Hello, if you guys don't know what a subliminal message is you can search it up and if you don't know what the illuminati symbol looks like it's basicly a pyramid with an eye, representing the all seeing eye. I might be wrong but most people can't accept the fact that people do hide these messages in various tv shows, games and adds. If you got the game Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity 3ds case with you, take a look a little bit above the Rated E label. You may just spot what I am talking about(A prism shape with a darken part near the middle of the shape which I strongly predict is the all seeing eye. Keep in mind that it is an embed, it is hidden with the background but you should be able to spot the purposely drawn lines(it is quite small by the way). If you spot it tell me, because I am sure of this. Also I beat 2 bosses on the game so far as of the release.