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    A/N: Wel, I'd like to welcome you guys to my newest story that I have been working on for quite a while. I feel like that this is my comeback into the world of non-shipping FanFiction, so bear with me here, alright then?

    Title: Time Relativity

    Author: Lost Requiem

    Genres: Adventure/Mixtures of Spiritual, Drama, and Gothic

    Rating: PG-15 (Might jump into R)

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    Prologue- To Slay a God (This post)

    Time Relativity


    To Slay a God

    A young, green haired man strode into a place of nothingness, only seeing varying swirls of blues and grays. He put his left hand on his sword, looking around cautiously. This place wasn’t exactly anywhere; instead it was a small pocket where time didn’t flow. He stopped in the middle of the small pocket, and suddenly an explosion of vibrant cerulean and wheat gold enveloped him. He looked around nonchalantly, and finally heard the voice of his prey.

    “Young mortal, why have you ventured into my realm? It is the very law of the universe for mortal beings to not enter our sacred realm; the price for not obeying these laws is death. So why, swordsman , do you want to throw your life away?” boomed an intimidating, fathomless voice. The sound reverberated through the alcove, making each echo more forceful than the last. The green-haired swordsman simply stood there adamantly, as if he was waiting for the being to show itself.

    The fencer did not seem to know if hours or minutes had past, but his patience was rewarded when the god stepped out into view. Though, he was notthe demonic beast he was fabled to be, he was just a man. The deity was clad in a beautiful armor made out of what appeared to be steel, but instead, forged from metal that has been long forgotten. At the center of his chest plate sat a large, deep cerulean diamond that seemed to have a clock etched into its design. At his side flowed an elegant long sword made out of silver, and at the hilt of the sword emerged a beautiful array of technicolor feathers, each marking the passing of an eon. The god’s circlet was forged from pure silver; a metal fabled to be brighter than the sun. Embedded in the circlet were many small, blue diamonds that seemed to create a musical melody whenever he moved his head.

    His dark, midnight blue hair flowed like a river, its sheen reflecting the many wisps of color that now illuminated the void they stood inside of. As the deity stepped closer, his face came into full physical view; his eyes themselves seemed to be diamond clocks set in two milky-white orbs. His face seemed to be immune from the raptures of time, but easily reflected all of the suffering the god has seen over the years. The scars of previous battles were openly displayed on his face, but they faded into the skin and were hardly noticeable in the dim lighting.

    “My purpose in venturing here… is to end your life,” the Gallade solemnly stated as he drew his sword. “And I swear, Time Lord Dialga, you will not leave this fight alive.”

    “A duel, that is what you want? You have broken our laws to have a battle to the death? So be it, I would like to see what your hubris shall lead to, but beware of this. If I fall, time will slowly start to stop. The planet we, the gods, govern shall start to paralyze, and the universe itself shall slowly start to crumble. I have been in many a duel in my lifetime, which only a small fraction has your bloodline even walked the planet. No more children shall be born. My death would lead to a reign of anarchy.” the deity warned as he took a small breath.

    “Time is considered an abstract idea, and in a sense it is. Without it, space can only last a short while before it will slowly collapse on itself. Law would be useless, as time is the law that keeps space’s chaos in check. The sun would never rise again; the world would be at a loss of color. I keep the world vibrant, fresh, and new, as I supply the energy for it to go forward and provide change.” Dialga looked aside, and quickly created an image of a young baby boy, not even a couple of months old. He then showed a couple of other images in the middle of the alcove, including a war-torn, monochrome city, a green-haired maiden, and a rainy battlefield. The last image was unique, as it had a single ray of light on a single flower, and lying next to the flower was the warrior’s sword, and a crimson sash. The images weren’t meaningful to the Gallade, and he tossed them out of his head.

    “That would be the future; do you accept it, Sir Thomoson Gallade the XIV?” Dialga asked hesitantly.

    “I told you, I will kill you,” the Gallade retorted, giving the Time Lord his answer.

    “Fine… En garde!”
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