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Thread: Lavender Town's Orginal Theme - What happened to me...

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    Default Lavender Town's Orginal Theme - What happened to me...

    Ok first of all I would like to say this is what happened to ME! Don't say "this can't happen" or "Lavender Town Syndrome isn't real" because this is what happened to ME! But back to the story. I was on youtube watching Tamashii Hiroka's video on Pokemon green myths. When it came to the part with the Lavender Town theme and when she played the theme, I heard a noise and muted the volume, scared as heck. A few hours later I started to feel huge headaches. This would follow for hours until I layed down for a few hours. I then got up and my head... it started to hurt again. So I looked up theories on LTS and one said stuff about sickness and other stuff. My heart then started to race and I started to feel sick. A few hours later (which is now) I am starting to feel better. Perhaps it was a coincidence. Or maybe maybe my brain tricked me and MADE me feel this way. But feel free to discuss what you think happened.

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    Lavender Town isn't scary anymore =/

    I actually thing the song is pretty awesome.

    I've listened to the theme using Beats and Skullcandy headphones, and nothing happened =/

    Granted, I'm not that young, and I've heard it only affects kids.
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    The only way to stop it is to play Green version on a GBA and walk around Lavender Town for six hours. You can not stop moving your character, can not leave the town, and can not battle any Pokemon in the Tower.

    Or take an Advil and talk to your doctor. :/


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