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Thread: Tale of Heroes - Part 1: Reign of Diaz (PG:14)[SIGN-UPS]

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    Name: Fabian Alabond
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Fabian is a tall, broad shouldered, young man with a thin build and light brown skin. He is not very muscular, but he is not frail either. His long legs make up most of his height. He compensates for his lack of physical durability with flexibility and nimbleness. He has a great bone structure, so he has high cheek bones and a well defined jaw line. His ears are slightly pointed. He has a wide mouth and pouty lips. His nose is long and small. Many people view him as being handsome. He has a head of brown, messy hair. His thick, brown eyebrows frame a pair of blue, almond-shaped eyes.

    Fabian wears a sleeveless blue and white tunic that has silver designs along the side. Over the tunic, he wears a black, leather belt with a silver buckle fastened around his waist. He also wears a pair of black and blue cloth pants tucked into a pair of navy boots with silver buckles. The pants have one blue leg and one black leg. As extra protection from the elements, Fabian wears a short, pale blue cape; it is made of satin and stops near his lower back. There is also a shoulder guard that he wears on his right shoulder, as well as a pair of navy gloves. He carries a black bag that he contains his traveling supplies. Fabian wears a silver circlet with a blue gem in its center that keeps his hair out of his face.

    Fabian is a confident young man that is very bold. He is a bit too confident at times. Although he is skilled and intelligent, he brags about his talents. He can often back up his boast which makes him quite insufferable. Fabian seems to have a constant sense of superiority emanating from him that rubs some people the wrong way. He tends to make sarcastic remarks very often and teases others for fun.

    Fabian is also a very honest person and tends to speak his mind. He typically means well, but as he is learning that not many people like to hear the truth. Fabian is an enthusiastic person, and he is always looking for adventure. He enjoys challenges, and his determination is remarkable. Many people assume that Fabian is not very intelligent due to his boisterous nature, but he is actually quite the bookworm. If he would take a moment and think he could come up with some very great strategies.

    Fabian was born in a city in the East called Feyburg. It was a city that many mages occupied. Fabian was born to a pair of researchers, who were top specialists in their respective fields. Fabian was naturally gifted with a large mana supply, and his parents realized this. When he became of age, they enrolled him in a school to allow him to take advantage of his tremendous amount of mana. Obviously, Fabian was able to do very well and advance through the levels fairly quickly.

    Fabian was able to graduate a year early from Feyburg Academy, so he decided to become a researcher for the mage’s guild in Feyburg. He specifically wanted to study magical artifacts and ancient magic. Fabian was interested in these kinds of studies, because it would allow him to travel instead of being locked up in a library all day studying, not that he disliked studying. Fabian set off on his first expedition with a few companions to find a tome of ancient magic.

    Fabian had come back from the expedition to find the city being overrun by Diaz’s troops. He frantically ran through the city to check for any survivors, but he was not able to save anyone. The companions that he went on the expedition were slain as well. Fabian was soon cornered by one of the soldiers, but he was not about to die now. He casts a very powerful fire spell, channeling all of his mana into. A large explosion occurred. He wasn’t sure if the soldier died or not, but he fled from the city, hoping to find a new place to live.

    Fabian eventually set a course for the city of Kale. He was uncertain if this would suffice, but he would stay here to bide his time. Diaz’s men not only killed a majority of his friends and family, but they also looted the Mage’s Guild’s library and artifact vault. Fabian has made it his responsibility to restore Feyburg back to its former glory as the capital of magic.

    Hometown: Feyburg- a city in the East.

    Fabian wields a magical whip. The length of the whip increases to anywhere between three to six feet when activated, otherwise, it is the appropriate length to be tied around his waist. The whip is black, but the color gradually becomes red when in combat.

    Element: Fire

    Magic Spells:
    -Fireball: This spell is a typical fire ball that is generated in the palm of Fabian’s hand. It explodes on impact and burns the target.

    -Stone Blast: The ground momentarily rumbles beneath the target before a flurry of stones erupt from the ground, forcefully propelling the target into the air.

    -Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes the target from above. There is a chance that the enemy will be stunned by this attack.

    Other: N/A
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