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Thread: PKMN Trainer Mario would like to battle!

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    Default PKMN Trainer Mario would like to battle!

    Self-explanatory, but here goes:

    On your turn, you have to give the character given to you by the poster above a 6 Pokemon team, and then a character for the person below you to do the same. Characters must be from Nintendo franchises, and try to make sense with your teams. Not every character is going to have the "most awesomest" team or even the most balanced team, and try to think like the character. If necessary, think like a trainer class. All Sppf rules apply here, and have fun. Here's an example case:

    Give Link a team!

    Noctowl, Clefairy, Gallade, Gyarados, Wingull, and Braviary
    Noctowl because of the owl in OoT, Clefairy because of Navi, Gyarados because of the boat from WindWaker, Wingull from the gulls in that game, Braviary because of the bird from Skyward Sword, and Gallade because they seem so similar.
    Do Maijin Buu!

    Well, he's not a Nintendo character, so I'll substitute him with Ganondorf

    Ganondorf would most likely have...

    Warning list:
    Banned list:

    I'll start this off with Mario, Nintendo's posterchild.
    (Yes, you may repeat characters, as long as we don't get to repititve).
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    mario would have:
    grumpig, jumps alot
    throw, is red
    emboar, seem some how similar
    pikachu, both mascots

    next person do magalor
    the friend code of the evil being (who ironically never played pokemon XD) is 2237-6278-7282

    I am the one and only I am feared through out the land of johto no one can stop me not even I am why never survived the 2nd generation. I am ultimate I am power

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