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    plz mak me modrator or admin i be good at it

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    OK.* You're new here.* A veritable blank slate.* Dazzle us with your brilliance.* Blind us with your awesomeness.* Give us a reason to hold those high hopes.* Don't disappoint us.* Good luck.
    I remember awhile back we had some awesome mods whose posts were really good.*Become a top tier poster and It could happen.* You have 0 post count but that's ok, post count isn't a reliable measure of awesomeness.
    Atslvaluhc, I hereby challenge you to become the next SPPF top tier poster. Will you accept this nigh-impossible challenge?* Dare you dance where brave men fear to tread?* Where so many before you have failed, will you triumph?
    *bestows the secret awesomeness handshake*

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