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Thread: Hey guys and gals.

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    Smile Hey guys and gals.

    So, I'm a noob here. The name's Paul, nice to meet you all. I've been using as a reference for misc. information for years now, and figured that I should go ahead and join the forums. If I'm gonna hang around a site, I might as well talk to people and whatnot on it too, right? Anywho, I'm gonna wrap this up; I'm looking forward to meeting everyone

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    Welcome to Serebii Paul, i'm Andy but i'm usually known as Snove.

    I hope you enjoy the forums and if you need anything drop me a line

    Credit to Mr. Joker for the Glee banner
    Credit to Skiyomi for the lovely Blue Snover banner

    If anyone is interested in a custom ribbon for your profile pic, be sure to check out Ayra's sprite thread in the fanart section, if you want to take a look at her work have a look at my profile.

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