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Thread: Can We Continue to Live?

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    Default Can We Continue to Live?

    hey guys this is my story and below is the little intro.
    this is rated pg-13 for intense action, and violence.
    here it goes:

    I take a quick step to the left and swing towards another one. It falls to the ground. “forty-eight,” I said in a deep emotionless voice. I continue running. I stop and look around the corner. “Heh, what a stupid mess I’m in.” As of now I hate everything...ever.
    I continue walking, while I think to myself. Just think last year all I ever wanted to do was escape my life. I want it back.
    “forty-nine, fifty.”
    They fall all around me, I chuckle to myself because this is getting too easy. Then I see it. “Crap!”

    ♣ ♣ ♣

    He jumps out of the sky, or it seems that way.
    “Hey! This ain’t super smash brothers, this is real,” he screams at me.
    “Like I don’t know that!”
    “Whatever! Get ready!”
    If there was a time for some good action music it would be now. He jumps around swinging the butt of his gun. So I start too.
    “Fifty-one, fifty-two....”
    Then he starts to run, and I follow. “What is your name!”
    “Ha! Sup Batman?” We continue to run.
    I laugh to myself. I’ve lived another day.
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    PART TWO rated pg 13 for intense action and violence

    ♣ ♣ ♣

    After running for awhile we finally stop near a hidden shack. I look around at the new place. Old, pretty well hidden, smelly and plain old weird looking. The walls are a dark purple black and hold the stink.
    “Is that-” I start to ask.
    “Yeah, their blood.” He replied.
    “Are you stupid? This is so when they come by they won’t think anything of it.”
    “Oh, duh.” I say aloud. This guy is really edgy, I think to myself, but then again everyone would be.
    There is silence for awhile. Bruce starts cooking something and I look around this hut thing. Bruce is really good at building survival huts. He has creepy spikes pointed towards the world and everything. There are several guns on one wall and a couple jars and cans of food on the other. This place freaks me out believe it or not after everything that’s happened. So I start to whistle.
    He starts to shuffle as I whistle.
    “Could you stop that!”
    I stop. He has a gun in his lap what do you think I was gonna do?
    “What’s your name boy?”
    “Ain’t that a girls name?”
    “Shut up Batman!”
    He ducks his head, but I can still see the small smile. It’s good to talk to someone after so long. Then he turns and throws me something. It lands on my lap and I pick it up. Toast.
    “Got anything tastier?” I ask.
    “Nope. I’m saving those cans.”
    “Got any butter?”
    “Who do I look like Paula Deen?”
    I start to laugh and then finish my toast. Then he explains that we will go hunting in the morning. For food or living people. It would be nice to have more company. The I go to sleep with the safe feel that someone is guarding me. For a change.
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    Part three

    ♣ ♣ ♣

    When the sun comes out in the morning I wake up. I haven’t slept for that long in at least two weeks when this all happened. This place looks a lot nicer in daylight. Well at least the spikes aren’t as creepy. So, I get up and stretch and walk around. Bruce is lying on the ground asleep on a little pad. Noticing this I go over and grab a pistol. I’d rather be safe than sorry and I don’t think Bruce will care.
    In about an hour of peace he wakes up. I guess he’s in his mid thirties, and he does have some good common sense. I wish I had a sweet beard like him. I go over to the one mirror he has.
    “Ugh...” I say quietly. I look horrible. Who knew you could look this bad in two weeks. I need to shave, and my brown hair has gotten shaggy. My clothes look like I stole them from homeless people. Well we are all homeless now.
    “Bruce! Bruce you said we’re going hunting.”
    “Ugh, I’ll get up.”
    So the tough guy beaten on them yesterday is not a morning person. Hilarious.
    He does get up and then starts talking about how there could be some food out there, but there probably won’t be. hen he teaches me some things about guns and safety. Kinda funny that even now we still care about gun safety.
    “Ready Kelly?”
    “Yeah, lets go out and risk our lives.”
    We head out.
    Colorado Springs is a special city. It’s a huge city in the Mountains, so there are forests around it. When we come out of the hut in a couple miles we are near where Bruce found me yesterday. I had been trying to find a gas station or a food mart. I was hungry, still am.
    “I searched this area pretty good. Why are we gonna hunt in the city? That doesn’t make any sense.”
    “Because we might find some people to save like I found you.”
    “I thought we were hunting?”
    “ Ha. We are.”
    I don’t fully understand what he’s talking about, I mean guns are obviously to protect ourselves from them, but why would we hunt in the city? Then it hits me. We are looking for a food mart like I was but this time we are better protected, and I think Bruce is more worried about saving the living than getting food.
    We continue down at least a dozen blocks, seeing a few of them, but not too many. We only had to hit one because it got close. Then we found a food mart. I had passed this one a couple times before today but usually there were a lot of them in it. Today it seems strangely bare.
    “Where are all of them?”
    “Farm not too far from here, I guess the farmer finally stopped defending himself, which is why now's a good time to check out the city.”
    I gulp. I always thought I was tough for a seventeen year old New Yorker, but a tougher farmer giving up his own farm that he worked on his whole life, yikes.

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