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Thread: Devil Survivor 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonetail View Post
        Spoiler:- Airi moment in-game:
    what. what. what. yes please do that thing.

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    I've been following this Anime, also played the game.
    There's a massive amount of changes in the game, but I like it so far. Some of the episodes were pretty dull, but the next episode always makes up for it.

    I'm just so happy that
        Spoiler:- Related to one of the death clips in game:

    Quote Originally Posted by Durian Seed View Post
    So sad, ep 3, the silver-haired-shouta died......

    Why couldn't they kill the useless dude, can't even remember his name, but the dude that summoned two useless demons.
    A bit late, but... Daichi cannot die, because he'll be important later in the series. I really hope he gets a stronger demon soon. :/
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