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    (OOC: Sorry, I'd completely forgotten about this. I'll try the best I can to tag along this first mission, and apologize in advance that my short post is short)

    The group of slightly confused people had gotten quite the speech from the military-guy, and Elijah felt really demotivated to do anything. His family.. The strict other guy, told them they could not see their family and friends ever again. in other words, now they really were trapped, as experimental super-soliders for the government, who had sunk so low to just kidnap ordinary citizens to do their dirty work. What did they tell their family? Did the 'virus' spread? had he forgotten his memories or something? or had they simply just told them he died of the illness, and that there was nothing he could do. imagining his mother recieving visitors clad in black, telling her that her only son had died of an unknown illness.. her reaction! He was practically a perfect young man with the whole world in front of him! Why did they have to steal him away from every possibility like this?

    Being angry won't solve anything, being grumpy and gloomy will only make matters worse. these are the words he had heard from his father, his father who'd raised such an obidient young man. but his father wasn't around anymore. No.. Elijah wasn't around anymore. he was a Bio-something! He didn't even care to listen anymore after they sp rudely said their families were out of his life forever.

    Then they got a call from some assistant somewhere about a Digimon-outbreak. Nothing huge, they said. It won't be that hard, they said. Elijah did not erally care anymore. He just wanted his normal life back. But that was impossible. His new life was the life of a weird mutant super-solider under captivity, so he simply just had to accept it. He sighed in anger, and listened.

    Later, after he had activated his Digivice, and taken the form of Angemon, he was assigned to the skies. Apparently, these Digimon were airborne, and his best chance was to either knock them to the ground, or wipe them out completely. He felt nothing. his old self apparently died, just like they told his parents, family and friends..

    Suddenly, a disgusting-looking little critter with tentackles flew towards him. Thanks to his six wings, Elijah was pretty flexible up there in the sky. He liked it there, everything was so calm, and he could hear the busy life of the normal people under him. He knew he could not just fly away, even though every fiber of him screamed at him to do so. Suddenly, he got angry. He located a few of the Keramon, and summoned his staff. "Angel rod" He shouted, not thinking about how silly he sounded, and smashed the little critter down below. It hit the ground, and it hit hard. That felt good.. like really good. like that cribbling feeling you get when you kiss an insainly hot guy for the first time, and it feels like your whole body is on adrenaline. "All right! I'm gonna enjoy this!"
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