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Thread: Community POTW #117

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraleck View Post
    Hustle only affects Physical Moves in a beneficial way. All Moves suffer the Accuracy cut from Hustle.
    From Bulbapedia...
    Hustle increases the user's Attack stat by 50%, but lowers the accuracy of the user's physical moves by 20%. Special moves, status moves, and moves that cannot miss are unaffected by Hustle.
    From Smogon...
    The wielder does 50% more damage when using physical attacks, but physical attacks have 20% less accuracy. When the wielder is first in the party, wild encounters with higher level Pokemon have a higher chance of occurring.
    Only physical moves are affected from Hustle, the rest is unaffected by that ability.
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    Hustle does not affect special moves whatsoever. Truant Durant with Entrainment alongside Shadow Tag Chandelure was a neat gimmick back in DW OU, since you could get Chandelure set up through the roof and pulverize everything, but besides that it's not really very useful at all. Entrainment with Hustle is really just a waste of a moveslot.

    @Below: Entrainment doesn't work on Truant.
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    Actually I think Entrainment with Hustle would be great in doubles so that you can eliminate Slaking's Truant! Without Truant, Slaking is virtually unstoppable, so this would be a big help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by papayaperson View Post
    Actually I think Entrainment with Hustle would be great in doubles so that you can eliminate Slaking's Truant! Without Truant, Slaking is virtually unstoppable, so this would be a big help!
    I agree with you. Being a big fan of Slaking, I'd potentially use this compared to something like Cofagrigus with Mummy.

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    I edited my last post to say this, but I guess no one saw it. At any rate, Entrainment, Simple Beam, and Worry Seed do not work on a Pokemon with Truant. It will work on Regigigas, but even then you could be doing better things with that turn. You're effectively using up Durant's turn to give Regigigas a +1 one boost and giving its most accurate attacks the reliability of Stone Edge. Meanwhile your opponent gets to hammer away at you with two Pokemon at once, so there's a chance that your Regigigas could be dead before you even get to abuse its power. If you want a gimmicky Pokemon combo for that ridiculous power, just use the TerraCott combo. +6 (+4 in VGC) Terrakion with Rock Slide is WAY more dangerous than a Hustle Regigigas.
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    Close to good coverage, outspeeda a lot, overpowers with hustle and gets one shots in with stab and boosted 1.5 - 2.7* damage so yeah good luck with this standard movset :/

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