's still a small voice in him that reminds him that he might be able to make himself someone special again.

    History: Demetrius was the fourth child born to a family that had to work constantly to make ends meet. However, he was a spot of hope for them as he quickly proved himself to be intelligent with a natural talent for water magic. His parents didn't have the resources or the connections to send Demetrius to a magic-oriented school to fully bring out his talent. Instead, he had to go to the low-end public school that was nearby.

    As one might imagine, Demetrius outclassed his classmates from the very start. He would read through his textbooks, then get utterly bored in class when the teachers seemingly were set on repeat to get the information into the heads of the average students. Some teachers thought that he should be moved ahead, but the district officials were stubborn in their belief that he had to stay with his age group. So while he was skipped ahead once, he breezed through school with no effort, spending time in class amusing himself by toying with small amounts of water.

    He graduated at the top of his class and was able to easily apply for a full ride scholarship to a magic college, with the help of his self-taught techniques. There, he was finally hit with a real challenge to his intelligence in the seriousness and intensive competitiveness of his peers. That hit him like a shock and he soon found himself actually struggling to make good grades, to keep up. All through his childhood, people had told him that he most certainly would succeed, that he was amazingly smart. Now people were making him look stupid and he hated that.

    In his freshman year, he tried working extra hard. He caught what he thought was a unique angle for his final project of a lab class and worked for many hours to get it done how he wanted. While he got a passing grade for it, the professor picked apart his project piece by piece in front of the rest of the class, pointing out every flaw and talking about a famous enchantment like Demetrius' that had failed spectacularly. The professor might have admitted that his wouldn't have gone that bad, but the damage was done. His classmates made fun of him and they wouldn't forget this.

    Demetrius didn't even bother for the rest of his college career. He studied just enough to pass classes he perceived as easy. It was frustrating, either having an environment where he succeeded without trying or having one where he failed no matter how much he tried. While some of his professors tried to encourage him, saying that he could make something great of himself if he just applied his full efforts, he didn't feel like trying that hard again. He started drinking around this time, making friends with some other underachieving students. Many of them dropped out, but he stuck with it due to pressure from his family to be the first of them to graduate college.

    When he finished college, he found some energy to try once again. Perhaps without the toxic competitive atmosphere, he could get a great job and prove his worth. And he did get a really well-paying job at a power plant that needed a mage good with water (it was pretty much a magically-fueled nuclear plant). Demetrius was proud at first and applied himself well to keeping things safe.

    For the first month. Then it began to sink in just how tedious this job was. He was performing what was for him very simple spells to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water. It could have been done with math and mechanics. And he did the same exact things day after day. Not only that, but he overheard that there was hardly any chance that he could be promoted to doing something else. If he was good at this, which he was, they would want to keep him there for as long as he was capable of working. But it was good pay, and his parents often called to say how proud they were for him to get such a good job, and others would be impressed that he could work there and about his income...

    Demetrius stuck with the job, but he was being bored out of his mind again. He tried to find a hobby, but would either fail at it once and give up or find it just as boring as work. Feeling stuck where he was, he settled into just being boring, using the same routine to get through his days. But one day at work, a mistake made earlier became compounded by that usual routine. As he did his final checks of the day, he noted that the numbers were odd. Demetrius didn't care and figured it'd solve itself. That evening, the power plant exploded and destroyed much of the town closest to it.

    He'd been interviewed about the accident, at the hospital. But due to some serendipity, or maybe influence from the stars, the officials who came in did not suspect that he had contributed to the accident. But Demetrius knew that he had, once he realized what those numbers meant. Over the next few years, his previously occasional drinking turned into the full-blown problem it is now. Hundreds of people had died and it was his fault. He never dared to admit it to others, even when drunk. However, he doesn't care about anything anymore. He'd rather just be drunk and forget about the whole mess.

    Constellation: Pisces

    Element: Water + Ice/ Arctic Abyss

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Kraken

    Weapon: Coat of Vials. This is a dark blue and silver coat which is as thick or as thin as it needs to be for the environment. It has short sleeves, stopping just above the elbows, but the back and sides of it fall down to the ankles. The front of it is open, to where the sides of the torso can't meet. They are latched by a single silver clasp and matching large button at about the bottom of the ribcage. As for the name, hidden inside the coat are 108 vials, each containing a unique potion. The coat itself will generate these vials as they are used up, since the vials become fragile and only good for a single use once pulled out. Each slot in the coat will always produce the same potion. However, there are no signs nor labels of what slot makes what potion. It could make a potent healing potion, or it could be one that explodes upon contact with air.

    When he first gets the Coat of Vials, Demetrius will know where three potions are located: a mild healing potion, a general antidote, and a smokescreen.

    Constellation Form: This varies depending on his state of drunkenness. When he is drunk, he's very mobile, nimble, and erratic in movement. When he's sober, he's slower but more defensive. His water magic is greatly amplified when he's dunk and in constellation form, but both his spells and his ability with the vials becomes chaotic and unreliable. While he might seem weaker when sober, he has much much better control and can remember better the exact positions of the various vials. His appearance changes quite a lot, gaining dark blue hair that goes down to the middle of his back and tends to fly around dramatically when he uses magic. His eyes become like white ice. Along with the Coat of Vials, he also gains a silver chainmail vest, dark black leather pants, and armored dark blue and silver boots that come come halfway up to his knees. He does keep his flask, although it turns silver and has a kraken on it instead of a naked mermaid.

    Sin Committed: Sloth

    Other: His flask is enchanted to draw from his hidden liquor stash, where he keeps a generous supply of many kinds of liquors. Demetrius can call on whichever drink he desires once the flask is empty, and can do this from any distance. It's an enchantment that he had to build and test himself, as well as keep his stash well-supplied. It's quite an achievement, all for the purpose of not having to open up a new bottle of drink when he wants it. He's quite possessive of his flask, not sharing it and making sure that it always returns to him if he somehow loses it.

    Also, I'm keeping a list of the vials so it should remain consistent.
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    Love that you used Pain's theme, BTW. XD

    Name: Damión Aguilas
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Home Realm: Maritímo (Equivalent to Spain/ Maritime in Spanish)

    Appearance: At a glance, the first things you may notice are his different colored eyes and bed of messy hair. Despite this, he is rather clean and takes care of his appearance. He stands at roughly six feet and is pretty lean. He doesn't really have much muscle, but isn't a complete bag o' bones. You wouldn't be able to guess the amount of food he eats from his looks. Being from the sunny Maritímo, he has a slight tan to his skin that makes his eyes more distinctive. Being born with heterochromia in the eyes, his right is a deep blue resembling the ocean, while the left is a searing red. No matter how hard he tries, he can't get his mess of hair to straighten out. He completely gave up on it and walks around with a bed-head look, even having one pesky curl that's more prominent come out of the back of his head, but none of it bothers him anymore. Even though his hair is a mess and his eyes are a bit mismatched, his face is clean-shaven and and young looking (well younger, he is just 21). He can always be seen with a smirk on his face, happy about something.

    Being the current CEO of his family's company, he likes to dress a bit more casual than usual for business. He'll wear a white long-sleeved dress shirt, complete with a red tie, covered by his gold-colored vest. The vest is v-shaped around the neck and allows some of his tie to be shown. Over his formal wear he prefers to wear his coat, which contains coattails that separate and reach the back of his knees. It is made of a black cotton and the neckline is covered in a tan faux fur. He likes to roll up his sleeves into cuffs, which reveals a tan checkered pattern that runs throughout the inner part of the coat. He leaves his coat unbuttoned, but he holds it closed together with a red cloth belt wrapped around his mid-section and tied in the middle. He then wears his pleated black slacks with creases running down the mid-front of each leg. He then finishes off with a pair of black, pointy dress shoes.

    Whenever he's ready to have a big meal, he has the habit of removing his coat, vest, and tie, and then unbuttoning his dress shirt. He also zips down his pants a little and then goes to town on his food.

    Personality: Damión is a man with many interests, and one of the most prominent of his interests are food. His thoughts are constantly clouded by food, always fantasizing about eating. A minute doesn't go by without him thinking about having a nice, full-course meal in front of him. He is completely obsessed and he doesn't have a preference on what it is. As long as it looks like food to him, he'll eat it, and he can even eat strange and inedible things. If he goes too long without food he will get hysterical. Other than food, he has a strong interest in culture and the arts and is very passionate about them. He is well versed in a few instruments, such as the piano, classical guitar, and flute. He finds paintings beautiful and can get lost in thought with them, as well as poetry and writing. He loves to travel and learn about new cultures, and their distinctive foods. Don't even get him started on gourmet food. They are the greatest form of art there is, in his opinion. He may not seem like it, but he can be intelligent, which was one of the reasons why he was chosen as the new CEO after his parents retired. He has a good, cultured head on his shoulders, but is quite lazy and irresponsible.

    It is difficult for Damión to sit still in one place. He'll often daydream or snooze off. He can get tired pretty quickly when he hasn't eaten for a while, and he likes to partake in siestas. Although, he can be very energetic and cheerful, especially after eating. Like mentioned before, it's hard for him to stay in one place and this is his reason for his love of travelling. He likes to venture out into many places and wishes to visit many more. He frequently gets lost due to having no sense of direction, but it doesn't deter him, he takes it as another adventure. He is kind towards others and can be easygoing. However, when someone crosses him he will get serious. He may often take things as a joke, or may just be irresponsible, but when the occasion arises, he can calm himself and become logical. Otherwise, he's always clueless and clouded by his own thoughts. He can never read the atmosphere and can make careless comments, possibly offending someone. He does believe in his opinions and sticks to them, even if he might be wrong.

    When the going gets tough, he stops and does something else. He believes nothing is worth stressing over and strives to live an easy life. He also has some weird habits. One being his constant need to hum a tune when it's quiet, and another one where he ends most of his sentences saying, "ya know?". He likes to know what's happening all the time and is interested in the news. Not just the world's, but even among his friends. He is curious and pokes his nose into everyone's business. He may just seem like a loud and childish fool all the time, but there are occasions where he gets serious, and when he does, he can be a completely different person. This adds an aura of mystery around him, and it's hard to tell if his goofiness is just a guise.

    History: Damión was born in Maritímo, a land surrounded by clear blue waters with weather that always seems to be sunny. He is the second child of the rich CEOs of Bienvenidos, a popular chain of hotel/restaurants around Maritímo. Damión, along with his brother Antonio, were spoiled as children, and they had all the luxuries they could imagine. There was one certain luxury that Damión couldn't get enough of, and that was the cooking service. He had the power to ask his help to cook whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He sure exercised his right, constantly asking for food, even if he wasn't that hungry. Soon enough, the staff couldn't handle being overworked and plotted ways to get back at the gluttonous child. The cooks started out by making the food gradually more bland and disgusting, but to their surprise, he kept on eating anyway. Nothing seemed to deter him from his food. They had to give up after a while, but then one of the servers came up with a plan that took it too far.

    He was 15, and asking for his regular after-breakfast soup. He enjoyed having it about an hour after his big breakfast. The chef was preparing a heavy beef stew and pulled out a bottle of diet pills. Blinded by the rage caused by a gluttonous, overworking brat, he poured them all into the pot and let them dissolve. He served the child and observed as he ate, waiting to see his reaction. About 10 minutes later, already done with his bowl, Damión went into a state of shock and fell into a coma. A year passed and his parents were starting to lose faith, but then he awoke and was deathly skinny and very hungry. He immediately had to begin eating solid foods, but he could never seem to gain the right amount of weight, remaining scrawny and emaciated. The reaction from the overdose of pills has left him with a special disorder, and his metabolism was never quite the same. It is much, much quicker than the average and can burn off the food he eats in an unbelievable amount of time.

    Over the years, he was finally able to regulate his weight, but his metabolism was still unbelievably quick. This meant he would have to eat his food in ABSURD amounts. For example, one person may be able to handle about 2-3 hamburgers, whereas he could handle about 12-15. He isn't bothered the slightest by this, and enjoys it. He actually believes he's lucky to be able to eat the way he does and, believe it or not, he went to visit the cook in jail just to thank him. When he was about 20 years old, his parents were ready for retirement. They were looking at their two sons for the next to take over. They were only choosing one, and they chose who they thought would be best for the job, and it happened to be Damión. Antonio had been looking forward to taking the reigns of Bienvenidos for most of his teen years, kissing up to his parents and trying to be the most favorable. He happened to be too stuck up and they wanted the easygoing and lax Damión to control the hotel/restaurants, believing his personality and ideals were best for the company and their views. Damión never wanted the job, he would rather travel the world and spend money, so he tried to give the job to his older brother, but his parents wouldn't allow it. Antonio then began to despise his brother and ran away from home, never contacting them again. Now 21, and still CEO, Damión moved to Eternus to bring in new set of chains of Bienvenidos. He barely takes charge in management and just throws in his ideas (one of them being a new travel agency that involves cruise ships and air travel). He just attends meetings when needed, otherwise, he does whatever he wants. He maintains the family's wealth and has money to spend, usually on food and travel. He still hasn't seen his brother and hopes one day that they'll meet, trying to get leads on his whereabouts.

    Constellation: Aquila
    Element: Wind + Lightning / Storm
    Constellation Deity/Summon: Vishnu

    Weapon: Altair and Vega- Twin sickles with handles that are a golden color and blades that come out in a crescent-like curve. He weilds them with one in each hand, and they aren't heavy at all, keeping his speed in top shape. Due to the dual wield, he is able to land more hits. He can generate wind in one sickle, and lightning in the other.

    Constellation Form: In this form, he takes after Garuda's image. Aquila can be translated to Garuda in Hindu, the mythical half-human, half-bird and mount of the God Vishnu. His hair turns feathery and his curl even changes into a more prominent feather. His eyes turn gold and his skin into a hue of gray. His feet turn into red talons and he sprouts red, feathery wings. His ears are also lined with rainbow-hued feathers, and his neck contains a tuft of tan feathers. His clothing looks more royal and he wears a velvet coat with a tan vest and some baggy velvet pants. In this form, he becomes the ride of Vishnu himself.

    His speed is increased immensely, but he doesn't have much of a defense and his strength and magic is medium-high (but it depends on the energy he has from food) and he has high evasion.

    Sin Committed: Gluttony

    Other: I'll explain his disorder here:

    He has an unbelievably fast metabolism and burns off any calories he consumes at a rapid pace. In order to maintain an average weight, he has to eat frequently and in absurd amounts. Failure to do so can cause him to pass out, have chronic fatigue, and the worst that could happen is him falling into another coma. Once he's had a meal he would be good for a while, but once he needs more food he will start to lose energy at a steady pace.

    (I'm no doctor, but this sounds believable, especially in fantasy terms. XD I gave him this disorder to take Gluttony to the next level. :P)

    Here are avatars for his normal look, hungry look, and Constellation Form (accompanied by Vishnu):
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    Name: Asher von Irre

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Home Realm: Speicher (Roughly the equivalent of Germany), moved to Maplia (Equivalent to Canada)

    Appearance: Asher stands at roughly at 5 ft. 4” and weighs at roughly 105 pounds, but he really hasn’t started to grow yet so he still looks like a kid. He’s pretty slim, with no visible signs of fat on his body. He has bright, ruby red eyes that seem to sparkle under the sun, and they always show signs of happiness and nonchalance. He has long, thin, crimson hair that covers his head in a sort of sea. His bangs cover up his right eye, since they’re longer than the average male his age should be, and in order to see he has the brush them off to one side. His skin is very light and pale, and seems to radiate when he’s in the sun, and is perfectly smooth with no ruggedness or signs of injuries. His voice is relatively high, due to him not really hitting puberty yet, and has the scent of gunpowder on him.

    His cloths are anything but normal, to simple put it. He doesn’t wear a shirt at all, which means he shows his well-toned chest to the public. Since what he does wear does technically qualify as a “shirt” and “shoes”, he is able to dress up how he likes, his body being relatively free. On his arms he wears two sleeves, yes, sleeves. These sleeves are dark crimson that are tied on the forearm end by a black ribbon that’s in the shape of a pointed tail, like that of the devil. He has two small, black skulls on them, those that are akin to an average human. Under his sleeves are arrays of knives, ranging from a wide variety of uses. From cooking, gutting, trap making, and killing. How he got these he doesn’t like to talk about. His shorts are black with red mixed in. He has a small pouch attached to it where he keeps all of his things, as it functions as one of those infinite storages. He wears two spiky red collars on his ankles, leaving his feet exposed to the elements

    Though, when Asher does decide to dress of his actual social status, he takes on a much more dashing approach. He downs a red and black stripped vest, and under it he wears a plain white, long-sleeved dress shirt. Though, under the vest are blood stains no one really knows about. He puts his long hair into a ponytail for this part, making Asher look a lot more mature. His pants are the same pattern and material as his vest, making him look even a bit more mature, and he tops it off with red, leather dress shoes. He wears a crimson red cat’s eye necklace, which is said to be a family heirloom on his mother’s side. He carries a red parasol around with him, to keep with the formal look. Though, the handle of the parasol is also a dagger blade, just in case he does feel the urge to protect himself.

    Personality: Most of the time Asher acts like what he looks like, a little kid. He smiles a lot, laughs a lot, and has a minor sweet tooth. He acts naďve, and normally plays dumb while he’s acting like a kid, though; he is still technically a kid. He likes to be active, and runs a lot despite him preferring to be barefoot.

    Though, while he is certainly a kid, he is also very insane. Not completely a lunatic, more of mentally insane due to mental trauma in the past. When his laugh starts getting high pinched and his eyes twitch it’s very wise to start to run. That normally means his insanity is taking over and he gets really unpredictable. Though, there is another trigger for his insanity that most people don’t know about; jealousy. Asher is normally carefree, so he doesn't really have any reasons to be envious. Though, when he is, it’s a very wise idea to stay out of his path.

    To get more in depth with his insanity, Asher is unstable mentally. While at first he seems like an overall nice kid, his mind works in a different way than most humans. His sense of moral codes aren't the same as others, and he does things he thinks are right, while they can be considered wrong. His mental state is also very fragile, meaning when certain triggers are used, Asher just complete breaks down into two different states. He uses laughter as a warning system, if he starts to feel uncomfortable, he'll slightly chuckle or chortle. The louder the laugh, the more prominent is when he'll break, and more higher the laugh is a warning at the intensity of his meltdown. This means that while he might break down soon, he won't go into a complete state of cute and psycho, more instead he's be an argumentative person who thinks outside of the box, and becomes paranoid. Though, if his pitch is higher, it means he's going to go berserk, triggering his constellation forme.

    Though, while in his episodes you can notice he acts a lot like a little kid in a tantrum. He normally shouts and goes into very short, clear sentences. He also can start crying, and the screams he produces are those of agony, not fear... or pleasure. Also, since he's mainly relying on instinct instead of reason he'll normally try to do things that a wild animal would do. That means he's more adapt to kill anyone in sight, and unless a person is really confident they can try and cool him down, it would be the best to run away and not try to cause him harm, well, unless it's completely necessary. Though, the good thing about this is that these rampages are in more of a short burst, not a long term effect. Normally when he starts one of his rampages it takes an hour for him to snap out of it, and another hour for him to get back to normal and collect himself.

    Now that's all explained, let's delve into what causes him to slip from reality and turn into that. Envy is normally the main cause of it. If he's jealous it's really easy to tell right away, with him normally asking for what he wants, or other things. Normally this is really easy to get rid of, just let him have it and when he feels fulfilled he'll stop, like a child. Though, there are other causes of it as well. If someone he loves gets hurt, he'll go into a full rampage, trying to avenge the deed that happened. If it's something permanent, like death, it takes a lot longer for him to cool down and accept the terms of what happened. Also, if he feels uncomfortable in a situation he'll try to get away from it, and sometimes he slips away from reality to get away, which can lead to some very bad situations. Another thing that causes it is chains and being bound. Since Asher if a very free person, if he feels like he's chained down and immobile, he'll go into a state where he'll try to escape.

    Asher was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, a rare genetic disease in his family that hits every third generation. Though, he was also blessed at the same time with having his blood type be AB. Ever since he could remember, Asher has daily been injecting himself, or have been injected, with new blood so that he could live. This is sort of how his love for blood has stemmed from. It sort of became a weird obsession for him, even to the point of it becoming his preferred drink to water, when extra blood is available for him. He normally obtains his blood as donations from blood banks, one of the few places where he is allowed in alone.

    While his insanity turns a lot of people off, if they warm up to Asher they fine he’s really loving and caring about people. They can also see how lonely he is due to being alone most of his life, and was forced to grow up young. He seems to fit into a sort of younger brother role to a lot of people, well; those who get to know him.

    He’s also a pyromaniac and a kleptomaniac. He normally steals things left and right, and has gotten so use to being a thief he can easily take anything with ease. Fire just seems to be naturally attracted to him, and it brings many things. To Asher, fire isn’t a destroyer; it is a loving mother to him.

    Also, he’s openly gay and proud of it. He doesn’t flirt with any guys, but he already knows his sexuality. He doesn’t care about discrimination either, as to him people don’t affect him as much as they do most pre-teens and teenagers.

    History: Asher was born into a rich, noble family. This family was practically the right hand to the ruling family of his country, and his mother’s side was also well known for their writing, especially about the mystical trees from their homeland, called Maple Trees. Though, Asher does not have any memories of that short period in his life. When two years of him walking the earth passed, tragedy struck. There was an assassination done on both of his parents, and he silently witnessed both. He still remembers today the cold, ruthless memory, and it was one of the two things that traumatized him for life.

    After that, Asher seemed to have faded out from existence to the world. He was sent off to live with a close family friend on his mother’s side in Maplia. He lived with the family for a couple of years, and all seemed to go well, but Asher was also treated as an afterthought, not really being noticed until last minute. He started to get really jealous of the kid living with them, and one day he snapped.

    When the parents and child weren’t home, Asher decided to do what vary few have done, ruing a family’s name. He made a mold of gloves to fit the other kid’s exactly, down to the finger prints. Then, he started doing things like breaking vases, burning furniture, and so forth. In the end, the house was up in smoke and the fire department was trying to put it out. Even what he did seemed really out there, it somehow worked. He was able to ruin the family’s name, and was happy about that. Though, it didn’t last for long.

    The police took notice of him, and took him in as a witness. To Asher, it felt like he was being confined again, and tried to escape. It seemed he slipped from reality, and nobody exactly knew what happened in that questioning room after he slipped from reality, but no fatalities were reported. After that, Asher was sent to an insanity ward, where he regularly went into those types of fits. After a few more years he finally reflected back on those that he did remember, and was starting to get scarred of himself. In a sense, that was the other thing that traumatized him. Though, it also gave him the attention he wanted, and it launched him back into the world, making the world itself question his parent’s assassination.

    When he was 11, he was finally able to be checked out of the insanity ward, be none other than his long lost Aunt. She was only around, 8 to 9 years older than him, and was the first person to actually care for him. How she dealt with his insanity, he didn’t know, but they formed a strong bond together. He currently resides with his aunt in a small cottage in Speicher, working on some sort of robbery or other art form.

    Constellation: Sagittarius

    Element: Fire + Wood/ Autumn (Autumn is wear a lot of leaves start to fall, leaving trees barren. Also, the leaves, especially maple start to turn into the colors of fire. Also, at the start of autumn, it’s really hot, and near the end, people normally are running fireplaces.)

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Sekhmet

    Weapon: The Maple Splitter, a HVSB (High Velocity Sniping Bow). It's an interesting weapon that has two distinct forms, a Bow and a Knife. While it's in it's bow form, it's able to shoot explosive arrows that can be linked together for interesting combinations. While the Maple Splitter is in it's knife form, Asher can do quick, fast strikes that aren't powerful, but can be linked in quick succession. Also, in it's knife form the bow can shoot small arrows from the knife as well. Also, it's able to create maple leaves that can harm, leading to many different combinations.

    Constellation Form: Asher’s constellation form doesn’t really look different than his regular attire, well, with it being turned more into a maple leaf theme, though he does obtain a lion’s ears and tail. He wears a red and black hood and scarf that have a trail of maple leaves following the scarf, and maple leaves patterns on the hood and scarf. He obtains a black quiver and a black, six-winged bow as well. The Fallen Seraph bow is used more as a utility, where its arrows function as linking certain combinations and assassination strikes with the Maple Cutter. He's also normally berserk in this form

    When Asher is berserk, there are very few things that can stop his rampage. While is physical capabilities are the same, his sense in fighting increases by ten fold. This means he's more agile and can utilize his bow to his full potential. Also a little detail is that his eyes will be green, showing that he's normally envious while berserk. Though, he doesn't know why he is, he just feels so much envy in this form. While a lot of common things can actually cool him down, like a hug or rabbits, but it's really hard to get close to him without being harmed. Though, even when he's berserk he can be reasoned with, it's just that his sense of morality has been discarded. In this state, his paranoia reaches a state that he can't even trust anyone, and normally will try and do anything that can harm those he thinks are out to kill him, or do other things to him.

    Sin Committed: Envy

    Other: He paints a lot, and normally has a maple leaf or devil token with him wherever he goes.

    Also Nicknammed "The Flaming Fallen Angel" and "The Maple Leaf Assassin"


    (Constellation, edits in the section. It also shows the Maple Splitter in it's separate forms, with the bow the same colors as the knife shown))
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    Yeahhh, S[i]n's finally up after so many months! BD Been waiting for this one.

    And now, after like three months I finally got this thing done too, ahh. I'll edit this with gaia avatars or an actual reference picture later on. No time now.

    Name: Miraela Dalcascu
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Home Realm: Dransilvo
    Appearance: Miraela is a bit taller than the average girl, standing at around five feet and nine inches without any heels (not that she’d ever be caught without them). She’s curvy but rather frail, and it’s obvious to all that witness her that she can’t take that many hits nor carry too heavy things. Her skin is smooth but bruises very easily, as she isn’t used to being hurt even the amount your everyday girl has; she never did get scrapes on her knees running around playing, and she never cut herself cooking – heaven forbid someone actually saw her alone without her bodyguards and servants. She doesn’t have that much muscle either, though lately she has started to try and work out some more as she doesn’t want to be seen as weak. That, and her parents always did want her to be healthy in body and spirit, so she was permitted to do some forms of exercise even when young. Her face is heart-shaped and her eyes are big with long eyelashes. Her eye color is a rather soothing deep purple, and her eyes usually have a very calm look to them. At least, she hopes so. She doesn’t want to show how easily excitable she is.

    Miraela’s white hair is long and wavy, reaching all the way past her waist. She usually keeps it open except for special occasions where a dresscode dictates otherwise. Though even when open, she usually has parts of her hair branded or tied some way; two small pigtails tied together at the back and falling on the rest of her hair is a common one, and she often likes to braid part of her hair from the front all the way to the back – it also helps her keep her hair in place and her bangs away from her eyes. But, really, you could discuss her hair styles and choices for hours. The bottom line is that her hair’s wavy and she likes it open whenever possible. Also should be mentioned that although she likes to style it, she doesn’t know how to do it on her own that well, so expect her to walk up to you and tell you to do it for her instead.

    When it comes to clothing, Miraela is a curious case. Ever since young she’s been told to dress conservatively and appropriately, femininely and in a way that’d represent her rich and mighty status, but now that she’s finally out of the house and managing on her own, she’s changed her wardrobe quite considerably. Old habits die hard though as they say, and so she still only uses clothes made out of the finest fabrics and absolutely loves silk and velvet. She would never be caught dead in leather or the sort. No, the biggest change didn’t affect what she wore but how much of it she wears; having always had to cover herself with long dresses and even stylish robes at times, she nowadays wants to show off some skin when possible. Not to the point there’d be more skin to her than clothing, but enough to show that she isn’t a porcelain princess or a doll with no figure. She does want to respect her family, but she also has to think of herself a little. That’s something she realized after she had ran away from home. It almost felt like someone had been telling her to do so, some other entity in her head. Strange, huh?

    Miraela loves purples and other royal colors, and right now she mostly adores mini dresses, so those are what you’ll most likely find on her. She usually has on a black mini dress with purple linings made for combat (since she’s taken to hunting latterly, go figure) and easy movement. The fabric‘s not silk this time around though, as not only would it be impractical and tear easily, it would leave her freezing to death, so it’s more akin to armor than anything else. Solid but comfortable. She does wear silk gloves however, ones that go from her upper arms all the way to her fingers. The actual fingertips are cut off, and there’s a black piece of armor protecting both of her wrists. She often wears necklaces of some sort, often very expensive ones. She absolutely adores boots with high heels, and wears them whenever possible. They usually reach all the way to her thigh and add quite a few centimeters to her height. Surprisingly, she can actually run with them. Call it an adapted skill. Her boots are purplish black as well with lines of silver here and there, those three being her favorite colors.

    Personality: Miraela is generally a friendly girl, though from the get go it’s obvious she’s from a rich family and has been taught that she’s better than you from the very first steps she ever took. While she’s tried to get rid of her high and mighty ways a bit now that she’s living with the common folk, some old habits just won’t go away. She will look at you funny if you aren’t dressed well or if you smell, and she will believe that your worth as a human being is greatly determined by your wealth. And, while she is of course polite no matter what, she can also come off as rather condescending with her pity for the “poor” and unfortunate. She doesn’t realize this however, nor does she think she’s doing anything wrong. She’s just showing compassion the only way she knows how. Some jobs and places still disgust her to the point she doesn’t want to go anywhere near them, and she’s still very, very nervous whenever she sees any sort of violence going on, especially if it involves blood. She’s tried to get rid of that anxiousness with her new job as a huntress, however she still hasn’t quite managed to actually [i]fell[/i} an animal. She always has her bow all readied and the string pulled back, but then the critter always has to turn to look at her with those sad eyes and she can’t help but throw away her bow and go feed the poor thing instead. That isn’t to say that she wouldn’t be skilled with her bow however; she has been practicing on trees and whatnot to make her hunting trips at least somewhat useful. She has been taught not to let time go to waste, after all.

    Although knowledgeable about etiquette, history and everything else the daughter of a prestigious family should be, she’s very much naďve when it comes to the real world. She can’t fathom how most machinery works let alone work them herself, and she’s somewhat prone to being tricked out of her money. If someone comes to her and says that they have twenty children to feed, all missing legs and hands and half of their heads, she won’t chuckle and be on her way, she’ll panic and offer money because how terrible for someone to miss part of their head, that means they’ll be ugly forever! Not that losing money to conmen hurts her wallet any; she’s got enough money to feed the folk in her new town for years, even with her own extravagant living habits. She might live in a “normal” house, but step inside and you’ll be greeted with a curious mix of common folks’ furniture and stuff intended for kings. She sleeps in a real princess bed. She can’t sleep anywhere else. She’s tried sleeping on a mattress like the rest of the townspeople, but it was so disgusting she needed to go wash herself twice afterwards. She’s a bit of a clean freak, yes, but oftentimes can’t make herself actually clean; it’s one of those things she wishes she had a maid or servant for still.

    One of the hardest new concepts for her to grasp is probably that she can’t have everything she wants and not every peasant she sees is required to cater to her or act as a servant whenever she needs one. She’s just so used to snapping her fingers whenever she wanted someone to carry her home from a long day of horseback riding, that she’s simply flabbergasted when she realizes nobody’s paying attention to her finger snapping on the streets after she comes back from hunting and really needs a ride home. Of course, her acting that way is subconscious, and once she realizes she’s tried to boss someone around out of habit she’s quick to grow embarrassed and mentally beat herself for it. She doesn’t want to ask for anyone’s help or come off as mean. For her to regress back to ordering people always goes to show she isn’t as independent as she’d like, and it gets her down. That’s why usually she actively tries to deny people’s help whenever possible.

    To Miraela, appearances and reputation are still very, very important. She was brought up to believe that other people’s opinions on you matter far more than your own, and that disgracing your family name or yourself is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself and your family. And, while Miraela did leave home, she still values her family and its traditions a great deal. She left because she felt she was a burden, and didn’t want to bring shame to her family, not because she would have hated her parents, and so she still does her best to be very proper and hide all mistakes she might make today. Whenever she studies poor people and their habits she does it undercover (although her cover is admittedly not that great) and whenever she doesn’t understand something she just smiles, pretends she does and goes to look stuff up and study later. If asked, she of course claims she knows everything needed. She’s sort of clumsy and prone to mistakes whenever she panics, and that is one side she does her best to hide. Stumbling is very ungraceful, after all.

    However, Miraela tries to hide nothing else as much as the sin she constantly commits, that is, the sin of Lust. She’s a closet pervert, often thinking dirty thoughts and seizing every opportunity she has to peek or touch people without being noticed. She’s very ashamed of her desires and does her best to hide them, as she knows they’d bring shame to her and her family name, but the more she tries to suppress her urges, the stronger they grow. While usually she can control herself, under special circumstances such as when drunk she will turn into a major flirt and get physical. Sometimes she even says somewhat flirty things on accident or thinks out loud during normal conversations, though she’ll quickly try to hide having done both with excuses, lies or flat-out denial. She hopes to get rid of her sinful thoughts and one day return home, though part of her admittedly enjoys the new freedom to do and think whatever she pleases.

    History: Born to the Dalcascu family ten years after her brother, her parents had high expectations from her from the start. Her brother before her hadn’t quite managed to fill his role as the son of a noble family so far, and so the family desperately needed something – or someone – to restore the honor and dignity of their name. Hence, they shifted their focus to the newborn Miraela. Her parents managed to be both strict and very pampering at the same time, always demanding perfection from her, but also giving her absolutely anything she might’ve ever wanted. If she saw a pony and so much as expressed she would like to pet one, her parents brought her an entire farm full of the creatures. She had little play time growing up however, always having piano or etiquette lessons, and she rarely so much as caught a glimpse of her brother. She was told to stay away from him at all costs as he was dangerous, but young Miraela never understood why. To her, his brother looked more lonely than anything else, always away from the centre of the attention she received instead. She wanted to get to know him, but her parents were adamant and the two never met eye to eye. And the next Mira knew, her brother had already left the manor without so much as goodbye.

    Although Miraela’s life was filled with riches and her every order heeded to, she was also way more secluded than she ever realized. Not only was she not allowed outside the house unsupervised, she wasn’t even allowed to talk to any of the lower servants without a bodyguard or two accompanying her. Leaving the courtyard was a big no-no, and the only information she got about the world beyond the manor’s gates was what she heard from the servants or read from newspapers. It wasn’t just that her parents were afraid of something bad happening to her, they were afraid something’d taint her. They had watched her brother grow corrupt, and they absolutely did not want a repeat of that, not when they had finally gotten their reputation back to what it used to be. All sorts of violence and shows of affection not family-related in nature were forbidden near her, and if a servant happened to stumble and hurt their hand, she was rushed away from the scene and the servant punished. She wasn’t allowed to see blood or kissing. Her parents were paranoid of it ruining her purity and ease of mind.

    While her parents’ frantic behavior whenever someone hurt themselves did manage to make Mirela paranoid and afraid of violence to some extent, what they failed to take into account was a child’s natural curiosity towards the forbidden. She understood, somehow, why she wasn’t allowed to see violence. It was bad and scary, and she was slowly developing a second-hand fear of blood. She was taught that blood was bad and that injuries could kill, but her parents’ reasons for keeping her in the dark about shows of affection between lovers were never satisfactory to her. People were in agony when they were hurt, but whenever she happened to catch a sight of a couple kissing, they looked happy. It looked interesting, and she was curious. It started out as a little girl dreaming of getting her first kiss or hell, holding hands with a boy for the first time. But as she grew and more and more stuff was obscured from her, she started to grow curious of what happened after all the kissing. What happened when a couple went to their chambers and turned off the light? She wanted to know, so once when she was in her early teens, she sneaked out of her room at night to go and find out. And what she saw rather shocked her, but at the same time, she found herself unable to look.

    Miraela started sneaking out of her room regularly after that. Every other night she would sneak out and just go peek into couples’ bedrooms, fascinated by what she saw. Beyond that, she also started to grow an interest towards the opposite sex and human bodies in general. She started checking people out everywhere she went, sometimes going so far as touching those she had the opportunity to. She knew what she was doing wasn’t something her parents would’ve ever in a million years permitted but despite – or maybe even because of – that she kept going and just made sure she hid it from their eyes, hoping that she’d be able to rid herself of such feelings in due time. She never could. On the contrary, it was getting worse. So finally, on her eighteenth birthday, Miraela decided to run away from home. She didn’t do it because she would have been miserable, rather she was just that afraid her parents would find out and grow disappointed. She didn’t want to ruin their reputation, and so she figured leaving in secrecy would be the best solution.

    Life outside her family’s manor wasn’t easy for Miraela, however. She wasn’t used to faring on her own and she had no place to go. So the first thing she decided to do was to try and find her brother. She wandered around and got into trouble way too many times, but she did eventually happen upon a rumor about him and actually manage to track him down. The meeting didn’t go as planned, however. She doesn’t remember much about it; all she knows is that she woke up in a hospital and that she had never been gladder for not having been let out the house, as nobody knew who she was and that meant nobody contacted her parents and she could just pay and sneak out without much of a fuss once healed. Ever since then she’s had an insane fear of her brother, and hasn’t seen him since.

    It’s been around half a year since she ran away from home, and although she has gotten used to some of the stuff commoners do, a lot of it is still strange to her. The fact that she moved all the way to Eternus somewhere in the middle to make sure she wasn’t found out didn’t help at all. She’s working as a huntress now to earn her living, though it isn’t going that well.

    Constellation: Orion

    Element: Wood + Lightning (Offense)

    Constellation Deity: Lilith

    Weapon: Lady’s Luck – A beautifully decorated bow she carries strapped to her back along with her arrows.

    Constellation Form: Miraela’s constellation form is influenced by both her Deity and the actual Orion behind her Constellation in that she’s almost like half succubus and half huntress. She’s faster, her attacks are stronger and she can utilize vines to keep her opponents away from her lest they be whipped or impaled. While her getup leaves her more exposed, this form actually gives a boost to her defense in its versatility as well. For example, if she needs to defend she can cover herself with plantation so that she’s hiding away inside a huge ball of thorns and then shoot arrows from there, her exact location unseen and arrow’s angle unexpected. Fire is obviously a weakness to her whenever she does this, however.

    Regardless, in the very base of this form Miraela is almost completely naked, though her strategic parts are still covered. She gets a thong made of thorns and vines with occasional roses here and there, the vine going down her thighs and forming high-heeled boots on her legs. They’re completely made out of thorns as well, decorated by red and purple roses of various sizes. Although they look uncomfortable, the thorns don’t hurt her; only those she comes into contact with. Needless to say her get up leaves her more vulnerable to attacks, however not without injuring the attacker. The thorns can extend and be used as whips, each able to tear apart flesh with relative ease. She also gets a devilish tail made out of the same matter.

    The upper part of her new form is very different and way more concealing. She acquires a sleek, silver helmet that covers her facial features, as well as a cape that falls to her thigh-level. The cape is heavy and outlined with animal fur. She has her bow strapped to her back, and electricity courses through every arrow. She gets a piece of armor to cover her breast area and arms, with sturdy gloves for better wielding of the bow.

    Sin Committed: Lust

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    I was going to make someone new for this, then I thought, I already have someone that can fit the role I'm imaging pretty well. xD (Besides, IF is already doing the theif thing, and we need another side of Greed. xD)

    Also, GH and I are the only ones using multiple characters. We're the most awesome ones here. xD (I'm commiting pride, oh noes! xD)

    Name: Andre Bellamy
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Home Realm: Aurora (Equivalent of France. He speaks Auroran.)

    Appearance: Andre is a tall young man, standing at exactly six feet tall. Although he doesn't like to do so, he excersises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob, and is physically fit. He tries to stay out of the sun, claiming it is bad for your skin, and so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair short, and neatly styled at all times. There is never a hair out of place. He has a round boyish face, and large baby blue eyes which he claims are his best feature. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body.

    For clothing, Andre is very much into fashion, and he usually dresses more formally than kids his age. Being famous, he has a certain reputation to uphold, so most of his clothes are very expensive made by well-known designers. His wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He even wears a tie and blazer on some days. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy, never a thread out of place. It's rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans, but he does own a pair. His wardrobe contains a lot of bright colors, especially pink, his favorite color. He carries around a pink backpack that has red hearts on it, and he occasionally wears a pair of pink sunglasses. His favorite outfit is a pink dress shirt, a red tie, brown trousers held up by a belt, and a pair of black dress shoes and black socks on his feet.

    Andre has developed a taste for diamonds and gemstones. He will occasionally be seen wearing random pieces of jewelry every now and then, regardless of whether it was intended for a man or not. He is also comfortable crossdressing in public. It gives him an opportunity to show off his jewels, and because he feels women get nicer clothes then men do. He can pass for a convincing woman when he's all made up. (He's also pierced his earlobes so he can wear earrings.)

    Personality: First off, Andre has tastes that are usually considered femmine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really emabrrased by it. He really doesn't understand why boys in this country have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their masculinity.

    Andre is very obsessed with beauty and looking good. As a Movie Star, he feels he has to maintain a certain image, and because people don't want to be friends with an ugly person. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. Because he puts so much effort into looking good, he hates getting dirty, as it ruins all the work he put in.

    He really values his relationships. He goes to great lengths to make friends and fans everywhere he goes. He often attends parties to meet new people. Someone not wanting to be his friend upsets him, and he will try to make that person his friend whether they want to be or not. For the same reason, he also likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

    Having become used to being given whatever he wants, Andre has been spoiled by wealth. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He wears expensive clothes, drives around in fancy cars, takes exotic vacations, and freely spends money like it grows on trees. He is very generous with his money, since he has so much of it, trading a a few gold pieces for something better is no problem. He's also found it much easier to woo people with money. Andre has always been accustomed to life on top. His worst fear is losing it all, whether that be ruining his movie career, or losing his hard earned friends.

    Despite being French Auroran, and using French words a lot, he can speak Englsh just fine. He just thinks everything sounds sexier in French. Auroran

    History: Andre was born in the realm of Aurora. Andre's childhood is not what one would consider normal. His parents are both famous actors, and since his birth he's been in the lap of luxury. Due to his parents being famous actors, and therefore often busy, Andre rarely ever saw them. He felt lonely being in a big empty mansion with only caretakers that didn't speak his language. Andre's parents brought him expensive toys to make it up to him. For a while the shiny new toy would make him feel less lonely, but soon he would get bored of it, and the loneliness came back. He thought something better would solve the problem. When his parents announced a new trip, the young boy cried, and of course, his parents brought him a new, better, more expensive gift once they got back. The same thing happened, it would make him feel good for a while, but soon he'd get bored again. He would continue to ask and receive more and more expensive things throughout his childhood. It was great, and Andre grew accustomed to wealth and having anything he wanted on a whim. It was nice, but it still wasn't enough, the bad feelings still didn't go away.

    When Ande started going to school, and meeting other people his age, he got a lot of attention from them due to the fancy toys he had that they couldn't afford. At Recess, every kid wanted to play with him. Being with others that likely made him feel just as good, if not better, than opening up a brand new toy. It was then he thought that if new toys won't help, then maybe people will.

    He made lots and lots of friends, and Andre was happy for a while. Soon his family had to move away, and Andre was transferred to a new school. Having lost all the friends he made, Andre was upset for a while, but he soon worked to make new friends in this new place, and he was happy again for a while. Then his parents moved once more, and the cycle continued. He was never truly content though, because he always had to leave all his friends behind.

    At the age of thirteen, Andre's family moved to Eternus to further their careers. There, his parents encouraged their son to follow in their footsteps, and become an Actor. They put him in acting classes, and used their connections to pull a few strings, and get him a starring role in a major film. He didn't want to do this at first, but did it anyway to please his parents. While making the movie, he came to enjoy being on a movie set, and acting. When his first movie went to theaters, and became a box-office success, he enjoyed all the fame and attention it brought him. Or more specifically, he liked all the adoring fans. He also enjoyed the piles of money, expensive things, and all the glamour that being a movie star brings. He decided to pursue a film career full time. After doing that for a few years, he became as famous and successful as his parents. He is often chased by Papparazzi and crazed fans, and he is also often the subject of ridiculous rumors in gossip magazines. Usually, they involve him spending absurd amounts of money on something lavish, being seen at a party, or romance rumors with various other celeberties. (Not long after hitting puberty, he discovered how attractive people were, and the joys of love. Although he's never had a serious romantic relationship, much to his disappointment.) He doesn't mind all the craziness that much. As long as he has all his adoring fans, then all is well.

    Andre has everything now, devoted fans, a luxurious life, and piles of money at his disposal. Despite this, he still isn't satisfied. He feels like something is missing, but he isn't sure what that is.

    Constellation: Leo

    Element: Fire + Lightning = Solar Flare

    Constellation Deity/Summon: Helios

    Weapon: Arbalčte de Soleil, a golden crossbow that fires arrows charged with fire or electricity that only appears when he is in constellation form. It takes a some time for the bow to recharge each time after an arrow is fired.

    Constellation Form: Andre's Constellation form is straightforward. It's all about power and speed at the cost of defense. His outfit consists of a simple fuchsia grecian toga, with gold a trim on the hem. On his feet, he wears a matching pair of sandals. While not offering much in the way of protection, he can move freely, and run as fast as lightning. His entire body is covered with gold stripe tattoos, including two on his cheeks. His hair is also messier in this form, and he has lion ears and tail.

    Sin Committed: Greed

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    Alright, we kind of discussed that War would eventually accept the SUs, but since he's been away for a while, I'll just step up and take care of it. You guys have waited way too long and it's hardly fair.

    Monster Guy: Yeahh, we're the most awesome. Though I'm more awesome than you.

    Selena is Accepted. I love how her Constellation form actually raises her Defenses, where as many others have it increasing their Offenses. I feel like she fits her sin really well too. Can't wait for her to meet Mira.

    About Andre... I can kind of see that all the mentions of his Greed were late additions to an already existing SU (i.e, the mentions of Greed are very brief and are mostly mentioned at the very end of his personality/history without that big of an impact on him overall, even though it's meant to play a rather big part). He sounds more like someone fit for Pride than Greed to be honest, but I trust that you can play him fitting his sin, and I do like where you're taking it the thing he still feels he lacks is a person to truly love, I'm betting on it. So I'll say he's Accepted too. I want to see what happens with him.

    InnerFlame: Accepted. I like the reason for his greediness a lot, that he wants money because it gives him control and sort of soothes him. It'll be interesting to watch him try and repent for that sin in the end. I also love the fact he's happy when petting a dog. That gives me the cutest mental images.

    Ysavvryl: Accepted. I really love what you did with his weapon; it's really unique! I had to ask War whether or not the characters already knowing about magic was alright, but it did check out, so all's well. I also like your interpretation of the sin. Sloth does include so much more than just "laziness" after all.

    SenorLaughsaLot: Accepted. I think Gluttony's one of those sins where it's very easy to either go totally overboard (where all the character ever thinks about is food) or give it very little attention, but you did pretty well in balancing it out. Not a fan of the whole heterochromia thing (says the person with a Vincent sig \shot) but eh, it's not that big a deal.

    GoldenHouou: What an utterly awesome Sign up! Accepted? Can I accept myself? Eh, I just did.

    Lost Requiem: Discussed this together with JG and War, and we're going to have to say Pending for now, because there are a few things you need to explain before we can accept Asher. First off, you mention that when his laugh is getting high-pitched, it's a good idea to run. What I'm interested in is... why so? What will he do if people don't run? Is he going to hurt them? Kill? Creep them out? Steal their stuff? Set them on fire? You do mention that he gets predictable (I assume you meant unpredictable though, it's just a simple typo), but what does that entail? I bet there are quite a few characters in the rp who wouldn't run from him, so it's important to know what'll happen.

    Another thing I have to ask is what are his triggers (apart from jealousy)? Are they common enough things that he will snap often? There are some other things I'm a bit leery about as well, but I'll let them slide for now. I just really want to know how exactly his insanity works to know if it can be accepted.

    As for the Capricornus slot, War decided to have another GMPC to help keep control, so it can't be reserved. Sorry for the inconvenience and the late notification on that.

    So now all that's missing are Agent Tectonic's, Samantha Sparks's and Raiden193's SUs. Plus my other one but sush I'll get it up eventually. Then we'll announce the two teams everyone was split in, wait for War's return and then we can start.

    I think that's all. If I missed something, poke me when I'm awake better 8V

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    I initially wanted to go for the Hare of Inaba, but screw that. I always wanted to see how the Crawling Chaos fared.

    Name: Louise le Faye
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Home Realm: Utheria (It isn't based on a real country. It is, however, based on the the mythical Camelot)
    Appearance: Louise has light pink hair that flows gracefully, almost touching the floor. She stands at a height of 1.64 metres and is rather tall and curvacious, having a cup size between B and C. Her shimmering, heterochromatic red and purple eyes are attractive to look at.

    Her regular outfit consists of a regular, brown-hued Victorian-styled dress, complete with a pair of boots. One can easily see her metallic cuffs on her wrists, feet and neck, to act as a choker.

    When she reveals her 'battle mode', she literally strips of her dress. Underneath, you will see that chains have surrounded her chest, revealing a little breast. Similiar-looking chains censor her bottoms, attached with a lock. Her arms and legs are surrounded by chains that spiral them. At the cuffs of her wrists, you can see handblades.
    Personality: Louise is a young lady who finds many things boring, and thus prefers to stay indoors often. She has little interest in many things, and doesn't like doing anything, apart from minding her own business. When she is being distracted from minding her own business, she may get really angry, and may perhaps resort to violence. She is highly antisocial and loves being alone.

    Louise has never heard of a 'friend', and doesn't care about the word either. She can be quite selfish at times, not caring about others. She is pretty lazy and will only help others if it affects her, unless persuaded to the ends of time, causing her to reluctantly aid a person.
    History: Louise was born in Utheria to the le Fayes, who were aristocrats of the realm. She was the only daughter and heiress, but her prime problem was that she was simply too lazy for her own good. She was a very lonely, antisocial person who spent all day at home, never caring about the outside world. All she cared about was reading and playing indoors. The lady lacked friends and claimed she didn't need any.

    For most of her life, she stayed indoors. That was, until she decided to see more of the World. She forced her way into the outside world of her home realm Utheria. Glad that she finally decided to come out of her shell, her parents rewarded her with Clarent, the Living Chains, so that she could defend herself from any threats if any. Sadly, she only did so for a week, and her problem returned once more.

    Her parents have attempted to move to Syonanto (Counterpart of Singapore), but have failed numerous times due to their daughter's lazy attitude.

    Constellation: Virgo
    Element: Light and Earth - Ethereal
    Constellation Deity/Summon: Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos
    Weapon: "Clarent, the Living Chains"
    She wields chains which are capable of stretching and retracting from her metallic cuffs and choker. From these chains, she can activate blades and a wrecking ball. These chains regenerate when cut off of self-severed, which makes them good for immobilizing foes.
    Constellation Form: In her Constellation Form, Louise temporarily loses her Clarent until she turns back. She gains the ability to send a stream of bubbles at the opponent. The being who pops these bubbles will literally go insane(except Louise herself), losing all ability to think. She can also send a stream of different bubbles which can heal her allies. Additionally, to trap foes, she can summon tentacles from whatever surface she is from. In this form, Louise is as good as naked, as she lacks actual clothing. Her nethers are all barely veiled with bubbles that pop and reform, although most of the time she prefers to fight with her hair draping over them. Her hair is long and silver, and is just above her butt. She wears a pair of boots, and a pair of silver gloves armed with claws which can shift into tentacles. Her eyes are now an evil-looking chaos red. She has markings on her back that appear on be of alien language, as well as some on her stomach and below her chest that appear similiar. The most notable trait is the spellbinding circle on her stomach, with her navel in the centre of it. There are also odd, dark silver outlines surrounding her scarlet eyes.
    Sin Committed: Sloth
    Other: The only thing she likes and treasures more than her sleeptime is her chasity.
    Please help my dragons

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    Samantha Sparks: Yeah, JG and I discussed this briefly, and we both seem to agree that we really gotta say Denied to this one. There are a number of problems with the SU and fixing them all would almost warrant coming up with another character.

    To start off, everything's way short. I know that quantity doesn't guarantee quality, but the information we are given of Louise really doesn't give a good overall picture of her at all. Her appearance doesn't describe her all that much beyond her cup-size (why is that important?) her height (which isn't all that "tall", especially if she's of European-esque heritage), her eye-color (which definitely doesn't fly, as heterochromia is supposed to be really rare among humans and Senor’s character already has it. There’s no need for two characters with the same condition, especially when it doesn’t really play that big a part for either and is just for visual appeal), hair and dress. I could led that slide if the SU was otherwise fine, but unfortunately I have even bigger problems with her Personality and History.

    Her Personality is very shallow and doesn't help us understand how she thinks at all. All we know now is that she's lazy, finds things boring and doesn't like to do anything, that if she's bothered she might lash out and if you really convince her, she might help you. A lot of that would need more detail, depth and reasoning. Why does she find many things boring? What are these "many things"? What things does she not find boring? How does staying indoors help? Are all the boring things outside? If she likes minding her own business and doesn't like to do anything, why does she lash out and get violent? Why does persuasion work if she doesn't care about others and is lazy? What makes her change her mind? How should she be persuaded?

    And even if you did answer to all those questions, the personality you'd have would still be more like a description of how her sin manifests than anything. The sin should be a part of her personality, not the entirety of it. If people talk to her, is she mean? Is she shy? Is she smart? Stupid? She has spend her entire life inside, how has that affected her? Is she naive to the outside world too? Fascinated by it? Scared? Staying indoors most of your life without any friends or social interaction affects a person. Which actually leads us to the history. You say that she spent most of her life indoors and claimed not to need friends. Alright, so then why did she just one day randomly decide to see more of the outside world? Why did it suddenly interest her? And why did her parents reward her with a weapon like that? Why not something actually more practical? Why reward her with a weapon at all? If her parents thought she needed to defend herself, isn't it really dangerous to let a girl who's been secluded up until then outside alone? How did Louise learn how to use the weapon anyway? Speaking of her parents, what did they do while Louise spent her days inside? You said they were glad when she came out of her shell... so, had they actually tried to help her come out before? And why did her laziness prevent her parents from moving? Could they not just... gather their stuff, carry Louise into whatever carriage was supposed to take their stuff to the new place and just... go?

    Her weapon sounds a bit too much as well. Regenerating (and therefore potentially infinite) chains with blades and a wrecking ball? Why not just the chains? And then there's her Constellation form. It's just way overpowered. I mean, insanity-bubbles, healing-bubbles, tentacles, clawed gloves, alien markings... That's way too much cake for one person, and it doesn't tie in with her elements at all. The bubbles sound like something a person with water element would do, definitely not earth.

    Lastly, it really feels like the whole character was designed with the sin of Lust in mind, from Louise's Constellation form to her appearance to her "battle form". You tried to reserve that particular sin first, and it sort of seems like you just used the character you had in mind for Lust with Sloth anyway. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out. So yeah. Sorry, but this is a no-go this time.

    War can decide whether to allow you to try with another character or open up the slot again (or both) once he gets back since I dunno what he usually does.
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    But.... could I reserve the last Gluttony?

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    You could reserve the last Sloth I guess, since War takes Gluttony...>.<

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    Yeah, like I said in a previous post, War took Capricornus/Gluttony. He just never posted about it or edited the first post, hence the confusion. >>'

    Since Samantha got denied though, you can take Virgo/Sloth.

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    Even though I do bad things
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    Cool, I'll take Virgo/Sloth then.

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    Just a courtesy post: This is very much alive if anyone was wondering. This week was busier than initially expected but all is back to normal for me. Expect this to start very soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos War Reborn View Post
    Just a courtesy post: This is very much alive if anyone was wondering. This week was busier than initially expected but all is back to normal for me. Expect this to start very soon!
    Well, GH reviewed the SU's in your absence, so no problem here.
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    As I haven't gotten a straight answer, and is getting impatient, may I ask again if I got the last spot?

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    Yeah, you can reserve Virgo/Sloth. XD

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