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    So I guess this will be my provincials report (or states because they gave me a states dice for attending), I went playing a teched version of darkrai victini. Little did I know that the tech actually lowered the consistency of the deck at the time but didn't have the chance to test it because it was last minute, however the matchup I teched for was terrible (that and I lowered my dark patch and e.switch ratio so much it ruined the deck's come back ability thinking that victini could cover it >.>). But It helped me learn what I should put in that deck, what I should have lowered and what should be played more overall. Provs was terrible, I lost against 2 lanodrus decks, I killed a scrubs deck with a slowly setup darkrai/victini EX combo, donked a chimchar with victini and victory piece (he was so pissed, so I gave him cookies and stole/took a victini hat for him) and got a by because someone didn't show up (so I got 3-3 out of 6 rounds). So I decided to say this deck sucks, put the good cards back into rayeels and played a mirror match. I couldn't setup early so my opponent got the advantage on that but I did make a come back and took 4 prizes in 2 turns for the win. (I also had an entertaining game with my buddy steve where we managed to steal the attention of a large group of seniors and juniors with a ridiculous match of darkrai/victini versus golbat/sigilyph (I won using benchtini and darkrai)

    But none of that is as important as the decklist, This I came up with on the way home from provincials as I only got enough sleep to barely get home with. Went to league for an hour and tested it against keldeo/blastoise/kyurem in which I learned that I was an idiot and you could apparently buy blastoise from the theme deck (obviously I don't care about this deck), but I did manage to win and wipe the floor with him using this decklist, I want to mod it for ether and dex (cheren? no, colress) and 1 or 2 more buffolant.

    3 articuno EX
    3 buffolant DEX
    1 mewtwo EX
    1 keldeo promo

    8 water energy
    4 DCE
    4 plasma energy

    (currently testing for team plasma badge)
    4 N
    4 juniper
    3 skyla
    3 bianca
    2 virbank
    3 ultra ball
    1 super rod
    1 e. search
    2 catcher
    1 scramble switch
    3 switch
    3 HTL
    4 colress machine
    2 eviolite

    strategy: format decks are pretty straight forward but if you want one I can give an idea.
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