Trainer Profile:

Name: Thomas,

Bio: Thomas is a fiercly competitive trainer who can often get frustrated in battle, often forgetting that the Pokemon he uses aren't machines and do have limits - in this way, he is frustrated that the control of his and the other trainer's Pokemon are not as easy as chess. Out of battle, though, Thomas travels through Hoenn with his best friend, Mary the Meditite, looking for adventure and strong allies.


Mary the Meditite

Level: 5
Gender: Female
Ability: Pure Power
Obtained: Starter
Beauty Point: 0
IQ points: 0
Contests Stats: None
Moves: Bide, Meditate.
Bio: Meditite and Thomas met when they were so young they can't remember the exact encounter. They grew up together as best friends, and when it was time for Thomas to start his journey, there was no other Pokemon he would rather have gone with.

x1 Pokédex
x1 Net Ball
x1 Miracle Seed
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokéblock Case
x1 Coin Case w/3,000 coins