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Thread: Gates to infinity - Evolution?

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    Default Gates to infinity - Evolution?

    I don't if this is not Game help forum or not I try looking up how I can evole in and serebii has no info how to evole in the game so my qustion is how can you because I already bet it because I am a pure master at it.

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    Moved to the Correct forum. GPD is not a game help forum.
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    If you've beaten the final boss, and have seen the credits, then whenever you go to a dungeon, you can evolve pokemon you have recruited but NOT your starters. You evolve them just like in the main stream pokemon games, level them up, and if they are at the point in level where they can evolve, you will be asked if you want to let the pokemon evolve. Just complete the post-story by just doing job requests and it should finish, you'll see when. You should get the message saying that your starters can now evolve.

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