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Thread: 3rd Gen Single Pokemon Challenge!

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    Default 3rd Gen Single Pokemon Challenge!

    3rd Gen Single Pokemon Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, FireRed/LeafGreen
    Suggested by Demonslayer492

    What is a Single Pokemon Challenge?

    A challenge in which you use every Pokemon possible at least 11 times in battle, especially Seedot.

    No, not really. It's simply a challenge in which you use one Pokemon, and one Pokemon only, for battles. Additional Pokemon for HM uses are permitted for obvious reasons, but they must not be used in the battles themselves.

    You may use any Pokemon that can be obtained before the 1st gym in-game! Preferably the earlier the better. You can also, if you are able, have an egg traded to you for hatching to use as your solo Pokemon. (Preferably an egg, as besides the odd period early game a traded Pokemon will gain too much experience to make it much of a challenge.

    Variations can be had as well - for example, keeping the Pokemon unevolved may be considered.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use one Pokemon! Any other Pokemon must be only used for HM usage.
    • Only use a Pokemon obtained before the 1st gym.
    • If you wish to use a Pokemon not native to your game then you may trade an egg form to your game for hatching.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.
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    Am I the only one taking this Challenge?

    After deleting my FireRed game AGAIN, I gained pretty much the most stupid idea ever- a solo Rattata run. Thus, I will also be setting restrictions to make things a bit more doable.

    1. The starter can be used in an emergency, but only ONCE. Thus, if I'm stuck on a gym leader or such, then I will train Poseidon the Squirtle to the required level and take it out with this. However, this cannot be used in the Elite 4. After he is used, he must be transferred to SoulSilver.
    2. In a case of boredom, HM Slaves can be trained alongside Lucky, but they must not be used unless Lucky has fainted. Even so, I should only use them to revive Lucky and heal him sufficiently before they are taken down.
    3. This is not a Sololocke, so Lucky can be fainted as many times as he wants.
    4. TMs can be used on Lucky to give him better type coverage.
    5. Lucky can only ever evolve into Raticate if he is really struggling;

    I started the run earlier, getting my backup starter, Poseidon (Squirtle) from Professor Oak and going to Pewter City to get the Parcel. I returned it to Oak, before being given the Pokeballs and finally being permitted to step into my run!

    Although Poseidon had grown to level 6, I decided to push him aside for the first Rattata I ran into. It was only a short time before it showed its whiskers- a male, Bashful, level 3 Rattata. I caught it easily, nicknaming it Lucky in honour of a rat I named in a story, and continued on to Pewter City. Despite the fact that Lucky was at my side, the Old Man insisted on giving me the tutorial as to how to catch Pokémon (programming annoyances) and I was forced to sit through it. However, as soon as it ended, I ran back down to Route 1, starting on Lucky's training. I will fight my rival when he becomes level 10.


    Lucky, level 6
    Bashful Nature (not being EV trained)

    Moves so far: Tackle, Tail Whip

    Moves planned: Ice Beam, Shock Wave, Rock Smash, Hidden Power/Hyper Fang


    After training Lucky the Rattata to level 10, I decided to go ahead and fight my rival, Hunter. First out was the Pidgey, which was easily defeated by Quick Attack. After it fell, I switched out to a level 2 Pidgey to heal until it fell (will later become a Flyer). Returning Lucky to the field again, I started to use Quick Attack again until the Bulbasaur fell.

    My first action after this battle was to continue through the Viridian Forest, training Lucky as I went. Still using Quick Attack, every Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod and Kakuna fell easily to his onslaught, and by the time I left again, Lucky was level 13 (compared to Poseidon's level 6. He's a Squirtle, by the way). I left the forest and went to the gym. Earlier on, I decided to use Poseidon's 'emergency use' for this point, knowing that Lucky would never be able to defeat the gym on his own. Although I defeated the first trainer alright with Lucky (with a lot of Tail Whipping and Hyper Fanging), he fell easily to Brock, and, SRing and healing, went to face him with the Squirtle. Both Pokémon fell easily to Bubble, and then Poseidon was boxed until I can transfer him to SoulSilver.

    With only Lucky by my side, now, I went out to Route 3, defeating the first two trainers. He was level 15 by the time I saved and quit.


    Lucky, level 15
    Bashful nature
    Ability: Run Away

    Moves so far: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang

    HP: 34
    Atk: 22
    Def: 19
    SpA: 16
    SpD: 17
    Spe: 29
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    Hey I'm new to this and I'm planning on doing this after i get my pokemon transferred to pokemon XD. But anyways im planning on using a swellow. Wish me luck! also I'm going to have no restrictions since this is probably the second time ive done this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon_master1999 View Post
    Hey I'm new to this and I'm planning on doing this after i get my pokemon transferred to pokemon XD. But anyways im planning on using a swellow. Wish me luck! also I'm going to have no restrictions since this is probably the second time ive done this.
    Yes! Finally someone is doing this challenge!

    Personally I dont like doing them, but I like to listen to other peoples stories!

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks InVicta!

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    Thanks InVicta! Since someone will read my stories I will start as soon as possible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InVicta View Post
    Yes! Finally someone is doing this challenge!

    Personally I dont like doing them, but I like to listen to other peoples stories!

    Good Luck!
    Me too but i'm going to try a monotype challenge

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    I am doing something of a sort to a solo challenge. On Sapphire, I was bored, and I wanted a surskit. I used my starter until I found one. It piggybacked a bit until I got tired of using my starter, and accidentally evolved it. Presently, I'm sitting east of Rustboro, with only a zigzagoon for item pickup and a surskit. Surskit is at lv 21. I don't intend for evolution until at least lv 25, because he needs Bubblebeam, badly.
    Basically bored, but a 'solo' challenge so far. Not battled the gym yet.
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    Doing an Emerald Solo Run
    someone pick my pokemon :3

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    Hey, I am planning a solo run in Ruby, and I can't decide weather to go with Zigzagoon/Linoone or Poocheyena/Mightyena. I am leaving it up to the first person to answer, and please do so quickly!

    @RikkuSlayerr666, you should do a run with Slakoth!
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    I've begun a solo run in Emerald, where I'll only be using Beautifly.

    I picked Mudkip as the starter, which I'll only use as an HM slave. I caught a level 3 female Wurmple, and I grinded for a while until it was level 6. I then challenged some trainers, where I mostly relied on Poison Sting. Wurmple then evolved into Silcoon, and I arrived at Petalburg City with a level 8 Silcoon.

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