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    Eternal Masquerade

    So this is one my first fan-fiction which is about a not-so typical journey in Unova with some really different people. Hopefully you guys will like it, and seeing as though this is my first, it might not be the best. Just a little note.

    I rated this PG-13 because of slight swearing.

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    Chapter 1: The Mask Comes Off

    My beaten-up purple Xtransceiver fuzzed with blank static as I brushed my thin, messy blond hair away from my face and shook the machine softly. "Pick up..." I chanted repeatedly. Obeying my command, the scratched screen showed a familiar face that automatically made my heart soften. He had long, jet black hair that had a curl at the top of his head. His eyes were a deep, ocean blue that looked very stern; I knew that he wasn’t at times though. He wore a crisp white dress shirt and a red tie.

    "Cheren, I'm so glad you picked up. My mom is cooking dinner right now. Do you think that it's time to tell her?" Cheren looked thoughtful for a moment, processing my words.

    "It's up to you, Millie. You know your mother is very determined for you to follow in the family business and become a nurse." A knot started to grow in my stomach, imagining how my mother would react to the truth. It has always been my dream to travel the Unova region with all my Pokemon, but whenever I decided to bring the topic up she would rant for an hour about how it is virtually pointless to become a trainer and how becoming a nurse would actually help people. It really hurt me on the inside to know that I’ve been living a complete lie.

    I sighed. "I know, but I need to go on a journey. I want to become a gym leader like you, but how is that even possible if I don't train and leave?"

    He bit his lip. "The exact same thing happened with Bianca... Her father ended up being happy for her though and I'm sure your mother will too. Except you don't even know how she's going to react; she might be proud of you. Plus if things do go south, my gym is a couple towns over."

    He did have a point though; I have no idea in my mind about how she would react to this. "Alright, I'll tell her over dinner. Thanks for helping me Cheren." He nodded, and then signed off leaving the worn out Xtransceiver on the snowy screen.

    I tiredly slumped into the black beanbag chair and threw the Xtransceiver on my gray bed. Today was the day that I confess my true feelings. The more I thought about it the more the knot grew in my stomach. I took a Pokeball out of my backpack and stared at it, twirling it around in my nimble hands. Why did my mom have to be this way? All of my friends deserted me to go on adventures so why shouldn't I? I threw the Pokeball into the air and a red ray zigzagged into the form of a Pokemon. Once the Pokeball closed a tiny gray creature was floating in front of me quaintly. It wore a skull mask and had a single red eye looking around curiously. I pet it softly, the Pokemon singing gleefully.

    "I know your happy to be out of that Pokeball Duskull... Soon you'll be able to battle other Pokemon all the time," I muttered sweetly as the Pokemon started to float around my room. It really killed me to know that I was locking up my Pokemon in this tiny hell-ish house. They needed fresh air, and Duskull was young; there was no way he could beat those wild Pokemon out there, unless I trained really hard in the Virbank Complex. A faint aching was hitting the left section of my brain. Thinking this all out is giving me a headache, the first thing I should do is simply tell mom quickly and maybe she won't get angry. I highly doubt it though.

    My Mom’s voice interrupted my thoughts, "Millie, dinner is ready!" I stood up and cursed under my breath. Sensing something was wrong, Duskull hugged my arm. "Things will be okay sweetie… I hope," I say calmly as I trudged down the stairs and into the dining room seeing my mother setting up the food. I plastered a fake smile on my pale face and sat down, wringing my sweaty hands under the table. My mom plopped some mashed potatoes onto her plate and looked at me, her chocolate eyes looking straight through my smile. "Is something on your mind honey? I know that lasagna is your favorite and you’re just standing there."

    "Oh right, sorry. Everything is fine," I lied as I slapped some lasagna and potatoes on my plate, forcing myself to eat even though I lost my appetite a long time ago. Every second that ticked away the knot in my chest grew larger. Looking at my mother and her mousy brown hair only made this harder, so I decided to stare at my food. I just had to come out and say it. Say it fast...

    "Hey Mom, can I talk to you about something?" I blurted out, shocking myself that I actually had the courage to do that. I bit my lip and swept away my dirty blond hair, even though it was already behind my ear.

    "Of course, you can tell me anything, Millie."

    I sighed; it was finally time for the truth to come out, my true aspirations since I was seven. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. Quit being such a wimp.. I told myself. "I know this is sudden, but can I go on a journey around the Unova region with my Pokemon? It's been my dream since I was seven. I have no interest in becoming a nurse." The twisting in my stomach subsided, except my hands were shaking anyway. It felt like the silence went on for hours, my heartbeat which seemed too loud, counted down the seconds.

    My mother looked into my eyes, "I'm very sorry Millie, but becoming a trainer won't help you at all in life. You are going into the family business and becoming a nurse, like your great-grandmother, your grandmother, and me. So, that basically means no."

    I clenched my fists, anger burning inside of me. There was no way that I spent more than half my life dreaming only to be turned down that easily. "Don't you even care about what I want to do in life?"

    "I'm doing this for you, this is for the best! Trust me, the only good thing from becoming a trainer is the money. Your Pokemon go through suffering, do you really want to go through that? It's a cold world out there, real life is tough. You wouldn't understand," she stated as she took a sip of her tea and looked at me, daggers in her brown eyes that could tear me to shreds.

    "Well of course I wouldn't understand. Partly because, oh, I'm not even allowed to freaking leave this place. Being cooped up in Virbank can't be good for me, have you seen that Complex? Pollution, pollution, pollution. Traveling will be good for me."

    "It's really no use arguing with you, I have the final say in this. No. Go to your room, you'll be there for a very long time."

    I stood up and planted my weathered combat boots firmly on the polished hardwood floor. The anger in myself was reaching its peak.

    “What did I just tell you Millie? Go. To. Your. Room.”

    I was sixteen. I can make my own choices in life, and I should not care about what some... Woman has to say about this. “No. I’m not doing anything you tell me to anymore. I am going to go on a journey, and I don’t care about you say,” I spat as I ran up into my room and grabbed anything I could see. Not caring what it was, I filled the shoulder bag to its rim. All I knew was that I had to leave. Now. Hurriedly I threw all my Pokeballs into the bag and ran downstairs to see my mother fuming.

    “I’m not letting you out that door," my mother snapped as she stood in the doorway.

    “Watch me.” I threw Duskull’s Pokeball into the air and the little shadowy Pokemon appeared, its scarlet eye glancing at my mother curiously. “I’ll make him use Will-o-Wisp if I need to.” Her eyes were glued to Duskull, obviously wary. “You wouldn’t.”

    “You obviously do not know the real me then. Duskull, use Will-o-Wi--” Duskull was forming a tiny purple blaze in his wispy arms, but before I finished commanding mom jumped out of the way. He let the flame fade out slowly. I smirked to myself. My mother never quite approved of Pokemon; she was always jumpy around them. I was halfway out the door when a thought struck me like a load of bricks.

    “Why do you hate Pokemon?”

    My question hung in the air for a moment, her chocolate eyes darted between me and the floor. After what felt like ten minutes, she started. “...You'll know soon.” What kind of answer was that? God, she's sounding like a stupid fortune cookie. I narrowed my eyes at my mother, taking in her soft features and slammed the door.

    Duskull floated about, embracing the evening air. The last sliver of orange sunlight was creeping below the city skyline, showering Virbank in the artificial light that protruded from the windows, marquee signs, and streetlights. This was the place I grew up. The place I was born... The place I was raised... The place my father left us. It was strange to have so many memories wrapped up in a single city. Most people would call Virbank disgusting, filthy, or out of touch. Those people have not seen the city from my perspective. I would call Virbank, pure beauty.

    I need to go see Cheren to tell him what happened, and maybe he could give me someplace to sleep for the night. Most likely I will not get there by nightfall. If anything I should just go to Floccesy Town to figure things out. I met Cheren through family. My mother and his mother were childhood friends, so basically we would spend a whole lot of time together. He was two years older than me, but he treated me as an equal so it didn’t really matter.

    I stared at the city skyline; I have a whole lot of walking to do. Looking back at my small blue house and seeing the shadow of my mother cleaning up through the draped windows made a slight burning come from the back of my brown eyes. I cannot cry… Not this time. Blinking the future tears away I slung the backpack over my right shoulder and started walking towards Floccesy Town, Duskull singing at my heels.
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