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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI: What is this?

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI: What is this?

    I have really been enjoying playing through the newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, however, I ran across an item that I've never heard of in previous titles, and also cannot deduce what it does from the in-game text.

    It's called Heart of the Sun. I won it from playing the Sunken Treasure minigame and getting a black box. The description reads:
    "A heart-shaped stone that lets you feel sunlight.
    It helps certain kinds of Pokemon to evolve."

    At first, I thought this was just a new version of the sun stone, until I ran across an actual Sun Stone during the Beartic Slide minigame. Did I miss something that was added in 5th Gen? I've never heard of this item before, so if anybody has figured out what this is used for, I'd very much appreciate a reply.

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    Hai, this might be better asked in the PMD subforum, but anyway.

    I'm pretty sure that like the Solar Ribbon feom the last installment, it's a replacement to Pokémon that evolve during the daytme, as there isn' any actual time in PMD. It probably has to do with Happinss too, however, happiness doesn't exist in PMD, so IQ replaced it. But with that being gone, I would think is item is the way to evole pokémon tht evolve if happy enough during daytime.

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    Use it on an Eevee while you have a team attack ready to evolve it into Espeon.

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