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Thread: Have Mystery Dundgeon...Help Me Out

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    Default Have Mystery Dundgeon...Help Me Out

    Hey everyone, its been forever since I posted in these forums! XP
    I just got the Pikachu 3DS XL (yay for me) however I wasn't able to get a game right away. But Club Nintendo is giving away a free game download to any body who recently purchased a 3dsXL and either Pokémon mystery dudgeon gates of infinity or Luigis mansion dark world! all I need is a club Nintendo pin from either of those games and I get to download a free game...can anybody help me out. The pin can be found on a red and white paper in the case. now if you used it that's cool or going to use that is cool too. but if you have absolutely have no use for it would you mind giving it to me? Please and thanks!

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    This is definitely not the place to be doing fact, please don't do it at all. I got the Pika DS as well, and I'm pretty much broke from it - but you deal with it and get the game when you are able. There's a lot of shame in asking people for something like this.

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