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    Hi, I recently made a stupid careless mistake that may have costed me my old gamecube memory card with my precious XD file....well, it's a purple, rectangular (opposed to the more square like ones that fit into the slot in the disc cases) card, 16x (like that really matters :P) and is labbled "MadCatz". On the bottom is says "Memory Cube" with a superscript "1019".

    I don't know if any of that information really matters, but I felt it couldn't hurt to identify what card it what I did was, well I have two rectangular memory cards, and I was trying to fit both into a disc case, though I was worried about damaging the disc and didn't want the cards to be positioned over the disc when I close it. If you haven't noticed, there is a good space in the inside in the upper left corner where a rectangular card can loosely fit...but that's the only big enough spot for it to be flat. So I stacked both of my memory cards into that space, closed the case...and shortly later I found out that the clip that holds the instruction booklet in slightly cracked one of my memory cards. it isn't terribly cracked, but it looks like it got a bit of white paint spread around the area (which that itself is quite confusing to me, btw), and on the side of the card there is an extremely narrow hair thin openning in the card- it is slightly cracked. it also is slightly bent backwards, just a bit. and the crack is just about lined up with the middle of where it says (on the front of the card)
    "16X". The card easily fits into the slot on the wii, but in the game it repeatedly says there is no memory card inserted, and I've tried resetting, and blowing on the card.

    So, my question really is a few things- first any idea what that white stuff is, is it just lost paint or what? Second, is it likely too badly damaged to be used? And third, is there any chance that if I brought it into game stop (or mailed it somewhere since it is so old) someone would be able to fix it? While I could get another memory card, I really really really care about the XD file I have on it....if you haven't noticed, the team in it I've been advertising in my signature (moreso because I like to see them than to show others) for maybe a month now. Thanks in advance for responding!
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