So for the past 4 game I have plaid, 2 of them have been nuzloke's as the other two have been just randomly forming my team. But now, I would like to plan out a team that is very strong. Not just scrapped together.

So now, I am planning to get thewhite2 game (yes, I know of gen 6 on the horizon), and will transfer a bunch of pokemon to the games from my black game. I would like to contain my three favourite pokemon in the team, and have been doing some heavy egg-breeding to get them to have certain egg-moves. I have heard terms like sweeper, defence, and even tank, but not too sure what they all mean.

With the (now four) pokemon I already have, do you think you could suggest a last pair to add to the last two slots to even eveyrhting out?
They do not have to be starters and can be from any generation.

The pokemon I am already sure to have on this team: Latias, Latios, Vaporeon, Luxray
(And yes I know having both Latios and Latias might not be the best idea, but I was hoping to work around it...)

Sorry for being such a newbie at all this :P
And thanks in advance!

Timid nature
Ability: Levitate
Move set: Recover, Dragon pulse, Earthquake, Calm mind

Bashful nature
Hates to lose
Ability: Levitate
Move set: Recover, Draco meteor, Fly, Ice beam

Serious Nature (Only female eevee I got out of 35 males)
Often dozes off
Ability: Run away
Move set: Wish(egg bred), Yawn(egg bred), Ice Beam, Scald

Adamant nature
Alert to sound
Ability: Intimidate
Move set: Howl(egg bred), Fire fang, Thunder, Crunch

Who do you think?

Who do you think?

Any help to chose the last two pokemon would be amazing!