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Thread: Erratic Pokemon grows real slow

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    Default Erratic Pokemon grows real slow

    All the erratic Pokemon are supposed to have 600000 exp at level 100. Which means that they should level up faster than any other Pokemon. But the thing is that they levels up very slowly. Zangoose is an erratic growing Pokemon and beldum is slow growing Pokemon. But at lvl.13, beldum only needs 600-700 exp while zangoose needs 900-1000 exp. Why is that?

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    Receiving its name due to the highly erratic experience point requirement to reach the next level from level 68 to level 98, Pokémon in this group level up rather slowly in their lower levels, requiring the most experience to grow from level 1 to level 10 (1800 as compared to 1250 for Slow, the next highest requirement), and increase the rate of their growth at higher levels, requiring the least experience to grow from level 90 to level 100 (108654 points as compared to 216800 for Fast, the next lowest requirement).
    Due to the erraticness of this function, it actually takes fewer experience points to go from level 99 to 100 than it does to go from level 69 to 70.
    Courtesy of Bulbapedia. Hopefully it's the explanation you're looking for!

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