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    Default Poke conversations

    This is more of a joke/comedy thread than any other, but how could you see some conversations between two different Pokemon going down?

    Ill start, between a Porygon and an Alakazam.

    *Porygon has traced Alkazams ability*

    Alkazam: "I have sensed you scanning me. What have you done?"

    Porygon: "Copied base ability. Improved inner powers."

    Alkazam: "Well, thats nice.. Good for you, but please dont scan me again."

    Porygon: """Good" is illogical. There is no good. Only data. Only numbers. Only science. Morality has no meaning in this complex situation."

    Alkazam: "Your starting to freak me out here.."

    Porygon: "Conversation anomaly detected. "Alkazam" is classified "unhappy". Conversation is over."
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    If Pokémon existed in the real world, people would flip coins before sex.

    Credits for the picture above go to bulbagarden forum user "herbie".

    Just some of my favorite Pokemon

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    This isn't really the type of discussion that works in GPD. The Fan Fic section and Games sections seem better places for this.


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