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Thread: 5th Gen Single Pokemon Challenge!

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    Default 5th Gen Single Pokemon Challenge!

    5th Gen Single Pokemon Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Black/White, Black2/White2
    Suggested by Demonslayer492

    What is a Single Pokemon Challenge?

    A challenge in which you use every Pokemon possible at least 11 times in battle, especially Stunfisk.

    No, not really. It's simply a challenge in which you use one Pokemon, and one Pokemon only, for battles. Additional Pokemon for HM uses are permitted for obvious reasons, but they must not be used in the battles themselves.

    You may use any Pokemon that can be obtained before the 1st gym in-game! Preferably the earlier the better. You can also, if you are able, have an egg traded to you for hatching to use as your solo Pokemon. (Preferably an egg, as besides the odd period early game a traded Pokemon will gain too much experience to make it much of a challenge.

    Variations can be had as well - for example, keeping the Pokemon unevolved may be considered.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use one Pokemon! Any other Pokemon must be only used for HM usage.
    • Only use a Pokemon obtained before the 1st gym.
    • If you wish to use a Pokemon not native to your game then you may trade an egg form to your game for hatching.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.
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    I tried to do a solo run in black about 3 years ago I think. I used dewott since it's my favorite 5th gen pokemon. I failed. I was a little bit under leveled so I went through Mistralton cave to battle trainers and lost to one of them >.>
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    Raichu ........ Raichu is my favourite.


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    Oh, hey, didn't know this thread existed!

    I semi-recently completed a solo run of White 2 using Albenior the Samurott. He almost went down to Burgh's Leavanny, Marlon's Jellicent, and Colress's Magnezone, but otherwise he basically tore all his opponents apart. I like the Oshawott family a lot more now.
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