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Thread: You had one job Photobucket. One job.

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    Default You had one job Photobucket. One job.

    So I was trying to model the animation on my personal sprite after volkner's, and this is what happened when I uploaded it to photobucket.

    Anybody know a way to fix the whole mini-me thing?

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    I'll be honest, I really hate what Photobucket has done with its site and I definitely won't be renewing my Pro Account when it expires.

    Anyway, maybe check to see if Photobucket forced your uploaded images to be resized. When you go under "Upload," click on the "Customize Upload Options" button and see if picking 1024x768 with the "Display linked photos in original size" option fixes that. Hopefully that works and keeps those sprites in the same size.

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    I'll move this to Tech Help, GPD isn't for asking help regarding Photobucket.

    That being said, it would be helpful if you can tell us the size of the pic you've uploaded. Maybe when you are working on the sprite, you do so with the pic being zoomed in without you knowing about it?

    I personally never have any problem with Photobucket, my pics always gets uploaded in the same size.

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