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Thread: How would you rewrite each series??

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    Default How would you rewrite each series??

    Kanto- N/A, except I would probably have the league end better. Also, AJ, Giselle, etc. would appear in the league. Or, I would make it less perfect so other sagas won't have such a high standard to live up to, and I could enjoy them a bit more in comparison :P More Electrode, please.

    OI- Have his OI trophy mean much more, keep the sense of urgency from Kanto, which would then carry on to the rest of the sagas.

    Johto- Wilhelmina (from 'For Crying Out Loud!') would become a recurring character, Silver would be in it, Misty and her goal would be more fleshed out, Casey and Sakura would improve and appear more, no departure, Gary MIGHT still be a researcher (but it would be foreshadowed more). Also, more fillers featuring Furret! Five in a row at least XP Brock would get one of those.

    Hoenn- Team Aqua/Team Magma would be handled much better, no Team Rocket, Wally, Ash would have a rival (maybe Wally?), better league, at least 1 non-traditional badge earning. Misty would be overall better, because of Hoenn being known for its water, Team Aqua, etc.. She could have Mudkip, while Brock would have Torchic (or alternatively, Ash gets Torchic while Brock gets Treecko). Also, Ash would not have aura.

    BF- Have the location they're in actually LOOK and FEEL like Kanto, not just a generic place with "Kanto" slapped on it. Also, no voice change.

    Sinnoh- No crappy dialogue coming out of anyone, Brock might still be a doctor, but it would be worked into the plot and foreshadowed better, no Paul (which means no whiny Chimchar backstory), Dawn introduced as a temporary addition (not a Misty replacement), Ash would win this league, no Tobias, Team Galactic handled better, no melodama, Turtwig would go to Brock, both Misty AND Dawn would have a Piplup.

    Unova- Without spoiling anything, better league, no Cameron, a rival for each person (something I liked about BW): Ash- Trip and/or Cheren, Brock- Burgundy(?), Iris- Georgia, Misty- Bianca(?). Ash would have NO starters; instead, Misty gets Oshawott, Iris gets Snivy (Serperior isn't a dragon, but it does look like it should have been Grass/Dragon, right?), Brock gets a Tepig that doesn't have a cliched backstory. Team Plasma is handled just fine, but I would have had N appear earlier, along with Ghetsis. Since Team Rocket got written out after Johto, Team Plasma would be needed

    Overall- No voice change, no outfit change, no replacing, no copy and pasting certain aspects from the games, more originality, etc.
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    There is a thread for this sort of thing.*)
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