(Credits go to Ninten and others who contributed)

1. Do not write in all capitals.

5 minute ban -- Using all capitals as a method of communication is seen as as shouting and can be very rude. Please be considerate of all the members and staff members and don't shout at them.


2. No swearing.

5 minute ban -- Swear words, like shouting, can be seen as rude and offensive, so please don't use them.

e.g. <SPPGuest9025> jake is a <censored>

3. No inappropriate topics.

5+ minute ban -- Please remember #SPP is meant to be enjoyable for all ages. If you question whether a topic is appropriate, don't bring it up or ask a staff member first.

e.g. <SPPGuest1132> who likes my <censored>

4. Do not repeat yourself.

5 minute ban -- It can take time for members to respond to something said in the chat, so please give us time to respond.

e.g. <SPPGuest0215> i need help on pokemon x <SPPGuest0215> i need help on pokemon x <SPPGuest0215>

5. Please don't flood or spam.

5+ minute ban -- Flooding is where you post a lot in a short amount of time. Spamming is posting nonsense. This also includes character spamming, such as !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

e.g. <SPPGuest6124> what is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or
<SPPGuest0707> a
<SPPGuest0707> b
<SPPGuest0707> c
<SPPGuest0707> d
<SPPGuest0707> e

6. Do not flame or troll members.

5 minute ban -- Because #SPP is for all ages, we don't tolerate any name calling, racism or baiting, so please don't come here just to cause trouble. This includes flaming/trolling in private messages too.

e.g. <SPPGuest4444> moot you are an idiot

7. Don't advertise your site.

5 minute ban -- We know you want people to join your chat/website, but this isn't the place to seek out new members.

e.g. <SPPGuest0116> https://www.visitmysitehere.co.uk visit here today

8. Don't ask for access.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- Do not ask to become a staff member, that is not how we add to our team. Asking to become one will just disqualify you in the future.

e.g. <SPPGuest5321> hey give me access you dweeb or <SPPGuest8259> can i have access please? i'll be good, promise

9. Do not argue with the OPs about the rules.

5 minute ban -- The rules for #SPP are non negotiable. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, you may always private message us or post in the relevant topic. However, being hostile about it will just extend your ban.

e.g. <SPPGuest3228> Midna why did you kick me for advertising? I did not advertise!

10. Do not ask for illegal content.

5 minute ban -- Please do not ask for copyrighted material, whether it's ROMs or full anime episodes.

e.g. <SPPGuest5663> looking for episode 355 on the pokemon anime

11. Do not discuss or ask for help with any hacking device.

5 minute ban -- This includes Action Replay, M3 and R4 cards. Serebii.net does not condone the use of illegal devices, and this does carry over to the chatrooms. This also pertains to RNG abuse, which the owner himself frowns upon.

e.g. <SPPGuest8554> lf anyone who can help me pokegen

12. Don't roleplay or abuse the /me command.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- We understand roleplaying can be fun, but please keep roleplaying out of #SPP as this chatroom is not a roleplaying chat.

e.g. * SPPGuest2435 used a poke ball

13. Do not ask for a personal relationship.

5 minute ban -- There are plenty of dating chatrooms on the internet, #SPP is not one of them.

14. No impersonation.

5+ minute ban -- Do not pretend to be another member or use a name similar to any other member. This includes regular members, #SPP staff members and network staff members.

e.g. <Ser3bii> i'll ban you if u don't be quiet!

15. Do not ban evade.

Untimed ban -- If you find yourself having been banned and you are unclear how long the ban is, feel free to drop the staff members a private message. If you evade your ban, this will result in an untimed ban, so don't do it.

16. Do not use excessive scripts.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- The occasional "Now listening to..." script is fine, but please don't be excessive about it.

e.g. * SPPGuest6253 np: Secret of Mana - Leave Time For Love * SPPGuest6253 np: Pokemon Red/Blue - Champion Theme

17. Don't ask for personal details.

5 minute ban -- Being friendly is great! but don't ask for personal details (where someone lives, their gender/age, who they're dating, etc). We don't want our members to be uncomfortable.

e.g. <SPPGuest8513> my phone number is 555-555-2555 call me sometime today

18. Do not use abuse text modifiers.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- Using italics once in a while is fine, but please do not make that your preferred way of typing.

e.g. <SPPGuest6253> who is excited about generation 6?

19. Do not attention seek.

5 minute ban -- #SPP is a chatroom for everyone to enjoy, so please don't come here with the intention of fishing for attention. If you have a deadly medical condition, please see a doctor, not #SPP!

e.g. <SPPGuest3115> i have a life threatening illness pm me i need help

20. Do not complain about a #SPP-Wifi ban.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- Please do not come to complain about a ban you received in #SPP-Wifi. If you have any questions, private message an OP.

e.g. <SPPGuest9423> Cirno why did you ban me for offering hacks in wifi chat?

21. Don't ask for battles, trades or rescues from any video game.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- Pokemon battles and trades go in #SPP-Wifi, all others belong in another outside of Serebii.net related chatrooms.

e.g. <SPPGuest3449> lf 5th gen ou battle pm me

22. No mini-opping.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- We have staff members for a reason, please let us do our jobs!

e.g. <SPPGuest8145> dont do that youll get banned!

23. Please speak English.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- English is the preferred speaking language of #SPP. If you would like to speak another language you will have to do it in another chatroom.

e.g. <SPPGuest5215> hola! que pasa?

24. No cloning.

Warning, then 5 minute ban -- Please do not connect to the chatroom with multiple nicknames. If you have a sibling who also connects, please let us know ahead of time.

e.g. * SPPGuest2445 (SPPGuest24@Purplesurge-Numbers.IP) has joined #spp. * SPPGuest6661 (SPPGuest66@Samehostasabove) has joined #spp.

25. Do not evade scripts.

5+ minute ban -- The scripts are there for a reason, if we see you bypassing the triggers we will ban you for a length of time we see fit.

e.g. <SPPGuest7165> lf p0k3g3n users pm me

26. Keep your nicknames appropriate.

5+ minute ban -- This is self explanatory. If you question your nickname, don't use it.

e.g. * SPPGuest5335 is now known as Pokegen

27. Do not trick members into triggering scripts.

Untimed ban -- If we catch you doing this, you will get into trouble, so please don't do it.

28. No false reports.

5+ minute ban -- Do not fake evidence or logs to get another member punished. If we catch you doing this, you will be removed.

And please keep in mind that just because this chat is part of a Pokemon related website, it doesn't mean that the members will always be discussing Pokemon 24/7. If you have a question about Pokemon, please feel free to ask us, but also remember that www.serebii.net is there to help you.

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This rules set was written collaboratively by the #SPP and #SPP-Wifi op team.