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Thread: Secrets From Out of the Fog! (779)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuoke View Post
    Gardevoir kind of creeped me out for some reason. Probably the way she stood behind the group and it looked like she was staring like at me from the screen.
    Um, wow. So I wasn't the only one who felt like she was staring at me.

    This is the reason why we always look at all characters sideways.

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    Last week was excellent, and so was this week. These episodes really are some of the best ones we've ever had.

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    Great episode. I love how N and his girl companions as well as Ash and his friends truly have great friendship with Pokémon. Also, in the scene with N, Ghethis, and Reshiram, it's like Reshiram knew what Ghethis was planning to do all along.

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    The plot deepens...

    I'm glad Ash and Co. are beginning to convince Anthea and Concordia that there are some people who treat Pokémon well. However, I am not convinced they completely trust them.

    This arc is getting better and better, why do we have to wait until next week!!!

    On to the next one!
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    I thought they did a good job at dubbing this episode. Brad's voice seems to fit him well and overall it was just a great episode. Can't wait to see next week's episode dubbed.

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    Really liked the dub of this episode, especially the conversation between Colress and Ghetsis. Ghetsis' voice is beginning to grow on me as we keep going through these episodes. Next week's episode is a favourite of mine in this arc so I cant wait to see how they handle it.
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    Wow, Anthea and Concordia are much more solid strict on their opinions between Pokemon and Humans interacting together. Not to mention they seemed very hasty towards Ash and his friends, despite their beautiful appearance. Even Gardevoir didn't look very cheery. They were much more scary than N's view upon it, mostly because he's come to understand more about the idea. Nonetheless, I liked both Anthea and Concordia's voices.

    Dang, these episodes are getting deeper and deeper in emotion.

    I so look forward to finally seeing Team Rocket VS Team Plasma next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the1stpkmnfan View Post
    I so look forward to finally seeing Team Rocket VS New Team Plasma next week.
    Fixed it for you. The past is dead.

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    Nice followup to last weeks episode.
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    Another great episode, the N storyline is getting better and better. Ash and the others meets Concordia and Anthea, who are N's companions. They belives that people and Pokemon can't get alone and were suspecting Ash and his friends. I'm glad Ash and their Pokemon proved them wrong, But at the end N and the others disappeared behind the fog.
    This was a solid episode of the N arc, I can't wait to watch the next episode in english dub.
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    I would've love it if they had Anthea said to the trio something like "I'm sure you three have met humans like that" and we get a montage of flashbacks to Shamus, Team Rocket, the various hunters and poachers, and more.

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    I liked this episode. It was sad Anthea and Concordia still hated trainers in the end.

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    I liked this episode better than part one, though I wasn't too fond of the two girls, Concordia and Anthea. At least they finally explained who the girls in the credits were, but I found them a little off-putting. Understandable that they'd be mistrusting of humans, but still a little hard-nosed for my taste. I did like the twerps bonding with the pokemon at the center, though.

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