Feel like taking some dust off Platinum while waiting for gen VI...
Just using a bunch of stuff I never tried out, team might change and I need a sixth, but not sure on what to use yet.
Also about held items, I'm near clueless on what you find and when, so any suggestion is appreciated.

Infernape @???
Naive/Hasty nature

Fire Blast
Close Combat
Grass Knot

Nothing special, I'd go pure physical but I don't like Flare Blitz recoil ingame. U-Turn cause I play on Set and it comes in handy.

Golem @???
Adamant/Jolly nature
Rock Head

Rock Polish
Rock Blast/Stone Edge
Stealth Rock/Double Edge

With RP it's fast enough to outspeed a lot of stuff and Rock/Ground STAB sounds appealing. Last move is just a filler.

Gyarados @???
Adamant nature

Dragon Dance
Ice Fang/???

Never had the chance to try Gyarados ingame past gen I. Not sure about the coverage moves though.

Scizor @???
Adamant nature

Bullet Punch
Bug Bite/X-Scissor
Brick Break/???
Swords Dance/???

Again something I was curious to try out. Bug Bite if I'll bother using HGSS tutors. And again not sure about what to use on the last two slots.

Froslass @???
Modest/Timid nature
Snow Cloak

Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Psychic/Thunder Wave/???

Always get a fast Ice type to outspeed and OHKO Cynthia's Garchomp before he poops all over my team. I usually pick up Weavile but my team is mostly physical so yeah.

Need a sixth, and if something will be replaced it's probably gonna be Gyarados (I usually pick Empoleon as a starter, and other water types don't look that appealing). I was gonna pick Roserade then I remembered that this is not gen V and Giga Drain only has 60 BP, but I'm still considering it. Any suggestions?