This is a thread for, over hyped, popular cards, etc.

And to start the thread off with a bang is this card Virizion EX , All in all this is a great card, with the ability that allows you for a grass energy attached to you're active pokemon cannot be affected by special conditions, or it's attack that for 1 grass and 1 colourless, you can attaché 2 basic energy cards to 1 pokemon (pretty good combo for genesect), so yeah it's a good card. However I can't shake the feeling that this card is over hyped and will probably see itself in a lot of desperate situations and causing a lot of decks to fall at the next tournament series to a lot of basic or stage 1 decks.

Also on e-bay during the week I saw it on sale consistently for 20-19$ but the price spike to upwards of 25-26$ and this usually happens on weekends anyways (someone from my league told me it was always at 24-26$ all week long... he wasn't paying attention... just like people go to church, that website is my church, and my god is the search bar, and the devil is the seller, life... give me a good deal).