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Thread: Gates to Infinity: How does the story compare?

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    Default Gates to Infinity: How does the story compare?

    With as little spoilers as possible, I would like to know how the story of Gates to Infinity compares to the story of Explorers of Time/Darkness? I have only ever played Explorers of Time and I really want to buy Gates to Infinity, but I want to know if people generally think it's better than Explorers of Time or not. I'm not too sure about the small selection of player/partner characters, but if the story and gameplay are good, that shouldn't matter. So can anyone tell me, without spoiling anything, if they think the story is good from what you have played so far?
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    Having finished the story, I liked it much more then Explorers. I honestly still feel shaken up by the finale a few days after I finished the game because it was so moving to me.

    The cast is much better developed then in the previous games, and the 3D improves the presentation of the story so much (Seeing the Pokemon visibly change their expressions and gestures according to their emotions really brings them to life).

    It is undeniably a bit lighter on the content then the previous games largely due to the lower number of Pokemon, but I find the gameplay more enjoyable due to the multiple changes they've made, and constructing the Pokemon Paradise is a nice alternative to recruiting Pokemon as your primary postgame activity.
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    And here I am to give the opposite opinion, in a way.

    As a whole, I just felt that the adventure itself was smaller, and I don't just mean length-wise. I think Explorers did a better job showing how bad things could have been, and by extent, motivating you to want to beat the big bad and save the world. Really, the story in Gates doesn't even pick up until late into the game, with very little beforehand even meaning anything to the overall plot. It feels more like a "series of events" than an "adventure." The characters feel about equally developed to me, with the main difference being that Explorers had a larger cast of characters, and Sky specifically did a much better job of helping you learn more about, and grow more attached to, the cast through the Extra Missions.

    The story in Gates is still good, though. That, I will not deny. It's emotional, though no more than Explorers was for me, and as stated above, it goes by in about half the time, with an endgame story that consist of one dungeon.

    As for the gameplay itself, it's still very good, but it focuses on different things than the previous games did. In previous games it was all about preparation, personalizing your team, and utter challenge. Gates is significantly easier than the previous two games. The removal of hunger from all but two postgame dungeons cuts back on preparation time, and the removal of IQ skills, EXP being shared by all of your Pokemon, and a baffling system of every Pokemon having their own unique level cap all remove the team customization. This is made up for, in part, by being able to customize your home base, which serves as the entirety of the game outside of doing the main story. Gates does feature a better UI, and obviously better graphics, but besides that it just feels... watered down.

    I can still recommend this game, though. The fanbase, from what I've seen, is pretty evenly torn on whether Gates is an improvement or not. Personally, I think it's a huge step backwards, but not far enough back to ruin the experience. It's still a very good game on its own rights.
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    This is IMO the best video game i've ever played... The story is amazing, the ending was so tearjerking I'm still upset about it, and there are so many twists and turns and zero predictable moments. When you think you know what's gonna happen, something vastly different does.

    And don't listen to the critics; They have ALWAYS Hated Rougelikes. YS I and II for example, while a perfectly amazing TGCD game, gets bad reviews for no reason.

    In terms of if they removed too much: No. the lack of pokemon is a good thing IMO considering how overcrowded it would be if they put all of them in. That's why the wiiware games failed horribly. Just like Kid Icarus uprising, this is a game that divides fans. IMHO, get it ASAP, as it's a perfect RPG in my mind, and probably the best I played this decade.

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    I think the main story is about as good overall as that of the previous set of games (and better than Red and Blue Rescue Team), but there's virtually no post-game story. On the plus side, the hero's and partner's occupation in the storyline as the leaders of the Pokemon Paradise is (in my opinion) both cooler and more logical than the previous games' role of guild initiates. It ends up being kind of awkward when a pair of low-ranking apprentices at an exploration guild have a small army under their command that just sits around all day while a couple of members go off on a single mission a day, whereas in Gates, you're more like the leaders of a large force that handles all of the emergencies in the lawless region, sending out multiple teams (if Companion Mode is any indication) to handle anything that comes up on the request board and gradually carving out a massive team base from the barren desert. Some people complain about the auto-leveling system, but while it DOES make it hard for low-level recruits to catch up completely, it means that by the time you clear the game, you should be able to put together quite a few different teams of powerful Pokemon.
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