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Thread: Professor BuizelBoy's Sprite School - Including Tutorials

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    Default Professor BuizelBoy's Sprite School - Including Tutorials

    Hi guys. I'm fairly new around here, despite my join date I have only been posting for a couple of days. I thought, what better way to introduce myself, than by helping other spriters? Other tutorials will be added over the next few days.

    This thread isn't just about tutorials though, it's about getting quality critiques of your work. It is rare that people actually give you in-depth constructive criticism, therefore I will do if you post a sprite in this thread and ask me to.

    For every piece I am asked to critique, I will aim to point out:
    a) What is good
    b) Why it is good
    c) What isn't so good
    d) How should it be fixed

    Not only will you be able to improve that particular sprite, but you will also hopefully learn some valuable skills for the future! Furthermore, I will be giving out prizes and trophies to spriters who I have seen improve their skills as a result of hard work and practice, while attending the Sprite School.

    I won't be the only person rating your work in this thread. I will soon be employing one or two assistants to help me with this, and provide different viewpoints. However, please do not ask to become a rater. I will contact them myself.

    I will also set you certain assessment tasks which you will have to complete in order to receive your prizes. Like a final exam, but not as formal!

    "Why should I listen to you?"

    That's a fair question, I am only new after all. What I do have is over 6 years of spriting experience, covering a huge variety of sprite types, from the manipulation of sprites (recolors, fusions) to the creation of sprites from scratch. I believe I can help spriters of all abilities to improve, so I am offering my services to you. By no means do I think I am the best around, I just aim to help where I can. Spriting doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was, and I would like to introduce new people to the enjoyable art which I love.

    If you want to enrol in the Spriting School, then simply post a sprite in the thread!

    The Register

    First up, here are some fairly basic tips which every new spriter needs to take on board!

    Useful Links:

    PokemonElite2000 Sprite Resource

    Download Paint.NET - Recommended for Mac users.

    Imageshack hosting, for uploading your images onto the internet.

    Photobucket, an alternative to Imageshack.

    Next up we have the tutorials for individual styles of spriting. Click on each spoiler to open up a tutorial.

        Spoiler:- Recoloring:

        Spoiler:- PokeBalls and Eggs:

        Spoiler:- Chaos:

    I hope you enjoy my Sprite School and learn something new. If you find the experience beneficial, please spread the word!

    All tutorials are property of BuizelBoy and may not be reposted without credit being given.
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