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Thread: Is Iris' Dragonite always in a bad temper?

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    Default Is Iris' Dragonite always in a bad temper?

    Iris' Dragonite always looks so angry. He doesn't smile at all.

    Why is he always angry?

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    Not always, he's pretty much like Ash's Charizard by comparison. Likes to show off his power, but wants to do it on his own
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    Dragonite just has a morose attitude, it's not always in a bad mood or angry. The fact Dragonite is always surly-natured is probably a play on the fact normal Dragonite usually look very happy, benevolent, but non-lethal.(Which is meant to be ironic since the species is extremely strong, fast, and bulky.) I'm really glad the writers made Iris's Dragonite such a break from the norm since it's interesting and more fun to watch imo. Plus it's not a fundamentally mean or rude Pokemon at all, it's actually pretty nice, it just likes battling tough opponents and picks fights often.

    To answer your question, Dragonite has shown to have a softer side for certain aspects like:

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    Pokemon have different personalities just like people. ashs sceptile always acts cool and it doesnt smile that much. iris's dragonite acts like it wants to show everyone that its tough and it doesnt seem to show much emotion
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    Charizard was more lazy, and battled only when he felt like it. Dragonite though, whew, he's very hostile. No time for him to rest when he can battle anything that looks like a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the1stpkmnfan View Post
    Charizard was more lazy, and battled only when he felt like it.
    Not exactly it just that Charizard just didn't respect Ash and felt that he was a weak trainer who wasn't in the same level as he was, hence why Charizard disobeyed Ash.

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    I don't think it's fair to compare Charizard to Dragonite. I mean to me Charizard initially seemed more detached and lazy than violent or ill-tempered. He didn't get hostile unless someone provoked him. Dragonite on the other hand, looks like he would attack someone at any moment for any reason. His constant scowl and morose personality makes him my least favorite Pokemon in the current cast. That may change if he changes, but at this point in the saga, I don't see it happening.

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    I want more BS on Dragonite. As far as I'm aware we know nothing of his past which could explain some stuff.
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    Iris's dragonite just has a "i'm tough and i know it"-attitude and wants to fight anything it deems worthy to prove it's power.
    He may look angry all the time but that's just how he is, it doesn't mean he's always angry and violent.
    It's normal for a pokemon that is confident in his strenght and abilities to not obey a new trainer from the get-go.
    Maybe it has an adamant nature or something.
    This also adds a touch of uniqueness, making it's easy to differenciate it from other dragonite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaze boy View Post
    Not exactly it just that Charizard just didn't respect Ash and felt that he was a weak trainer who wasn't in the same level as he was, hence why Charizard disobeyed Ash.
    Maybe it was just the dub that stated this (or both, didn't really watch the original back then) but Misty and Brock both commented that Charizard never wanted to battle anything that didn't seem like a good opponent. The only reason it fought Blaine's Magmar and Ritchie's Charmander was because it respected them as Fire types and wanted to prove it's strength.
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    dragonite i think is just sort of trying to keep up a certain attitude. he wants everyone to know he's tough. he's not necessarily in a bad temper, but he is hot headed and always ready for a fight.
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    Meh, bet you when Iris gets her cameo in the next series it will be better for without knowing the reason why, cuz thats how special BW series is =/
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    All Pokémon have different attitudes, so I'm sticking to that idea. I think it just wanted to show everyone that it's a tough guy, blah blah blah, and that.

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    That's its personality. Simple as that. It's acting better now than before.
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