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Thread: New seasons are just bad.

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    Default New seasons are just bad.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here that thinks the classic, first few seasons were better than the newer ones. But it's came to a point that it's hard to watch these past few episodes. Here are issues I'm having with it:

    1) The script is horrible.
    2) The lines are terribly written.
    3) Pikachu seems to have degraded by like 50 levels.
    4) Iris' hair is a bit overwhelming.
    5) Axew's voice makes me cringe my teeth.
    6) It seems as though this past one or two seasons we've had like a dozen tournaments. Kind of getting old. And I know their trying to be fair, but Ash can sometimes win.
    7) But most of all, what the heck happened to Team Rocket? First their turned into these robots that have no emotion. And after that, they are practically stripped from the whole show altogether.

    I don't know what can save this show. Give Iris a haircut, hire a new director, I don't know. It's probably too late! But it's just painful to watch it. Now this is all my opinion of course, and you are entitled to your own.

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    Thanks for sharing, but instead of making a complaint thread, you can post your ideas on how you would've changed the anime here:*)

    Run for your lives.

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