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Thread: Need Help with My swampert!!!

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    Default Need Help with My swampert!!!

    i just started a new game in emerald. delete old accounts and started a new one. i choose mudkip as my starter . i ev trained it in ATK :
    Pokemon Emerald11111.png
    focus punch
    ice punch
    hydro pump

    okay, is it a good pokemon? i have no problem with another lvl 100 pokemon , but when i met sceptile(in battle frontier) one leaf blade can K.O. this thing ... and when i face dome ace tucker for gold symbol . my swampert lose to his swampert...
    any idea for his move?. or i just started a new game ? trained in ATK and another stat? one last questions is if i train swampert in both HP and ATK, can i maximum atk stat and hp stat? to 350 atk and 404 hp?

    thanks really before,
    sorry for bad english

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    ask in one of the several rate my team subforums
    i don't want to live through winter
    i can't stand to see everything ending

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