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Thread: Real world locations for buying old series booster packs

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    Default Real world locations for buying old series booster packs


    I dont know if a topic like this already exist but it looks really helpfull if everyone can post possible locations in the real world where you can buy booster packs from older generations (basic/jungle/fossil/neo/rubysapphire/diamondpearl etc)

    not only in US or Canada but Europe as well.
    I live in the Netherlands and i wound a comicbook store in Almere near Amsterdam where they were selling booster packs from the series Delta species, Holon Phantoms, Crystal Guardians and Power Keepers for a pretty low price (3,50 euro/pack, i guess around $4). I travel the world and visit the US every year so i would like to know some stores where they are selling these older series.

    Please share

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    Theres a model shop in Manitoba Canada on Main Street that sells the old gym challenge packs 4.50 a piece, all first edition. Qwaa

    Created by PPL Qwaa

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