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Thread: Can We Continue to Live?

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    Default Can We Continue to Live?

    hey guys this is my story and below is the little intro.
    this is rated pg-13 for intense action, and violence.
    here it goes:

    I take a quick step to the left and swing towards another one. It falls to the ground. “forty-eight,” I said in a deep emotionless voice. I continue running. I stop and look around the corner. “Heh, what a stupid mess I’m in.” As of now I hate everything...ever.
    I continue walking, while I think to myself. Just think last year all I ever wanted to do was escape my life. I want it back.
    “forty-nine, fifty.”
    They fall all around me, I chuckle to myself because this is getting too easy. Then I see it. “Crap!”

    ♣ ♣ ♣

    He jumps out of the sky, or it seems that way.
    “Hey! This ain’t super smash brothers, this is real,” he screams at me.
    “Like I don’t know that!”
    “Whatever! Get ready!”
    If there was a time for some good action music it would be now. He jumps around swinging the butt of his gun. So I start too.
    “Fifty-one, fifty-two....”
    Then he starts to run, and I follow. “What is your name!”
    “Ha! Sup Batman?” We continue to run.
    I laugh to myself. I’ve lived another day.
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