Name: Natalia Denar

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Natalia is 1,75 meters tall and has a slim figure. Her hair is straight and very long, reaching to the middle of her back. She dyes her hair dark blue and ties it into a ponytail with a thin white ribbon. The skin on her face is slightly tanned and without major imperfections, apart from a scar under her right eye. The eyes themselves are small and dark green.

Natalia’s armour only consists of a steel cuirass and bracers. Below the waist she is protected by nothing more substantial than white leggings and black leather knee-high boots with three decorative white straps with gold buckles. Over the armour, Natalia wears a black long-sleeved tunic reaching just above her knees and a white belt with a silver buckle. On the left shoulder, the tunic is decorated with a golden floral pattern. She also wears a magical silver necklace with sapphires passed down in her family, which improves her mana regeneration rate.

Personality: Natalia was brought up in an incredibly rich family, which shows in her personality. She is spoilt to the extreme and used to having every wish fulfilled. She believes she is more important than anyone else and is thus arrogant, bossy and sarcastic. She lacks patience and is easily irritated even by minor things. When that happens, she is more than willing to let everyone know of her suffering. She is very confident, but gives up easily as she has always relied on others to do what she doesn’t fancy.

History: Natalia was born into Denar family – one of the oldest and richest families on the continent. It has been centuries since any of them actually had to work; they make their money by owning a number of mines and vast tracts of farming land. As such, Natalia was raised in luxury where her servants complied with each one of her whims. She spent her days on the estate, either in her rooms or in the garden bossing others around. Her parents didn’t spend much time with her, she was only the third child and a girl to boot so she wasn’t going to inherit anything – instead they focused their attention on her elder brothers. The only time she saw what was going on in the real world was when she was travelling to one of Denar’s other residences for holidays.

In puberty, she often had violent outbursts which ended with her destroying a piece of furniture or damaging a wall. As an attempt to keep those outbursts under control, she was assigned a swordplay teacher, so she would let her anger out during practice instead.

When Diaz’s forces invaded they also conquered Rose Manor - Natalia’s favourite summer residence, where she also planned to have her 20th birthday party. Months after invasion with Kale’s army still showing no capability of winning it back, Natalia has had enough. She pleaded, but her parents showed no interest in paying for mercenaries to retake their possession. She decided to take action into her own hands – nobody else seemed competent to free her favourite mansion so she would have to do it on her own.

Hometown: Wolf Ears Manor – not really a town, huge estate south of Kale owned by her family for generations. Initially it was guarded by a pack of domesticated wolfs, who could hear any intruder coming, hence the name.

Weapon: Natalia wields two wakizashi-style swords (basically a shorter version of katana) with 50 centimeter blades. They are a matching set: one has a black handle and a white blade, the other has a white handle and a black blade. The sheaths match the colour of their respective handle and are decorated with gold and silver patterns.

Element: Wind

Magic Spells:

Whirlwind Cloak: Natalia is surrounded by a whirlwind which deflects any attack. It also amplifies all physical attacks Natalia makes while this spell is active.

Wind Spiral: Natalia creates a powerful "beam" of wind that knocks the target to the ground.

Blinding Flash (Light): Does exactly what it says on the tin. Natalia releases a strong light blinding everyone looking at it for a few seconds.

Other: N/A