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Thread: Tale of Heroes - Part 1: Reign of Diaz (PG:14)[SIGN-UPS]

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    Name: Fabian Alabond
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Fabian is a tall, broad shouldered, young man with a thin build and light brown skin. He is not very muscular, but he is not frail either. His long legs make up most of his height. He compensates for his lack of physical durability with flexibility and nimbleness. He has a great bone structure, so he has high cheek bones and a well defined jaw line. His ears are slightly pointed. He has a wide mouth and pouty lips. His nose is long and small. Many people view him as being handsome. He has a head of brown, messy hair. His thick, brown eyebrows frame a pair of blue, almond-shaped eyes.

    Fabian wears a sleeveless blue and white tunic that has silver designs along the side. Over the tunic, he wears a black, leather belt with a silver buckle fastened around his waist. He also wears a pair of black and blue cloth pants tucked into a pair of navy boots with silver buckles. The pants have one blue leg and one black leg. As extra protection from the elements, Fabian wears a short, pale blue cape; it is made of satin and stops near his lower back. There is also a shoulder guard that he wears on his right shoulder, as well as a pair of navy gloves. He carries a black bag that he contains his traveling supplies. Fabian wears a silver circlet with a blue gem in its center that keeps his hair out of his face.

    Fabian is a confident young man that is very bold. He is a bit too confident at times. Although he is skilled and intelligent, he brags about his talents. He can often back up his boast which makes him quite insufferable. Fabian seems to have a constant sense of superiority emanating from him that rubs some people the wrong way. He tends to make sarcastic remarks very often and teases others for fun.

    Fabian is also a very honest person and tends to speak his mind. He typically means well, but as he is learning that not many people like to hear the truth. Fabian is an enthusiastic person, and he is always looking for adventure. He enjoys challenges, and his determination is remarkable. Many people assume that Fabian is not very intelligent due to his boisterous nature, but he is actually quite the bookworm. If he would take a moment and think he could come up with some very great strategies.

    Fabian was born in a city in the East called Feyburg. It was a city that many mages occupied. Fabian was born to a pair of researchers, who were top specialists in their respective fields. Fabian was naturally gifted with a large mana supply, and his parents realized this. When he became of age, they enrolled him in a school to allow him to take advantage of his tremendous amount of mana. Obviously, Fabian was able to do very well and advance through the levels fairly quickly.

    Fabian was able to graduate a year early from Feyburg Academy, so he decided to become a researcher for the mage’s guild in Feyburg. He specifically wanted to study magical artifacts and ancient magic. Fabian was interested in these kinds of studies, because it would allow him to travel instead of being locked up in a library all day studying, not that he disliked studying. Fabian set off on his first expedition with a few companions to find a tome of ancient magic.

    Fabian had come back from the expedition to find the city being overrun by Diaz’s troops. He frantically ran through the city to check for any survivors, but he was not able to save anyone. The companions that he went on the expedition were slain as well. Fabian was soon cornered by one of the soldiers, but he was not about to die now. He casts a very powerful fire spell, channeling all of his mana into. A large explosion occurred. He wasn’t sure if the soldier died or not, but he fled from the city, hoping to find a new place to live.

    Fabian eventually set a course for the city of Kale. He was uncertain if this would suffice, but he would stay here to bide his time. Diaz’s men not only killed a majority of his friends and family, but they also looted the Mage’s Guild’s library and artifact vault. Fabian has made it his responsibility to restore Feyburg back to its former glory as the capital of magic.

    Hometown: Feyburg- a city in the East.

    Fabian wields a magical whip. The length of the whip increases to anywhere between three to six feet when activated, otherwise, it is the appropriate length to be tied around his waist. The whip is black, but the color gradually becomes red when in combat.

    Element: Fire

    Magic Spells:
    -Fireball: This spell is a typical fire ball that is generated in the palm of Fabian’s hand. It explodes on impact and burns the target.

    -Stone Blast: The ground momentarily rumbles beneath the target before a flurry of stones erupt from the ground, forcefully propelling the target into the air.

    -Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes the target from above. There is a chance that the enemy will be stunned by this attack.

    Other: N/A
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    Alright, seing as how nobody else signed-up, you are accepted. Welcome to the RP! I'm gonna send you a pm with the details of what do to. You are also allowed to post on the discussion board as well now.

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    I like how the character looks pretty much like mine, in different colours. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by VampirateMace View Post
    StaryuBucks, they can be on every corner in the big cities.

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    Okay, so once again, I am opening Sign-ups.

    I am only accepting one person(possibly 2, possibly!). It is NOT first come first serve, but rather the one I find to be the best SU. However if only one person signs-up, then I guess they will be accepted.

    Edit:: You do NOT need to read every post in the RP to sign up! If you choose to sign up, I will give you a brief summary of what has happened and where your character comes in.
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    It doesn't look like people are interested.. Woot?

    Quote Originally Posted by VampirateMace View Post
    StaryuBucks, they can be on every corner in the big cities.

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    It doesn't matter then, the Sign-ups will still be open for anyone who wants to join.

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    Forgive me, I may be rusty.

    Name: Lanzo Maximus Zahne

    Age: 24

    Gender: M

    Appearance: Standing at a “tall” 5’7 ˝, Lanzo looks taller than he is simply because of how he carries himself. Head held high and back held straight, his dark brown eyes almost never look to the ground. He keeps his jet-black hair in a unique cut, spikey but irregularly so, – one that he does himself with one of his weapons when it gets too long. His face is devoid of facial hair outside of the obvious eyebrows; unless, of course, you count the giant dark mustache that he keeps well groomed just above his top lip.

    He usually wears light armor, enough to allow him the maximum amount of movement possible while still protecting vital organs from some pain. Over his armor he wears a leather vest, usually kept open. This open vest is the only piece of clothing he wears on his upper body when in “neutral” or non-threatening locations – places where he’s not likely to die, for instance. His pants are the same as his shirt; enough armor to protect while allowing him to make quick, precise movements if necessary.

    He’s in great shape, and takes pride in maintaining that look.

    Personality: The best word to describe Lanzo would be arrogant. The man is arrogant to the point instability, insanity, and even in-hey,thisiskindafunny-ity. His view of himself is rather massive, to the point where he cannot take any criticism. Not in the normal way of getting upset either, he actually thinks that they’re doing it for some obscure reason like trying to get him to fit in better by seeming less amazing. In other words, his subconscious is constantly creating lies to protect his massive ego.

    If you can get past his crippling arrogance and greed (hey, he’s so amazing everything should belong to him, right?) then he’s not such a bad guy. He’s not evil, for instance; he’d never harm children, small animals, or innocent women. He also believes that war is “not always the best idea,” though for the life of him he just can’t seem to really put his heart into peace talks.

    When he isn’t talking about himself he likes listening to stories. Those tales about beautiful places, hopes and dreams, and glorious battles intrigue him the most. This and the rare pensive moments are about the only time he is quiet – it’s been said he even talks about himself in his dreams.

    History: Born to the clan leader of a small village known as Dunfirth, Lanzo had a pretty spoiled life. His father was a good, well-respected, but powerfully intimidating leader so the people all made sure to treat him with respect and shower him with praise that he really didn’t earn. Not that he realized that: growing up hearing all the constant glory made him think that he really deserved it all. He grew to love it, and constantly put himself in positions that he would hear more, whether that be in going hunting with the clan’s best hunters (where they protected him and let him have the last blow) or lending a hand in cooking the night’s feast (he’s actually pretty darn good at this).

    Still, he decided that the life of a clan leader wasn’t his true calling, and so set off into the real world. It couldn’t be, of course, the world needed to witness his amazing self. Plus, he must have some grand true calling, or else why would fate make him so great? And so his people bid him a sad adieu (they actually really liked the brat).

    For about a year he was having the time of his life. Going from place to place to see the various wonders the natural earth had to offer, going from bar to bar listening to stories of wonder that led him to even greater sights, going from road to road beating up thugs preying on merchants – for some coin, of course. All in all, you’d be surprised just how easy it was to get by with the confidence that there was just no way he could fail.

    Then he went to visit a wizened old hermit he heard tales about and found his first taste of true defeat. Defeat wouldn’t really be the best word to describe it either; Lanzo got his booty handed to him on a silver platter.

    For about a month he wallowed around in self-pity, thinking that perhaps he wasn’t the end-all be-all. His savior came in the form of a knife thrown haphazardly in the middle of a fight – a knife that was heading straight for a kid. With incredible reaction time the dark-haired young man grabbed the knife. The resultant praise from the mother and those watching was enough to rise up an old feeling, and he realized what had happened: fate had intervened to pick him back up and put him back on the right path. What was he doing before, trying to fight with a sword, when his true calling was with throwing weapons? Besides, if he couldn’t beat someone now it just meant he had to wait for his (supposedly) massive, unending potential to catch up.

    Lanzo Maximus Zahne is the most important person in this world; the people just didn’t know it yet. But they would, they would.

    Hometown: Dunfirth


    Leah the meteor hammer: Leah, a meteor hammer, is basically two weights connected by a chain. A very quick, easy to conceal, and hard to master weapon, Leah is deadly in the right hands. “She” can be used to keep opponents at a distance while performing a variety of attacks.

    Element: Water

    Magic TricksSpells:

    Clean Up Time!: Uses water to clean his wounds / speed up the healing process. This spell is great at keeping away those pesky, life threatening infections.

    Splash!: Warm water, splashed usually right in his opponents face. Good at getting away from those sticky melee situations. Sometimes cold water, when his opponent is being extra frisky.

    Breathe baby, breathe!: He can create a bubble of oxygen around his and up to one other person’s head. Extra mana can be spent to create a snorkel of sorts to replenish the oxygen.

    Other: The people of Dunfirth look down upon magic, so when he found out he could also use magic he took to believing / calling them “tricks.”
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    Hmmm...I see you're a newbie. This makes the decision process harder, lol.

    Well, if you can promise that you'll stick around, then you are accepted. However, there are a few things that I will tell you. I see that Lanzo has more than one weapon. Normally, I'd ask you to change it, but seeing as how he doesn't have many 'offensive' attacks, I'll let him keep two weapons. He seems to be more of a 'support-type'.

    Also, nice spell names(are you serious,lol?). I'll pm you a bunch of stuff with info and what to do.

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